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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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 Here is his archived Bell Pottinger page from the ->​[[http://​web.archive.org/​web/​20071010185613/​http://​www.bell-pottinger.co.uk/​people_awoolfall.html|Way Back Machine]] Here is his archived Bell Pottinger page from the ->​[[http://​web.archive.org/​web/​20071010185613/​http://​www.bell-pottinger.co.uk/​people_awoolfall.html|Way Back Machine]]
 +//"​Alex Woolfall is Head of Issues and Crisis Management for the Bell Pottinger Group. ​
 +He has 20 years experience of public relations and specialises in helping companies in multiple sectors prepare for and respond to difficult or controversial issues, as well as manage actual crises. ​
 +Alex’s experience covers deliberate sabotage and accidental contamination of products (from food to pharmaceuticals);​ accident, injury and death in the workplace; allegations of corporate manslaughter;​ product recalls; corporate fraud and theft; court cases on the grounds of sex, race and age discrimination;​ redundancy and closure announcements;​ the use of illegal and/or child labour; regulatory breaches; mislabelling of products; abduction and robberies and terrorist related activities"//​
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