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Newbies Guide

This small screenshots guide is intended for Newbies in Wiki-Editing.

If just searching topics, or if you like to create something, always the Search-Bar is the best starting point. Type in the phrase you are searching for, or like to create:

In this sample we searched (1) for “Mr. X”. The phrase isn't created yet. So we chose (2) the “create”-Button. Your new search-phrase later will be also our new internal file name.

First we give the new file the Heading “Mr.X”. This can be done (1) as every wiki-styling by hand, here with a lot of =signs. But for convenience we may just mark the words with our cursor and then use the little Button (circle left) for the headline. Then follows the text.

Links can be set (2) by either of the two link-buttons: For internal crosslinks this an automatic dialogue. For external links it must be done something by hand: The button (circle right) just sets two brackets before and behind your http:… Link. You then have to fill in by hand first the separator (vertikal line, most keybords the key at the most bottom left) followed by the words which shall be linked. At last you may save (3) the edited file. You may use the preview button before doing so. Or the cancel button if something got really wrong.

The outcome then is a nice headline and your text and links etc. Remark: The name of the file is not the headline but the Search-Phrase you put in at the beginning!

Next possibility is, that the search-phrase already exists. Then we will have the following picture:

In this case, just take up the blue link “mr.-x:” and chose in the bottom line the “edit”-button. But mostly you will have the following more versatile picture:

The output of the search-phrase, here “Tapas”, delivers (1) all findings of the string “tapas” (red circles). In the top line of this findings we see existing pages with the string “tapas” in its filename. The other findings then are those ones in the Text of severel files. For watching or editing any of this finding just choose one of them (and, if desired, then use the “edit”-button to alter it). If you didn't find what you were looking for, just use the “create”-button (square bottom) to create the new file with your search-term as the filename.

At last: Even wenn watching files, you may find something worth to be edited. The next picture shows this usual situation:

If you like to edit the actual page, just choose the edit-button (needs to be logged in) and continue with editing.