Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Everybody may add his special knowlegde about the Maddie-Case into this database. For this you are free to self-creating your account herein and start editing. To get the needed editing rights please mail me →Heribert Genreith. If you like to add something you may also use the page Discussion, Participation, Opinions and Questions which is free for editing. The admin will pick up your information for further editing. For something confidential please email me.

Wiki editing is easy by using the build-in editor. For very beginners there is also a Playground for testing purposes.

Edits should always provide

  1. some text (not to much, but concise)
  2. Links to serious resources (Webpages, Books, Articles, etc. pp.)
  3. structural internal Links to other pages of this Wiki (Cross-linking).

Every editor (=registered user) is self responsible for what he is doing, saying and uploading. Always be serious and use only links to serious sources. The Admin(s) will always alter or delete unsuitable text.

For further “Just Five Hours in May”-Wikipedia Rules see also General Disclaimer.

The Admin(s) will check new entries on a day to day basis and will also try to adjust any problem one had with editing. Especially suitable internal structural crosslinks will be added if not set by the editor.

How can you do editing?

First: make yourself an account (see button at top right).

Just fill in a user name and an email address. Your password then will be sent to your email.

Second: Login with your user name and password

If you need further help with using the syntax you can always refer to the syntax page.

Third: Start editing

  • For editing you may use the build in editor. At the top row of the editor you will find the styling-elements.
  • You may edit existing or non-existing pages as well.
  • Editing starts with one of the buttons at the very last row down at the website: “edit page” or “create page”.
  • The most common way to create a new page is: Type into the search bar the term you are searching for.
  1. If the term exist, you may edit the page belonging to it, e.g. by adding a link or altering contained informations.
  2. If the term does not exist as an autonomous term, you may choose to create it with “create page”.
  • A new page should always begin with its Headline: Mark your Term as first line with the headline button.
  • The headline-button does nothing more than adding some =sign before and after the words to make them a headline. Wikitexts are allways ascii-based.
  • Links can be internal or external. There are the two appendent buttons at the top row of the editor.

Linking of internal/external sources/media

They syntax is always like: Double Open Brackets; (Space); URL; delimiter; Pixelwidth; (Space); Double Closing Brackets

  1. Internal: [ [ internal page name | word in the text which links to this page ] ] .
  2. External: [ [ external page URL http:…. | word in the text which links to this page ] ] .

Pictures may be added with the appendent button at the top row of the editor. This will open a dialogue for uploading your graphics. This wiki is a meta-resource. So please only upload graphics which are your own work or in the public domain like wikipedia-commons. Otherwise use just pointers to webresources:

  1. You may always preferably use external pics with the syntax “ { { http:…?pixelwidth} }”. It is the web-picture URL followed by a ?-sign and the picture width in pixel inbetween double curly brackets.

This sample will appear as: Source: McCannFiles.com

If you still have problems with this, it doesn't matter so much: Then just put your text unformatted into the edited/created page . The admin(s) will correct the formatting next day(s)..