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Metropolitan Police

The MET in London is involved actually with the Operation Grange under DCI Redwood. See also MET Chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe:

“Perhaps the new Metropolitan Police Commissioner, Bernard Hogan-Howe could give some clear- cut advice to his staff on the subject of police officers becoming freemasons. One of his predecessors, Sir Kenneth Newman, during the 1980s advised serving officers not to become masons because “the police officer's special dilemma is the conflict between his service declaration of impartiality and the sworn obligation to keep the secrets of Freemasonry. As far as I know none of his successors to date has openly challenged the logic of this statement, but according to national press reports serving officers have continued to join masonic lodges and have even set up some new lodges. Some high-level guidance is surely now needed on this important subject. (John Kenny (Metropolitan Police Officer, 1965-1995) Acle, Norfolk.)”

See e.g. wikipedia on →Involvement of Met in phone hacking scandal:

“The Metropolitan Police conducted several investigations between 1999 and 2011. The first three investigations, involving phone taps and seizure of records, successfully gathered large quantities of evidence that confidential information was being acquired illegally, sometimes with the help of public officials including policemen. By 2006, seven men had been found guilty, but no further arrests were made until 2011. The Met was criticized for not aggressively pursuing all the significant leads available from this evidence, for not adequately informing all individuals who were victims of the phone hacking, and for allegedly misleading the public and Parliament about the scope of the problem. While continuing to investigate illegal acquisition of confidential information, the Met itself became the object of several investigations about the diligence of its probes and possible involvement of its own personnel in illegal activities. After the scope of the phone hacking scandal became generally known in July 2011, the top two officials of the Met resigned. ”

See also Article →Don't mention the Masons, June 10th, 2011:

“Nick Davies in the Guardian yesterday made the first mention I have seen yet of a Masonic connection to the phone hacking Scandal. Large sections of the British population ( at least, of those who are intelligent enough to be interested) are baffled by the extraordinary display of inertia in the Met’s handling of crimes committed by News of the World journalists and those committing outsourced crimes on the paper’s behalf. When the police do extraordinary, mysterious things , it’s always worth looking for the Mason in the woodpile. How many members of the senior management of News International and the News of the World are Freemasons? We don’t know, of course. How many senior members of the Metropolitan Police are Freemasons? We don’t know. Thanks to Nick Davies’s investigations for the Guardian we do know that the multi-faceted criminal, Jonathan Rees (who hacked into the bank account of Peter Mandelson, among others) is a Mason and as a result was able to meet many corrupt police officers at his Lodge, and arrange to pay them for information, which he then sold to clients, like the News of the World. Masonry is one of the most insidious, disgraceful aspects of British life. It secretly permeates the police, the judiciary, the professions, county councils and government departments . If Masonry is seen to be a factor in the NOTW crimes and the systematic cover-up by the police, that institution, too, must be looked at. It should be, but that will never happen because there is too much power and influence vested in this secret, self-serving organisation. Even Private Eye don’t have the balls to take them on. It’s very heartening that Nick Davies has had the courage to name them in this criminal context.”

See official Statement regarding →Freemasonry in the Met:

The vast majority of officers refused to answer the question if they are Freemasons or not.

See also The Independent on →How gangs used the freemasons to corrupt police (13 January 2014): “….Project Riverside, a 2008 report on the rogue private investigations industry by the Serious Organised Crime Agency, also claimed criminals attempt to corrupt police officers through Freemason members in a bid to further their interests. Concerns over the influence of freemasons on the criminal justice system in 1998 led former Home Secretary Jack Straw to order that all police officers and judges should declare membership of the organisation. However, ten of Britain’s 43 police forces refused to take part and the policy was dropped under threat of legal action. In England and Wales, the Grand Master of the Freemasons is Prince Edward, Duke of Kent. The United Grand Lodge of England declined to comment last night. The Independent revealed last week that Operation Tiberius found that organised crime syndicates such as the Adams family and the gang led by David Hunt were able to infiltrate the Met “at will”…..”

See also →The Richardson Gang on wikipedia: “In 1980, after many attempts to obtain release, Charlie Richardson escaped from an open prison. He went “on the trot” for almost a year, even dressing as Santa Claus and giving out presents to children to publicise his requests for release. He openly drank with friends and old associates (including police officers) at several pubs on the Old Kent Road before fleeing to Paris, where he gave an interview to a journalist. He was arrested with five other men in Earls Court on suspicion of possession of drugs, having just been seen coming out of a sex shop which was known to be controlled by the Richardson family. His identity only came to light once arrested and in police custody at Kensington when his probation officer contacted the police, having been informed by other gang members that he had been arrested.”

See actual report The Independent →Links between 'corrupt' officer on investigation and racist murder gang were suppressed to protect Met chief (10 March 2014)

Extract: “…Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the current Metropolitan Police Commissioner, was thrown into the centre of the storm after Mark Ellison QC concluded in his review that Scotland Yard may not have told him the truth about Davidson’s links to another notorious unsolved case, the murder of Daniel Morgan, prompting Mrs May to order yet another judge-led public inquiry into corruption inside Britain’s biggest police force…Meanwhile, the Ellison review also uncovered Met intelligence that Davidson was linked to a private investigation firm Mayfayre Associates, run by two former Scotland Yard police officers, Alec Leighton and Keith Hunter. In 2012, Mr Hunter was arrested and is currently on bail over the alleged bribery of police officers in relation to an investigation into James Ibori, a Nigerian politician convicted of fraud and money-laundering. He denies any wrongdoing.”

More Info at predecessing article →New evidence links the murders of Stephen Lawrence and a private investigator on 09 March 2014: “The victim's brother, Alastair, said: “The crossovers between Daniel's case and the Lawrence murder are getting worse and worse. There is so much more to come out… These repeated cover-ups by the Met are surely criminal acts.” Imran Khan, the Lawrence family's long-time lawyer, said the “shocking revelations… further undermine the already battered reputation of the Met. There is an urgent need for honesty and transparency”. Keith Vaz, chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee, said: “I am astonished by these alleged links. Bernard Hogan-Howe stated that the Ellison Review led to the worst day of his career, but without establishing the full extent of any previous corruption it is likely things will only get worse.”

See also 08 March 2014 →Calls for Scotland Yard to come clean over Daniel Morgan 'cover-up' in wake of Stephen Lawrence review:

“…Alastair Morgan, whose brother, a private investigator, was found with an axe embedded in his skull in 1987, told The Independent that it appeared there was evidence of a corrupt “firm within a firm” operating inside the Metropolitan Police….Mr Morgan told The Independent: “This is absolutely shocking. Lord Stevens has a lot of explaining to do. Why did he not tell his legal department? He also played a key role in the investigations into Daniel’s death and the documents from Operation Othona appear to have been shredded when he was commissioner.”

On Thursday the Ellison report, an independent review of the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence – another killing that has been tainted with allegations of police corruption – found a direct link between the two cases….

Also actual →Police corruption revelations pile pressure on current Scotland Yard chief Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, 9-Mar-2014:

Extract: “The new allegations of police corruption pile yet more pressure on the Met commissioner, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, who has been struggling to contain a series of other scandals….Despite the fact that the Stephen Lawrence, Daniel Morgan and undercover police officer sagas appear to have been played out long before he took control of Scotland Yard, the doubts cast on current Met assurances to independent inquiries are likely to raise questions about his position…Tom Watson, the campaigning Labour MP, said: “This is a remarkable state of affairs. Once again the Met has told a legal inquiry one thing and there is very strong evidence to suggest the exact opposite. Why does this keep happening with this particular police service? We are fast approaching the point where public confidence in policing in London will evaporate.” …Sir Bernard is being investigated over his actions in dealing with some families of victims of the 1989 incident when 96 Liverpool fans died in a crush at Sheffield Wednesday's stadium. He was also forced to apologise to the former Tory chief whip Andrew Mitchell regarding the “Plebgate” affair, when a police officer fabricated evidence against the former cabinet minister following a late-night altercation at the gates of Downing Street. PC Keith Wallis was convicted of misconduct in public office following the incident. Last night, Sir Bernard offered to meet with the family of Stephen Lawrence to share the findings of a criminal investigation into undercover policing. There is no suggestion that Sir Bernard is guilty of any impropriety.”

See also for High Level prosecution