Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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-====== Special Circumstances ​======+===== Special Circumstances =====
 +On the 3rd of May 2007 a little girl mysteriously disappeared from her holidays in Portugal. The parents, [[Gerry McCann|Dr Gerald McCann]] and [[Kate McCann|Dr. Kate Healy-McCann]],​ from the very beginning were convinced their daughter [[Madeleine Beth McCann|Maddie]] was abducted. But for the [[policia_judiciaria_pj|Police in Portugal (PJ)]], after 4 Months of investigations,​ the outcome was seemingly clear: The parents were the main suspects for the disappearence of their three year old daughter Maddie. After then but things changed very much. Instead since then there is the [[abduction_of_maddie_theory|abduction hypothesis]] at the center of the new investigations. In 2011 the [[Operation Grange|Operation Grange]] lead by Scotland Yard started to reinvestigate the case.
-**Theories**+see also Wikipedia ->​[[http://​en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Response_to_the_disappearance_of_Madeleine_McCann|Response to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann]]: //"The disappearance __provoked differing analyses by experts__. Shortly after Madeleine went missing ​**two former Scotland Yard commanders** expressed the view that __she had been abducted__. **Roy Ramm** considered that it was a __carefully planned kidnapping__ by someone who had been watching the child. **John O'​Connor** was of the view that Madeleine __had wandered out__ of the apartment on her own and was subsequently abducted. O'​Connor opined that she was likely to be nearby and recommended a thorough search of surrounding occupied premises. This hypothesis was also supported by **criminologist Mark Williams-Thomas** who said, in May 2008, that he believed what happened was that Madeleine woke up, walked around the apartment, found the back patio door was insecure __and wandered out__. It was at this point that she was most likely abducted by an opportunistic predatory paedophile. **Paulo Sargento, a criminal psychologist** at Lusófona University in Lisbon, however had produced in October 2007 a 3D reconstruction of events at the Ocean Club on the evening Madeleine disappeared. His view was that __kidnapping would be inconsistent with the evidence__. The case was also reviewed by the notable **forensic investigator Professor David Barclay** of Robert Gordon University. His opinion was that the __police were right to consider the McCanns as suspects and that the child is probably dead__."//​
-  ​__Version 1:__ [[Accidential Killing of Maddie|Accidental Kill]] by Parents ​preferred by [[policia_judiciaria_pj|PJ Files]] +----
-  ​__Version 2:__ [[Abduction of Maddie Theory|Abduction Theory]] ​preferred by  [[operation_grange|Operation Grange]]+
-**Unusual strong Involvement of**+**What really happend in the five hours from 17:30 to 22:30 in [[Praia da Luz|Praia da Luz]]'​s [[Ocean Club|Ocean Club]] resort 
 +to poor little Maddie Beth McCann?**
-  ​[[Involvement of Media|Media]] +----------
-  ​[[Involvement of Politics|Politics]] +
-  ​[[Involvement of the British Establishment|British Establishment]] ​Money and social Influence +
-  ​The [[Involvement of the Public|Public]] and the [[webresources|Internet]] +
-  ​The parents themselves ​The [[madeleine_fund|Find-Madeleine-Campaign]]+
-----+===== Theories =====
-**Thus arising many Questions besides the main question of "//who killed or abducted Maddie?//":​** 
-  - Why wasn't brought ​__Version ​1__ ever to court? The evidence is seemingly more than enough to bring it to court in any european country. Why didn't it ever happen? Especially if one mentions, that it would have been the best way also to unburden the McCann'​s and the [[tapas_7|Tapas 7]] as well? +__Version ​1:__ [[Accidential Killing of Maddie|Accidental Killing of Maddie]] by Parents - preferred by [[policia_judiciaria_pj|PJ Files]] 
-  ​- Why is the __Version 2__, which has until today not any clear evidence for it, the today [[operation_grange|(semi-)official version]]? +  ​* [[reconstruction_version_1|Possible Reconstruction of the event from evidences released by the PJ]] 
-  ​- Why was there from the beginning the fact of the unusual high involvement of [[brian_kennedy|money]] and politics, besides the media, into this special case? Which must be considered ​in conjunction with the fact that there are other cases like the Maddie-case, some of them much more miracolous, ​ which have not far the same attention nor by the media nor by involvement ​of very influential ​people in Britain?+  * [[Libel Cases regarding Version 1|Libel cases (type 1)]] regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from __Version 1__  
 +  ​[[Rumors regarding Version 1|Rumors (type 1)]] and [[conspiracy|Conspiracy Theories]] to explain miracles of __Version 1__ 
 +  * [[Book regarding Version 1|Books close to Version 1]] 
 +  * [[Oddities regarding version 1|Some Oddities regarding version 1]] 
 +  * [[Sample Crimes ​in History Version 1|Sample Crimes in History Version 1]] 
 +__Version 2:__ [[Abduction of Maddie ​Theory|Abduction Theory]] ​preferred ​by  ​[[operation_grange|Operation Grange]] 
 +  * [[reconstruction_version_2|Possible Reconstruction ​of an Abduction of Maddie]] 
 +  * [[Libel Cases regarding Version 2|Libel cases (type 2)]] regarding personnel damages against suspected ​people ​arising from __Version 2__ 
 +  * [[Rumors regarding Version 2|Rumors (type 2)]] and [[conspiracy|Conspiracy Theories]] to explain miracles of __Version 2__ 
 +  * [[Books regarding Version 2|Books close to Version 2]] 
 +  * [[Oddities regarding version 2|Some Oddities regarding version 2]] 
 +  * [[Sample Crimes ​in History Version 2|Sample Crimes in History Version 2]]
 ---- ----
-**A lot of still unexplained miracles lead to a lot of rumors and conspiracy-theories.**+  ​ See also [[disclaimer_on_rumors|Disclaimer on Rumors]]. 
 +  ​ See also [[where_is_maddie|Where is Maddie?​]] ​
-  ​__[[Rumors regarding Version 1|Rumors (type 1)]]__ and Conspiracy Theories to explain miracles of __Version 1__ +----
-  ​__[[Rumors regarding Version 2|Rumors (type 2)]]__ and Conspiracy Theories to explain miracles of __Version 2__+
-as well.+=====Involvement of Establishment=====
-**From this followed a lot of Libel-Cases against people and media involved. Thus there were:** 
-  - __[[Libel Cases regarding Version 1|Libel cases (type 1)]]__ regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from __Version 1__  +  - [[Involvement of Media|Media]] 
-  - __[[Libel Cases regarding Version 2|Libel cases (type 2)]]__ regarding personnel damages against suspected people arising from __Version 2__ +  - [[Involvement of Politics|Politics]] 
- +  - [[british_police|British Police]] 
-as well.+  - [[Involvement of the British Establishment|British Establishment]] - Money and social Influence 
 +  - The [[Involvement of the Public|Public]] and the [[webresources|Internet]] 
 +  - The parents themselves - The [[madeleine_fund|Find-Madeleine-Campaign]]
 ---- ----
-**Last but not least there were written some books regarding the Maddie-case since 2007:** 
-  - [[Book regarding Version 1|Books close to Version 1]] 
-  - [[Books regarding Version 2|Books close to Version 2]]