Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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 Heribert, 4th Jan. 2019 Heribert, 4th Jan. 2019
 +Hi Heribert,
 +Thanks for replying. I appreciated facts supporting one theory or the other like you do so well on your website. So let me bring forward some counter '​evidence'​ that would make mine a rather close call (blue bag in the apartment as seen on PJ photo which could still have Maddie hidden in it...). Like you say Gerry is cool-headed and might have considered that risk of police searching the apartment was small or he was just lucky in the end. So to the evidence to support my theory. ​
 +At first the Smith sighting was only reported 2 weeks after the encounter? Why so late? Why did their memories improved over time. Maddie was daily news and they stayed for more days near to it in Praia de Luz and returned home waiting to report eventually. The day of report coincided with Robert Murat made arguido!? The Smith-son thought he had been '​dreaming'​ asking his dad if he had seen the man carrying the child too. 
 +So two issues around lead to the encounter to happen or being made up for other reasons.  ​
 +In the Phantoms movie from Richard D. Hall https://​www.youtube.com/​watch?​v=dL0-ePd3FCU see as of 1h12m about the Smith sighting brought forward. So:
 +a) it did not happen. To create more confusion and supporting the Tanner-sighting ​
 +b) it did happen. It could also have been Gerry carrying Ella, the daughter of the Paynes to make a decoy.
 +On (b) Textusa describes clearly it looked like the encounter was made deliberately by the '​abductor''​. However the girl carried could only be sedated at that time, not dead....
 +a lot to read and trying to comprehend how Textusa comes to these conclusions...but makes very good sense too. http://​textusa.blogspot.com/​2010/​03/​smith-sighting.html
 +Anyway it is another theory. Whatever theory is true there are multiple people around these days that have lied clearly and will know parts of the truth without having to theorise and just were creating confusion on purpose as a minimum for their own '​best''​ sake.
 +Hope more evidence comes forward soon
 +The Omega