Field Theory of Macroeconomics

The book to variational calculus of macroeconomics was published in 9-2011 in german language. An advanced english translation will follow next year.

Links to main literature so far:

D. Peetz, H. Genreith, Neues Makromodell: Die Grenzen des Wachstums: Finanz- vs. Realwirtschaft, Die Bank, Zeitschrift für Bankpolitik und Praxis, Ausgabe 3/2011, S. 20-24.

H. Genreith, Technical Paper zum Artikel in Die Bank 3/2011, S20-24, Ifara, Institut für angewandte Risikoanalyse, Febr. 2011

H. Genreith, Makroökonomische Feldtheorie, ISBN 978-3-8423-8029-5, Books on Demand, Norderstedt, 2011

D. Peetz and H. Genreith, The financial sector and the real economy, Real-World Economics Review, issue no. 57, 6 September 2011, pp. 40-47

H. Genreith, Economic Engineering, Academic Preprint, English Translation of „Makroökonomische Feldtheorie“ with some advances, Preprint, Books on Demand, Nr. 949158, Norderstedt, August 2012.

Economic Engineering

The Book on Demand Economic Engineering is the first English translation of Makroökonomische Feldtheorie (Field Theory of Macroeconomics).

The academic preprint version in English language is available at BoD-Bookshop.


This Wiki is intended to help readers into the new theoretical framework of calculating economic growth.

Introductional Chapters in this Wiki:

The Theory

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