Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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-Mother of [[madeleine_beth_mccann|Madeleine Beth]] McCann{{ :​kate_marie_healy_small.jpg?​200|Source:​ McCannPJFiles.com}}+Mother of [[madeleine_beth_mccann|Madeleine Beth]] McCann{{ :​kate_marie_healy_small.jpg?​200|Source:​ McCannPJFiles.com}} ​and her siblings Sean and Amelie
 Date of birth: 05 March 1968 Date of birth: 05 March 1968
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   * [[kate_s_book|Kate McCann'​s book '​Madeleine'​]] ​   * [[kate_s_book|Kate McCann'​s book '​Madeleine'​]] ​
   * [[kate_s_dreams|Kate'​s Dreams]].   * [[kate_s_dreams|Kate'​s Dreams]].
-  * [[mccanns_extended_family|McCanns Extended Family]].+  * [[mccanns_extended_family|McCanns Extended Family]] 
 +  *  ->​[[http://​news.bbc.co.uk/​2/​hi/​uk_news/​6983007.stm|BBC]],​ Profile: Gerry and Kate McCann, ​ 01-May-2008 
 +  * ->​[[http://​www.gerrymccannsblogs.co.uk/​GERRY_KATE_MCCANN.htm|GerryMcCannsBlogs]] ​ Gerry & Kate McCann photographs
 ---- ----