Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Rumors regarding Version 1

The Establishment and the "Scottish-Connection"

see e.g.

Recent Critics (06-Jan.2014) by Chelsea HoffmanWhy aren't Madeleine McCann's parents suspects?: “The latest in the Madeleine McCann farce comes with the search for a so called gang of thieves, but the concept seems a little bit lazy and silly. In fact, it seems downright insulting if you consider all of the work detectives in Portugal have done on this case. Scotland Yard officials appear to be struggling to pin this child's disappearance on every single possible style of imaginary perpetrator but not once have they acknowledged the tidal wave of evidence against Kate and Gerry – the girl's parents. SY have identified three men as possible suspects – but we've heard this all before. Just like every random “sighting” of the missing blonde child all over the globe, this seems like more desperate posturing to make up for just how inept everyone has been over the past several years that Maddie has been missing. Meanwhile, even the court in Lisbon won't allow the McCanns to produce evidence in their own libel suit against Goncalo Amaral, who has blatantly accused them of covering up the death of their daughter. It's true: No evidence in this case points to a stranger abduction or an intrusion. All evidence, thus far, in Madeleine McCann's disappearance has pointed in the directions of her mother and father.How long will it take before SY investigators actually get with the program? Or are they just looking to “close” this case quickly and “once-and-for-all?

The Grave of Maddie

see e.g.

Did Maddie die earlier at evening/night 2nd May?

There are some miracles which may give some possibility for an earlier death and covering until evening 3rd. This rumor stems from some inconsistencies regarding the creche nannies statements and also the unclear time the last photos of Maddie were shot indeed. See e.g. on Open details or Some oddities regarding Version 1 page.