Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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The Time-Lists of the Tapas 9

The group of Tapas 9 together agreed on the evening of 3rd on a timeline of the events. There were two timelines produced. The first one but differs in crucial points from the second one (differences marked with comments). The first timeline was written in bad handwriting. The altered second one was seemingly intended for Gerry McCann (signed with “Gerald”, handwriting seems to be Russel O'Brien) to give it to the PJ next day. On occasion but it occured, that Russel O'Brien handed out both(!) timelines to the Police ariving at 23:15 on the 3rd of May. Thus both contradicting pages apparently found their way into the PJ-Files just by bad chance.

source →McCannFiles: “Estimated time 11.15 pm - The first officer to arrive at Ocean Club was handed two lists by Russell O'Brien, written by him on the ripped-off cover of a child's “sticker activity book”.

The transscripts of the timelines are: (source e.g. →McCannFiles)

Timeline 1

8:45. pm

Matt returns 9.00-9.05 - listened at all 3 - all shutters down

Jerry 9.10-9.15 in the room + all well ? did he check

9.20/5 - Ella Jane checked 5D sees stranger & child

9.30 - Russ. Ella Matt check all 3

9.35 - Matt check see twins

9.50 - Russ returns

9.55 - Kate realised Madeleine

10pm - Alarm raised

Timeline 2

8.45pm. all assembled at poolside for food

9.00pm. Matt Oldfield listens at all 3 windows 5A, B, D ALL shutters down

9:15pm Gerry McCann looks at room A ? Door open to bedroom

9:20pm Jane Tanner checks 5D - [sees stranger walking carrying a child]

9.30 Russell O'Brien in 5D. Poorly daughter


10:00pm. Alarm raised after Kate


Remark: The second timeline obviously dropped some of the alleged controls of the apartments/childs. In the frist timeline there where practically no time slots where the "abductor" would have been without risk to be catched red-handed. The second timeline but lets an open window for an alleged break in after Gerry last check.

The used pages came from a childrens sticker book: Madeleine's book

Madeleine's parents ripped off both covers, the front and the back, from a book belonging to Madeleine, in order to write on the inside the timing for each person. Russell O'Brien was involved with the drawing up of the timing. The book was seized by the GNR on the night of the disappearance. These covers would be attached to the case file, as elements of the investigation, on September 7th 2007, although seized during the night of 3rd to 4th May. Here are the terms on which the seizure document was based.

In November 2007 there was the so called Rothley Meeting of the Tapas-9 group, were allegedly this problematic timeline was discussed.