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 ====== Baby Club ====== ====== Baby Club ======
-For children aged four months to one year. It is close to the Ocean Club's main reception+Part of the [[oc_child_care|Oceans ​Club Child Care]]
-Concerning the operating hours, there are four separate services.+For children aged four months to one year. It is close to the [[ocean_club|Ocean Club]]'​s main reception
-     * Mornings9am-12.30pm +__Head:__
-     * Afternoons: 2.30-5.30pm +
-     * Dining Out Service 7.30pm-11.30pm ​+
- ​(children are watched in a room above the main Ocean Club 24hour reception; there is no extra charge for this service but parents must take and fetch their own children)+  * [[tierney|Amy Ellen Tierney]]
-     * "Baby sitting Service"​7.30pm-1am ​+__Nannies/​Child Care Workers__:
- (children are watched in their own apartments; there is an extra charge for this service)+  * [[charlotte_pennington|Charlotte Pennington]] 
 +  * [[leanne_danielle_wagstaff|Leanne Wagstaff]] 
 +  * [[pauline_frances_mccann|Pauline McCann]]
- +----
-Head:  +
- +
-[[tierney|Amy Ellen Tierney]] +
- +
-Nannies: +
- +
-[[pennington|Charlotte Pennington]]+