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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Hogan International

Hogan International, run by Noel Hogan, a former Metropolitan Police Officer, is thought to have been hired by the McCanns in January 2007. It is also said that Hogan was retained by Metodo 3 to do Investigations in England.

The Express criticised Hogan in an article on 13 January 2008 → Joana Morais.

They later apologised to Mr Hogan about the above article:

From Page 9 Sunday Express 24th February 2008:

'Hogan International: an apology. On January 13 we published an article headed “Fears that new Maddie detective is ‘not up to task’” in which we wrongly claimed that Noel Hogan’s investigation agency had taken over the private investigation into Maddie’s disappearance and accused it of being “not up to the task.” We wish to withdraw unequivocally the suggestion that either Mr Hogan or his agency are incompetent or had misled the McCanns about their capabilities. We are happy to clarify that Mr Hogan’s company has been retained by Metodo 3, the Spanish agency who work for the McCanns, to carry out work in the UK. This is part of a long-standing arrangement between the two agencies to instruct each other for work in their respective countries. The impression we gave that there is animosity between them and that Mr Hogan breached professional confidences was also wrong. We apologise to Mr Hogan for the embarrassment and distress caused by our article and have agreed to pay him and his agency compensation and legal costs.'