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Martin Edward Brunt

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Martin Edward Brunt (born Camberley, Surrey, England, on 5 February 1955) is crime correspondent for Sky News. He joined the channel, owned by Keith Rupert Murdoch at its launch in 1989.

Brunt is known for his exceptionally good contacts with the police and security authorities, his vita at Sky News reads: …Martin joined Sky News as a reporter for its launch in 1989, covering the Gulf and Balkan wars. Prior to Sky, he was chief reporter at the Sunday Mirror, and worked for local newspapers in Kent. Martin has tracked down several fugitives abroad. A police press officer once told a rival reporter: “Ask Martin Brunt, he knows everything before we do.”

He also covered the Jill Dando Murder and was involved in the death of Brenda Leyland.

Brunt was also in ultimate contact with “first suspect” Robert Murat… see also: The Secret Life of Martin Brunt, Robert Murat and 'The Contract'

See also MI5/MI6 relations to journalists.