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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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-See Dailymail ->​[[http://​www.dailymail.co.uk/​news/​article-2083276/​Scotland-Yard-chiefs-quit-phone-hacking-given-500k-secret-cash-pay-outs.html|Yard chiefs who quit over phone hacking 'are given £500,000 in secret cash pay outs'​]] (7 January ​2012)+See **Dailymail** ->​[[http://​www.dailymail.co.uk/​news/​article-2083276/​Scotland-Yard-chiefs-quit-phone-hacking-given-500k-secret-cash-pay-outs.html|Yard chiefs who quit over phone hacking 'are given £500,000 in secret cash pay outs'​]] (7 Jan. 2012)
-----+"Two of Britain’s most senior police officers pocketed substantial pay-offs after resigning over the phone-hacking scandal, the Daily Mail can reveal.  
 +Former Scotland Yard Commissioner **Sir Paul Stephenson** and his colleague **John Yates** are thought to have received up to £500,000 between them.  
 +The cash was handed out after the pair signed gagging orders which bar them from suing the [[metropolitan_police|Metropolitan Police]] or speaking about their treatment. The exact size of the payments, at a time of savage cuts to police budgets, was a closely guarded secret. 
 +But speculation was mounting that the total cost to the taxpayer, including fees racked up during weeks of legal wrangling, could be as much as half a million pounds. 
 +The pay-offs underline how the scandal plunged the Met leadership into chaos amid a flurry of revelations about their close links to [[rupert_murdoch|News International]]. The force is now braced for further criticism after the Audit Commission, a public spending watchdog, ordered a review of how the pay-offs were agreed.  
 +Critics highlighted how **both officers appeared to have been handsomely rewarded despite choosing to leave as a result of their own failings**..."​