Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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   * [[alan_pike|Alan Pike]]   * [[alan_pike|Alan Pike]]
   * Martin Alderton   * Martin Alderton
 +From ->​[[http://​www.ccpsupport.co.uk/​About%20Us|CCP "About Us"]]:
 +Founders Michael Stewart and Peter Hodgkinson forged the Centre for Crisis Psychology in 1989. Together they established a unique method of working with traumatised individuals through their work with the survivors of the 1985 Bradford Fire and the passenger survivors and bereaved of the Herald of Free Enterprise sinking in 1987. Since then CCP has responded to over 7000 traumatic incidents, written over 12,000 psychological reports and trained thousands of people. ​
 +Today, Partners Anna Chapman, [[alan_pike|Alan Pike]] and Kevin Tasker run CCP. Anna is based at the picturesque head office at Broughton Hall in Skipton, and Alan and Kevin travel to wherever our customers need us – in the UK and around the world. ​
 +Join our existing clients, and **call us for an informal chat to see how we could help you and your organisation’s needs**.
 ---- ----
 +Remark: The CCP usually helps in large scale desasters, like e.g. the Lockerbie Crash of a Boeing 747 with hundreds of victims. The McCann'​s got to be a client but only hours after the alleged abduction. CCP was already involved on 4th May 2007 and [[alan_pike|Alan Pike]] met [[gerry_mccann|Gerald Patrick McCann]] first on 5th May in [[praia_da_luz|Praia da Luz, Portugal, Algarve]].