Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Apartment 5A

was the Apartment of the McCann's in the Ocean Club at Praia da Luz.

Coordinates →on Google Maps

In this Apartment the still unclear disappearence happened, may it be by abducting, or by killing or by an accidential death.

The Apartment 5A was under →intense investigations done by the PJ

More Photos see →5A-Photo-Report and at →gerrymccannsblogs.

The window was unclosed with roller shutters nearly closed. Not any signs of force against shutters, window or the door near by, which could only be opened from inside, could be found. Nor any sign of force against any interior objects. PJ Reenactment later showed, that it seemed practically impossible to get in and out through this window, carrying a child outwards, without damaging anything. The red circle shows the bed of Maddie.

Traces of body fluids on the walls. For Details on DNA findings and problems on interpretations see DNA-Traces.

Also Cadaver Odour could be found here. For details see Cadaver Dogs.

See also →PJ-Report and →PJ Photos