Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Alex Woolfall

Alex Woolfall acted as the initital spokesperson for the McCanns. He was seconded by Bell Pottinger Group, a PR firm hired by Mark Warner, the holiday group in charge of the Ocean Club at the time.

On 29th April 2007 CHIME PLC (the Holding Company of Bell Pottinger at the time) published the following: 'The Bell Pottinger Group has recruited Alex Woolfall as its new Head of Issues & Crisis Management'.CHIME

Alex Woolfall flew to Praia da Luz on 4th May 2007.

More information here: →mccannfiles

Here is his archived Bell Pottinger page from the →Way Back Machine

“Alex Woolfall is Head of Issues and Crisis Management for the Bell Pottinger Group. He has 20 years experience of public relations and specialises in helping companies in multiple sectors prepare for and respond to difficult or controversial issues, as well as manage actual crises. Alex’s experience covers deliberate sabotage and accidental contamination of products (from food to pharmaceuticals); accident, injury and death in the workplace; allegations of corporate manslaughter; product recalls; corporate fraud and theft; court cases on the grounds of sex, race and age discrimination; redundancy and closure announcements; the use of illegal and/or child labour; regulatory breaches; mislabelling of products; abduction and robberies and terrorist related activities”