Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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-====== Special Circumstances ​======+===== Special Circumstances =====
 +On the 3rd of May 2007 a little girl mysteriously disappeared from her holidays in Portugal. The parents, [[Gerry McCann|Dr Gerald McCann]] and [[Kate McCann|Dr. Kate Healy-McCann]],​ from the very beginning were convinced their daughter [[Madeleine Beth McCann|Maddie]] was abducted. But for the [[policia_judiciaria_pj|Police in Portugal (PJ)]], after 4 Months of investigations,​ the outcome was seemingly clear: The parents were the main suspects for the disappearence of their three year old daughter Maddie. After then but things changed very much. Instead since then there is the [[abduction_of_maddie_theory|abduction hypothesis]] at the center of the new investigations. In 2011 the [[Operation Grange|Operation Grange]] lead by Scotland Yard started to reinvestigate the case.
-**Theories**+see also Wikipedia ->​[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Response_to_the_disappearance_of_Madeleine_McCann|Response to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann]]: //"The disappearance __provoked differing analyses by experts__. Shortly after Madeleine went missing ​**two former Scotland Yard commanders** expressed the view that __she had been abducted__. **Roy Ramm** considered that it was a __carefully planned kidnapping__ by someone who had been watching the child. **John O'​Connor** was of the view that Madeleine __had wandered out__ of the apartment on her own and was subsequently abducted. O'​Connor opined that she was likely to be nearby and recommended a thorough search of surrounding occupied premises. This hypothesis was also supported by **criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas** who said, in May 2008, that he believed what happened was that Madeleine woke up, walked around the apartment, found the back patio door was insecure __and wandered out__. It was at this point that she was most likely abducted by an opportunistic predatory paedophile. **Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist** at Lusófona University in Lisbon, however had produced in October 2007 a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared. His view was that __kidnapping would be inconsistent with the evidence__. The case was also reviewed by the notable **forensic investigator Professor David Barclay** of Robert Gordon University. His opinion was that the __police were right to consider the McCanns as suspects and that the child is probably dead__."//​
-Version 1: Accidental Kill by Parents ​[[policia_judiciaria_pj|PJ Files]] +----
-Version 2: Abduction Theory ​[[operation_grange|Operation Grange]]+
-**Unusual strong Involvement of**+**What really happend in the five hours from 17:30 to 22:30 in [[Praia da Luz|Praia da Luz]]'​s [[Ocean Club|Ocean Club]] resort 
 +to poor little Maddie Beth McCann?**
-Media +----------
-Politics +
-British Establishment ​Money and social Influence +
-The Public and the Internet +
-The parents themselves ​The Find-Madeleine-Campaign+
-**Thus arising many Questions besides the main question of "who Killed or abducted Maddie?":​**+===== Theories =====
-- Why wasn't brought Version 1 ever to court? The evidence is more than enough to bring it to court in any european country. Why didn't it ever happen? ​ 
-- Why is the Version 2, which has not the character of a Theory but of a Hypothesis as there is until now not any clear evidence for it, the today (semi-)official version? 
-- Why was there from the beginning the fact of the unusual high involvement of money and politics, besides the media, into this special case? 
-Which must be considered in conjunction with the fact that there are other cases like the Maddie-case,​ some of them much more miracolous, ​ 
-which have not far the same attention nor by the media nor by involvement of very influential people in Britain? 
-**A lot of still unexplained miracles lead to a lot of rumors ​and conspiracy-theories.**+__Version 1:__ [[Accidential Killing ​of Maddie|Accidental Killing ​of Maddie]] by Parents - preferred by [[policia_judiciaria_pj|PJ Files]] 
 +  * [[reconstruction_version_1|Possible Reconstruction of the event from evidences released by the PJ]] 
 +  * [[Libel Cases regarding Version 1|Libel cases (type 1)]] regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from __Version 1__  
 +  * [[Rumors regarding Version 1|Rumors (type 1)]] and [[conspiracy|Conspiracy Theories]] to explain miracles of __Version 1__ 
 +  * [[Book regarding Version 1|Books close to Version 1]] 
 +  ​[[Oddities regarding version 1|Some Oddities regarding version 1]] 
 +  ​[[Sample Crimes in History Version 1|Sample Crimes in History Version 1]]
-Rumors ​(type 1and Conspiracy Theories to explain miracles of Version 1 +__Version 2:__ [[Abduction of Maddie Theory|Abduction Theory]] ​preferred by  [[operation_grange|Operation Grange]] 
-Rumors (type 2) and Conspiracy Theories to explain miracles of Version 2+  * [[reconstruction_version_2|Possible Reconstruction of an Abduction of Maddie]] 
 +  * [[Libel Cases regarding Version 2|Libel cases (type 2)]] regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from __Version 2__ 
 +  * [[Rumors regarding Version 2|Rumors (type 2)]] and [[conspiracy|Conspiracy Theories]] to explain miracles of __Version 2__ 
 +  * [[Books regarding Version 2|Books close to Version 2]] 
 +  * [[Oddities regarding version 2|Some Oddities regarding version 2]] 
 +  * [[Sample Crimes in History Version 2|Sample Crimes in History ​Version 2]]
-as well.+----
-**From this followed a lot of Libel-Cases against people and media involvedThus there were:**+  ​ See also [[disclaimer_on_rumors|Disclaimer on Rumors]]. 
 +  ​ See also [[where_is_maddie|Where is Maddie?​]] ​
-Libel cases (type 1) regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from Version 1 +---- 
-Libel cases (type 2) regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from Version 2+ 
 +=====Involvement of Establishment===== 
 +  - [[Involvement of Media|Media]] 
 +  - [[Involvement of Politics|Politics]] 
 +  - [[british_police|British Police]] 
 +  - [[Involvement of the British Establishment|British Establishment]] - Money and social Influence 
 +  - The [[Involvement of the Public|Public]] and the [[webresources|Internet]] 
 +  - The parents themselves - The [[madeleine_fund|Find-Madeleine-Campaign]] 
-as well.