Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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 Daughter of [[martin_smith|Martin Smith]]. Witness in the [[smiths_sighting|Smith'​s Sighting]]. ​ Daughter of [[martin_smith|Martin Smith]]. Witness in the [[smiths_sighting|Smith'​s Sighting]]. ​
-Age in 2007 was 12 years old.+Age in 2007 was **12 years** old.
 Her record at ->​[[http://​www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/​PJ/​MARTIN_SMITH.htm#​p6p1611|PJ-files]] Her record at ->​[[http://​www.mccannpjfiles.co.uk/​PJ/​MARTIN_SMITH.htm#​p6p1611|PJ-files]]
-----+"The deponent remembers that upon reaching the top of the stairs, she looked to her left and **saw a man (1) with a female child (2) in his arms,  
 +walking along the pavement** of Rua 25 de Abril. He was walking in her direction at a distance of, give or take, two metres....
 +**Personal Description: ​
 +— (1) the individual was male, Caucasian, light-skinned,​ between 20/30 years of age, of normal physical build, around 1,70/1,75 metres in height. At the time she saw his face but now cannot remember it. She thinks that he had a clean-shaven face.** She does not remember seeing tattoos, scars or earrings. She did not notice his ears. **His hair was thick-ish, light brown in colour, short at the back (normal) and a bit longer on the top.** ​
 +— **His trousers were smooth "​rights"​ along the legs, beige in colour, cotton fabric, thicker than linen, possibly with buttons, and without any other decoration.** ​
 +— She did not see what he was wearing above his trousers as** the child covered him almost completely at the top**. ​
 +— She did not see what shoes he was wearing. ​
 +— **The individual'​s gait was normal, between a fast walk and a run.** He did not look tired, moving in a manner usual when one carries a child.
 +— (2) **the child was female because she had straight long hair to the neck. The colour was fair/light brown.** ​
 +— She is **certain that the child was about four years old** because her niece (who was in the group) is of the same age and they were the same size. 
 +— She did not see the child'​s face because **she was lying against the individual'​s left shoulder in a vertical position** against the individual. **She appeared to be sleeping**. Her** arms were suspended along her body and were not around the individual'​s neck**. She did not look at the child'​s hands and cannot state the colour of her skin. **She believes she was white**. ​
 +— **There was nothing covering the child**, a comforter/​blanket or any other piece of clothing but she only saw her back. 
 +— **She was wearing light trousers, white or light pink, that may have been pyjamas.** She does not remember if they were patterned as it was dark. **The material was lightweight/​thin and could have been cotton.**
 +— She also **had a light top, with long sleeves**. She did not see it well because the individual had his arms around the child. She is not sure if the child'​s top was the same colour as her trousers, saying only that it was very light. The fabric was the same as the trousers. ​
 +— Questioned regarding the shoes, she responded that **she did not remember seeing any shoes, not remembering if the child had any or not**."​