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Jill Dando Murder

Jill Wendy Dando (9 November 1961 – 26 April 1999) was an English journalist, television presenter, and newsreader who was 1997 BBC Personality of the Year. At the time of her death, she was the presenter of the BBC programme Crimewatch. On 26 April 1999, Dando was fatally shot outside her home in Fulham, London. The case remains open.

Jill Dando was a colleague with Cliff Richard, Jimmy Savile and Clarence Mitchell at →the BBC. She was murdered in a high professional way and her killing first was blamed to a low-IQ-“idiot”, who but was later acquitted on appeal. However, it is reported that cold case reviews by the police after 2008 have concluded that Dando was killed by a professional assassin. Dando was subject to a 'hard contact execution'. Pressing the gun against her head would have silenced the fatal shot and prevented her killer from being splattered with blood.

From then (seemingly introduced by then BBC Clarence Mitchell) a serbian killer command →was/is blamed, with still no evidence.

More details to be filled in later…see also Who's the Killer?