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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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The Relationship between McCann's and British Upper Class Members

Gerald Patrick McCann

Born Scottish, wrote reports on Helath and Nuclear Industry for Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) linked to Nuclear Lobby Groups. Freemason (ancestry)

Seemingly Gerry McCann, Gordon Brown and Sir Jimmy Savile shared the same Freemasonry Organisation Templar Knights.

COMARE: “The Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (COMARE) is a UK-wide advisory committee set up by the British government. It was established in 1985. The terms of reference of COMARE are: “to assess and advise Government and the devolved authorities on the health effects of natural and man-made radiation and to assess the adequacy of the available data and the need for further research”. COMARE is an independent expert advisory committee with members chosen for their medical and scientific expertise and recruited from Universities, Research and Medical Institutes. Members have never been drawn from the Nuclear or Electrical Power Supply Industries. The Committee offers independent advice to all Government Departments and Devolved Authorities, not just the Health Departments, and is responsible for assessing and advising them on the health effects of natural and man-made radiation. It is also asked to assess the adequacy of the available data and advise on the need for further research. COMARE had produced fourteen reports on a wide range of radiation issues by 2011. The COMARE secretariat is provided by Public Health England which has incorporated the former Health Protection Agency's Radiation Protection Division, formerly the National Radiological Protection Board. The Department of Health and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs asked COMARE to review the risks from internal radiation emitters and advise on any further research required. To help them to do this they set up the Committee Examining Radiation Risks from Internal Emitters (CERRIE) which operated between October 2001 and October 2004.”

See also →Spudgunsspoutings - Blog: “It is entirely possible, of course that these incidents were merely born out of an association and presumably friendship between Gerry McCann and Gordon Brown's brother, ANDREW Brown, with whom Gerry worked at COMARE.”

Tony Blair

Born Scottish, Tony Blair and his Wife : Charity; Wife personally linked to Kate. Tony Godfather of Rupert Murdoch's daugther. Recent extramartial afair with Murdoch's wife.

WP: On 14 November 2007, Blair launched the Tony Blair Sports Foundation, which aims to “increase childhood participation in sports activities, especially in the North East of England, where a larger proportion of children are socially excluded, and to promote overall health and prevent childhood obesity.” On 30 May 2008, Blair launched the Tony Blair Faith Foundation as a vehicle for encouraging different faiths to join together in promoting respect and understanding, as well as working to tackle poverty. Reflecting Blair's own faith but not dedicated to any particular religion, the Foundation aims to “show how faith is a powerful force for good in the modern world. The Foundation will use its profile and resources to encourage people of faith to work together more closely to tackle global poverty and conflict,” says its mission statement. In February 2009, he applied to set up a charity called the Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative: the application was approved in November 2009. In October 2012 Blair's foundation hit controversy when it emerged they were taking on unpaid interns.

WP: Blair married Cherie Booth, a Roman Catholic and future Queen's Counsel, on 29 March 1980. They have four children: Euan, Nicholas, Kathryn, and Leo. Leo, delivered by the Royal Surgeon/Gynaecologist Marcus Setchell, was the first legitimate child born to a serving Prime Minister in over 150 years—since Francis Russell was born to Lord John Russell on 11 July 1849. Blair was criticised when it was discovered that one child had received private tuition from staff at Westminster School. All four children have Irish passports, by virtue of Blair's mother, Hazel Elizabeth Rosaleen Corscaden (1923-1975). The family's primary residence is in Connaught Square, and the Blairs own eight residences.

WP: In an interview with Michael Parkinson broadcast on ITV1 on 4 March 2006, Blair referred to the role of his Christian faith in his decision to go to war in Iraq, stating that he had prayed about the issue, and saying that God would judge him for his decision: “I think if you have faith about these things, you realise that judgement is made by other people … and if you believe in God, it's made by God as well.” According to Alastair Campbell's diary, Blair often read the Bible before taking any important decisions. He states that Blair had a “wobble” and considered changing his mind on the eve of the bombing of Iraq in 1998. Cherie Blair's friend and “spiritual guru” Carole Caplin is credited with introducing her and her husband to various New Age symbols and beliefs, including “magic pendants” known as “BioElectric Shields”. The most controversial of the Blairs' New Age practices occurred when on holiday in Mexico. The couple, wearing only bathing costumes, took part in a rebirthing procedure, which involved smearing mud and fruit over each other's bodies while sitting in a steam bath.

He is also a member of the lobby group, →Labour Friends of Israel.

See also →Cash for Honours Scandal:

Tony Blair: Speaking at his monthly news briefing on 16 March 2006, Tony Blair confirmed his knowledge of the loans but denied any connection between the large loans from three private individuals and whether they were subsequently nominated for honours. Blair said all three men were known party donors and would have made excellent Labour “working peers”. He suggested that further changes to the honours system might be needed. When questioned, the PM said he did not think Dromey had revealed details of his lack of involvement in the handling of the private loans in order to undermine or implicate either the PM or 10 Downing Street. Dromey's very public expression of concern - he toured various television channels to be interviewed on the matter - raised suspicion among some supporters of Blair that his actions were deliberately designed to embarrass the Prime Minister and consequently benefit Prime Minister in-waiting Chancellor Gordon Brown. Dromey denied this, saying he had been forced to go public when his persistent questioning failed to satisfactorily resolve the matter. The police were reported as pressing for Blair to be called as a prosecution witness in any trial according to reports on June 3, 2007.[62]

Former cabinet minister and Blair critic Clare Short described the issue with characteristic bluntness: “What we're getting is a bubble of these clever people who've captured the state, don't need a party, don't need any members, don't have turbulent people having opinions, who then get money from rich people and run our state without consulting anyone else.”

Tony_Blair_Faith_Foundation: “…Hugh O'Shaughnessy in The Guardian stated that the Foundation “inspires ridicule”. He noted that Professor Michel Schooyans of the Catholic University of Leuven and the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences has “accused Blair and his wife of supporting a messianic US plan for world domination.” The criticism's focus is that the Foundation's approach amounts to reducing the religions to the same, predetermined common denominator. This means “stripping them of their identity”. Schooyans arguing that ”(t)his project threatens to set us back to an age in which political power was ascribed the mission of promoting a religious confession, or of changing it. In the case of the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, this is also a matter of promoting one and only one religious confession, which a universal, global political power would impose on the entire world.“ The director of the Muslim charity Forward Thinking, Huda Jawad has been reported by the BBC as raising doubts about levels of support from many Muslims for the Foundation, given Blair's foreign-policy record. On 2 April 2009, skeptic and secularist Richard Dawkins mocked the Foundation in a spoof letter, published in the New Statesman. In it, Dawkins ridiculed the idea that faith is not a divisive force, and attacked religion's record on promoting dialogue and equality. Between April 2008 and April 2009, the foundation raised more than 3.5 million pounds, and paid, according to the Daily Telegraph, six-figure salaries to its top officials. An implied criticism was that these pay scales were in line with much larger charitable organisations. However, the wages were also reported to be the result of external recommendations and a strategy of hiring a small number of capable senior staff to co-ordinate a variety of efforts.”

Freemason: Internet forums suggest Studholme Lodge, No.1591; Bilderberg participant, 1993; see also →Global Research: “Weapons Expert Dr David Kelly was Murdered…It seemed incredible but the more I thought about it, the more I realised it might explain some strange anomalies in the police’s handling of Dr Kelly’s case. The first relates to a secret file of evidence submitted to the Hutton inquiry by Thames Valley Police. While the contents remain classified, the cover is publicly available and reveals that the codename for the investigation was Operation Mason. This has given rise to wild rumours of a freemasonry angle to the case but, while these are almost certainly without foundation, what is more concerning is that the start time of Operation Mason is given as 2.30pm on Thursday July 17, which was half an hour before Dr Kelly set off from his home for a walk from which he would never return.” (20 Oct. 2007). See also →The Grove Masonic Lodge:“…Freemasons can be found almost anywhere. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was once a member of a Masonic Lodge known as P2. … Latin American politicians Simón Bolívar and Salvador Allende were Masons, as was Winston Churchill. Napoleon is generally believed to have been a member. Others suspected of having Masonic ties include Yasser Arafat, Yitzhak Rabin, King Hussein of Jordan, Binyamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, and Prince Philip, husband of England's Queen Elizabeth II….”. See also→List 33-degree.

Gordon Brown (→ Brother Andrew; →with wife Clare, →Nuclear Energy; Bell Pottinger Group)

Born Scottish, Brother Andrew linked to Nuclear Industry Lobby Group, media_strategist; Wife linked to Media/BBC; Wife targeted by Bell Pottinger Group; Top degree Freemason

WP: Brown was committed to the Iraq War, but said in a speech in June 2007 that he would “learn the lessons” from the mistakes made in Iraq. Brown said in a letter published on 17 March 2008 that the United Kingdom would hold an inquiry into the Iraq war. He is also a member of the lobby group, →Labour Friends of Israel.

WP: Brown and the Labour party had pledged to allow a referendum on the EU Treaty of Lisbon. On 13 December 2007, Foreign Secretary David Miliband attended for the Prime Minister at the official signing ceremony in Lisbon of the EU Reform Treaty. Brown's opponents on both sides of the House, and in the press, suggested that ratification by Parliament was not enough and that a referendum should also be held. Labour's 2005 manifesto had pledged to give British public a referendum on the original EU Constitution. Brown argued that the Treaty significantly differed from the Constitution, and as such did not require a referendum. He also responded with plans for a lengthy debate on the topic, and stated that he believed the document to be too complex to be decided by referendum.

WP: In mid-2008, Brown's leadership was presented with a challenge as some MPs openly called for him to resign. This event was dubbed the 'Lancashire Plot', as two backbenchers from (pre-1974) Lancashire urged him to step down and a third questioned his chances of holding on to the Labour Party leadership. Several MPs argued that if Brown did not recover in the polls by early 2009, he should call for a leadership contest. However, certain prominent MPs, such as Jacqui Smith and Bill Rammell, suggested that Brown was the right person to lead Britain through its economic crisis. In the Autumn, Siobhain McDonagh, a MP and junior government whip, who during her time in office had never voted against the government, spoke of the need for discussion over Brown's position. McDonagh was sacked from her role shortly afterwards, on 12 September. Whilst McDonagh did not state that she wanted Brown deposed, she implored the Labour party to hold a leadership election, she was sacked from her role shortly afterwards. McDonagh was supported by Joan Ryan (who applied, as McDonagh had, for leadership nomination papers, and became the second rebel to be fired from her job), Jim Dowd, Greg Pope, and a string of others who had previously held positions in government, made clear their desire for a contest. In the face of this speculation over Brown's future, his ministers backed him to lead the party, and Harriet Harman and David Miliband denied that they were preparing leadership bids. After Labour lost the Glasgow East by-election in July, Harman, the deputy leader of the party, said that Brown was the “solution”, not the “problem”; Home Secretary Smith, Justice Secretary Jack Straw, Schools Secretary Ed Balls and Cabinet Office Minister Ed Miliband all re-affirmed their support for Brown. The deputy Prime Minister under Blair, John Prescott, also pledged his support. Foreign Secretary →David Miliband then denied that he was plotting a leadership bid, when on 30 July, an article written by him in The Guardian was interpreted by a large number in the media as an attempt to undermine Brown.

WP:: In April 2011, media reports linked Brown with the role as the next Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund following the scheduled retirement of Dominique Strauss-Kahn. Brown's successor and Leader of the Opposition, →Ed Miliband, supported Brown for the role while the Prime Minister, David Cameron, voiced opposition to this. Following the arrest of Strauss-Kahn for alleged sexual assault in May 2011, and his subsequent resignation, these reports re-surfaced. Support for Brown among economists was mixed but British Government backing for his candidature was not forthcoming and instead supported Christine Lagarde—the eventual successful candidate—for the post.

WP:: Brown's early girlfriends included the journalist Sheena McDonald and Princess Margarita, the eldest daughter of exiled King Michael of Romania.At the age of 49, Brown married Sarah Macaulay in a private ceremony at his home in North Queensferry, Fife, on 3 August 2000. Sarah Brown rarely makes official appearances either with or without her husband. She is patron of several charities and has written articles for national newspapers related to this. Brown has two brothers, John Brown and Andrew Brown. Andrew has been Head of Media Relations in the UK for the French-owned utility company EDF Energy since 2004. Brown is also the brother-in-law of environmental journalist Clare Rewcastle Brown. Brown wrote a piece for The Independent, supporting Clare's current environmental efforts on behalf of Sarawak. Whilst Prime Minister, Brown spent some of his spare time at Chequers, the house often being filled with friends. The Browns have entertained local dignitaries like Sir Leonard Figg. Brown is also a friend of Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling, who says of Brown “I know him as affable, funny and gregarious, a great listener, a kind and loyal friend.”

Andrew_Brown_(media_strategist): “He began working for BBC Scotland as a news reporter in 1977, before moving to London to work for Gordon Brown as a research assistant in 1983. In 1987 he joined the BBC's Newsnight programme as an assistant producer. In 1989 he joined Channel 4 News, becoming a programme editor in 1994. In 1996 he joined ITN, becoming the editor of Powerhouse, one of its political programmes. In 2003 Brown left the news industry and joined PR company Weber Shandwick as director of media strategy. In 2004 he joined French energy firm EDF Energy, as head of media relations, where as of 2011 he held the position of director of corporate communications. Brown has two elder brothers, John and Gordon, the former UK Prime Minister. He is married to Clare Rewcastle Brown. In 2009 Andrew Brown and his wife were associated with a financial scandal, when former Prime Minister Gordon Brown came under scrutiny for using taxpayer's money to pay his own family to manage his housekeeping. Andrew Brown and his wife were the recipients of this money. However, Clare publicly defended the arrangement, saying the claims were groundless, and calling the negative publicity her husband received “pretty damn unfair.” Nuclear lobbying: The role of Brown has been discussed by the media in the context of the energy policy of the 1997-2010 Labour government[11] and in particular the lobbying of Labour's later administrations by the nuclear industry. An article published in the Scotland on Sunday newspaper in May 2009 accused Brown of benefitting from expenses claims made by Prime Minister Gordon Brown. The claim led to libel proceedings being brought by Brown against the paper, with the paper subsequently admitting that the claim had been “entirely false”.”

Clare_Rewcastle_Brown: “…Clare Brown was born in Sarawak to British parents (before the territory joined Malaysia) and attended the local primary school. She became a journalist, joining the BBC World Service in 1983. Clare is married to Andrew Brown, the younger brother of former British Prime Minister Gordon. Andrew was implicated for accepting payments for a cleaner through the Prime Minister's expenses during the expenses scandal in May 2009….In August 2011, Sarawak Report highlighted the fact that FBC Media, a media production company which produced programs for CNBC and the BBC among others, had been doubling as a public relations firm for Malaysian politicians, including Taib. It alleged that FBC produced shows designed to cover Taib and the state government in a positive light. In light of the revelations, CNBC cancelled World Business, a program produced by FBC, while the BBC suspended all FBC-produced shows from their programming.[Brown had earlier suggested that a PR firm commissioned by Taib had been conducting a “defamation campaign” against her, including hiring journalists from The New Ledger to carry out attacks against her. She also accused the PR firm hired by Taib of creating a “rival” blog, known as Sarawak Reports, to attack her and post “propaganda material promoting Taib,” and editing her Wikipedia entry by citing discredited allegations from such attack sites. The “rival” blog has since been taken down while FBC Media went into administration on 24 October 2011. In December 2011 it emerged that Brown's Wikipedia entry was one of many secretly targeted by PR firm Bell Pottinger.”

EDF_Energy: “EDF Energy is an integrated energy company in the United Kingdom, with operations spanning electricity generation and the sale of gas and electricity to homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. It employs 13,158 people and handles 5.7 million customer accounts…EDF Energy Customers is wholly owned by the French state-owned EDF SA and was formed in 2002 following the acquisition and mergers of SEEBOARD Plc (formerly the South Eastern Electricity Board), London Electricity Plc (formerly the London Electricity Board or LEB), SWEB Energy Plc (formerly the South Western Electricity Board) and two coal-fired power stations and a combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station. In 2009, EDF Energy took control of the UK nuclear generator, British Energy, buying share capital from the government. This made EDF Energy one of the UK's largest generators, as well as the largest distribution network operator. The Development Branch of EDF Energy was formed in April 2004, bringing together the separate infrastructure interests of what were LE Group, SEEBOARD and SWEB. The electricity distribution (or downstream) networks formally known as EDF Energy Networks were sold in Nov 2010 to Hong Kong based Cheung Kong Group (CKG), owned by billionaire Li Ka Shing. Later, EDF Energy Networks was renamed to UK Power Networks…Following the acquisition of British Energy in 2009, the EDF Energy portfolio includes eight nuclear power stations. They are seven AGR power stations (Dungeness B; Hinkley Point B; Hunterston B; Hartlepool; Heysham 1; Heysham 2 & Torness) and one PWR power station (Sizewell B) and total nearly 9000MW of installed capacity. In 2007 EDF announced its intention to construct up to 4 new EPR reactors; two at Hinkley Point C (possibly by 2018) and two at Sizewell C. EDF plans to build and operate the new plants through its subsidiary NNB Generation Company (NNB GenCo)….EDF Energy has sponsored several ITV shows, including Soapstar Superstar and City Lights. It also sponsored coverage of the 2006 World Cup in Germany (shared with Budweiser). Since 2005, EDF Energy has been the main sponsor of the EDF Energy Cup – the Rugby Union domestic cup for the 12 English Premiership clubs and the 4 Welsh regions – also known as the Anglo-Welsh Cup. In July 2007 EDF Energy was confirmed as another Level One sponsor for London 2012 with exclusive branding rights and Olympic team sponsorship for the 2008, 2010 and 2012 games as well as being the official energy provider. In August 2008 EDF Energy formed a partnership with The British Red Cross to help vulnerable people to get support during power failures. In January 2011 EDF Energy took over sponsorship from British Airways of the London Eye, on a 3-year deal renaming the London Eye as the EDF Energy London Eye. On 4 January 2008 EDF Energy began advertising on the television through ITV, Channel 4, Five and various Satellite channels. EDF Energy are using 'It's not easy being green' as their slogan to target a new greener eco-friendly image. In 2009, with Euro RSCG London, EDF Energy created the Team Green Britain campaign, in which Olympic athletes encouraged Britons to be more environmentally aware.”

Keith Rupert Murdoch

Scottish Ancestry, Personally related to Blair.

J. K. Rowling

Scottish Ancestry, personally related to Gordon Brown, later to Kate Marie McCann

(Latham) Brian Kennedy

Investor, Jehovah's Witness, Premier League Rugby Club OwnerSale Sharks; supported House Lawyer and Top Freemason Edward Smethurst to McCann's .

Esther McVey (Wikipedia) source:McCannFiles, screenshot 09-May-2007 WP: A longstanding friend of Kate McCann, McVey helped her family set up the Madeleine McCann Fund and remained part of the board for eight months.

Schoolfriend of Kate McCann, BBC Presenter, Conservative Candidate 2005, Conservative MP 2010, Minister under Cameron since 2013. Spokeswomen for the first eight months for the Madeleine Fund.

McCannFiles:Esther McVey is a long-time friend of Kate McCann and was spokesperson for Madeleine's Fund from its launch in May 2007. Esther and Kate first met in 1986, when they were both 18, at the North East Technical College in West Derby [in Liverpool], where they were studying A-levels together. She joined the board of Madeleine's Fund on 20 June 2007 and continued her role as spokesperson for the Fund until her resignation, announced in January 2008. Ms McVey has remained resolutely tight-lipped as to the reason, or reasons, behind her resignation - a rather ironic position, considering her former roles in the media/PR. She is currently the Conservative MP for Wirral West and the minister for disabled people. Her own website, on which she once displayed an online petition in support of the McCanns, now contains no mention of Madeleine McCann at all.

Templar Knights:

Sir Jimmy Saville, Lord Greville Janner, Gordon Brown, Gerry McCann

Seemingly they all shared the same Lodge/Organisation Templar Knights.

Jimmy Saville never made a secret on his membership.

source: wikipedia It is also known that →Lord Greville Janner, is a mighty and influencial politician in Leicestershire. He was a Labour MP from 1970 to 1997, since when he has been a member of the House of Lords. Janner represented Leicester North West and then Leicester West in the House of Commons from 1970 until his retirement in 1997. In 1991, the director of a children's home in Leicestershire, Frank Beck, was convicted of child abuse and sentenced to five life terms. During the trial, Beck accused Janner of having abused a child. A 30-year-old man also accused Janner of abusing him when he was in care aged 13. Janner was not prosecuted, and received cross-party support in the House of Commons. He said there was “not a shred of truth” in the claims against him. The Times reported in September 2014 that Mike Creedon, currently the Chief Constable of Derbyshire Constabulary, claimed that in 1989 whilst he was serving as a Detective Sergeant, senior police chiefs blocked a paedophile probe into Janner, despite 'credible evidence' that warranted further investigation. In 2013 and early 2014, Leicestershire Police searched Janner's home in north London, and his offices in the House of Lords in connection with an enquiry linked to historic child abuse allegations. It lies on hand that as Top Politician of the community of leicster he was also represented in a prominent Lodge. As he obviously is linked to the Westminster-Paedophile-ring Gerry McCann eventually will have had knowledge about his and others inflictment.

See also →High-ranking MP from Leicester in paedophile allegations

The Times, 28 April 2015, on Special Branch and Cover Up:

Interestingly the McCanns also got a special VIP service by Special Branch Officers coming home Sept. 2007: “The eyes of the world might have been on their homecoming, but the end-of-holiday mundanities were the same as any when Kate and Gerry McCann tried to put Portugal behind them on their return to Leicestershire yesterday….There was some help with their four large black suitcases from the Special Branch officers who had chauffeured them the 16 miles from East Midlands airport to Rothley.But only Mr McCann seemed to have the know-how to unfasten the two child seats from the unmarked police car…. ”

Another key figure is the MP for Leicester East →Keith Vaz, see also

Finally we have MP and Paedophile Clement Freud, see his connection to the McCann's →Emails between 'paedophile' Clement Freud and Madeleine McCann's parents to be probed for child sex abuse inquiry:

“Emails between 'predatory paedophile' Sir Clement Freud and Madeleine McCann's parents are set to be probed as part of a child sex abuse inquiry. Messages exchanged between the late MP and the parents of missing Madeleine will be submitted to an inquiry into historic abuse allegations, according to The Star. The revelation comes after news the ex-MP and TV and radio star had a villa in the resort Madeleine McCann vanished from and befriended her parents Kate and Gerry in the weeks after she went missing. A woman who says she was a victim of Freud claims she told police about his links to the family, but nothing was done. Now Vicky Hayes, 64, says she she reported her concerns to police two years after reading Kate McCann's book Madeleine. Vicky had found that Freud appeared to be a private person who did not enjoy the media spotlight and found the idea of him entertaining the McCanns, after Madeline disappeared, odd. She told ITV News: “I read Kate McCann's book and was immediately upset and anxious that Clement Freud had invited the McCanns to his home. He was a private man, not the type to suddenly befriend a couple who had intense media attention. It really jarred with me, left me feeling very uneasy.”…”

Esther Rantzen

source: Zimbio Esther Rantzen is a TV-Presenter closely related to →Sir Cliff Richard, who is also under →rumors/allegations being a fromer guest to child-brothel Elms Guest House related to the Jimmy Savile-Complex. She is also closely related to Kate McCann in their "child charity"-activities.

See also Involvement of British Establishment

BBC list →BBC (Monday, 14 May 2007):

Businessman Sir Richard Branson, footballer Wayne Rooney and children's author JK Rowling are among those who have contributed to rewards totalling £2.5m for the safe return of Madeleine.


  1. Bill Kenwright
  2. Eggert Magnusson
  3. John Madejski
  4. Jacqueline Gold
  5. Simon Cowell
  6. Wayne Rooney
  7. Michael Vaughan
  8. Sir Tom Hunter
  9. Sir Stelios Haji-Ioannou
  10. John Hargreaves

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