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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Cuddle Cat

source: McCannFiles Cuddle Cat “A look at Madeleine's 'favourite' toy, Cuddle Cat, and the way it took centre stage for much of the time the McCanns were in Portugal.”

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The Sun report 17 November 2007: “At around 10pm Kate went to check. When she arrived, she found the bedroom door still open. She stepped into the room and saw the window and shutter were up and Madeleine was missing. Her cuddle cat was on the bed along with the blanket Maddie had been snuggled in. A source said: “Kate ran round the apartment in total panic checking every wardrobe, under the beds, the bathroom, everywhere. She then ran screaming to the tapas bar telling her friends ‘Madeleine’s gone, Madeleine’s gone, someone’s taken her!’ All hell broke loose. Chaos erupted, everyone got up and ran to the apartment.”

Daily Mail report 06 January 2008:

Portuguese police want to seize Madeleine's Cuddle Cat again, Last updated at 18:13pm on 6th January 2008

Police in Portugal have begun a fresh trawl for evidence which could incriminate Gerry and Kate McCann. Among the items they are said to want to seize is their missing daughter Madeleine's Cuddle Cat toy, which was examined by forensic teams in the summer. They have also demanded Mrs McCann's diary.

Police were also said to want to seize clothes and other items - including the pink soft toy Cuddle Cat - on which trained sniffer dogs allegedly picked up the “scent of death”. Detectives have long questioned why Mrs McCann was so attached to Cuddle Cat and why, if it was her last link with Madeleine, she allowed it to be washed. They have suggested the toy was cleaned to destroy any potential DNA evidence, such as blood. Mrs McCann said it had simply become too grubby.

Remark: Washing destroys DNA easily, as washing chemicals are made specially to destroy albumen and other typical food components. But not Cadavour Odour that much. As the dogs could however easily smell the odour, this on the other side means that the toy seemingly must have been in physical contact with a dead body for much more than an hour.

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