Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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The Story behind the Story

This story must be questioned but not in the sense of guilt or not guilt of the McCann's, but just in the sense, how could things happen in the observed way of the aftermath of the 3rd May 2007?

What is obviously and may be taken for sure is, that there indeed is a „Story behind the Story“ regarding the Madeleine-McCann-Case. A story that is still in great parts in the deep dark. And, as it is seemingly a story involving the reason of state of the Empire, it for sure will never been told in full detail.

What observation tells us seemingly very keen is:

I - From the evidence fixed in the PJ-files (and in parts also in the evidence of the aftermath) is that the main suspects to great extend are the parents McCann. Indeed there are dozens of hard evidences which links the McCann's to be the offenders, but visa versa until today there is not one sustainable evidence that they are not. One could even say, that any experienced Investigator being aware and having read the files in its full extend, will feel with the utmost probability the McCann's to be the searched for offenders.

II – Although aware of the convincing evidence British Police and prosecutors refused to do any professionally denoted investigative actions against the McCanns and her friends, the „Tapas Seven“. Not even the gave consideration to an extradition of the couple and an approbiate trial in the UK, as in comparable European Community based cases such is not unusual, but seemingly they did as much as possible to hinder and gridlock Portuguiese criminal investigations.

III – Although aware of the convincing evidence British Politics from the very beginnings helped the McCann's by itself and diplomatic channels to undermine the portuguise Investigations into the case.

IV – The same is true for the main UK media apparatus, which helped to perform the McCann's personnal views of the case. Up to en extend that today worldwide those special views, which have had ever until today nothing more than the quality of unsustainable rumors, are commonly performed while the only real substantiated evidence of the filed investigations are formally gridlocked in complete darkness for the main public.

V – from the very beginning also there was a unprecedented large monetary support for the McCann's, including the provision of highest paid lawyers in the UK and Portugal as well, by some of the most influental and richest entrepreneurs in the UK. The monetary support through the Madeleine Fund-Construction, involving those main supporters directly, made, just by simple fact with no moral appraisal here, the McCann's from a half-million-pounds debt plagued Doctors Couple on 3rd May 2007, today becoming a debt free two house owners multi millioneers couple.

VI - As all other curiosities those activities started, and where initiated by the McCann's and the Tapas 7, just at the very beginning of the alleged „abduction“ in the evening and night of the 3rd of May 2007.

The question now is, by what means could this unprecedented „Case behind the Case“ could effectively arise?

From seemingly obvious observations the main connection is given by British Freemasonry and its deep integration into UK history, Royality and Establishement as a whole. This means especially here the seemingly strong connection of the McCann-Family as a traditional Scottish freemasons family and the strong connection of UK Freemasonry with the Medical and Surgeons Societies in the UK. Of course also with politics and media, and last but not least, the very strong connections to corruption, especially in the Police and UK judiciary. Last, but especially in this particular circumstances not least, there is also a strong connection between UK freemasonry and UK paedophiles especially in the high society (Waterhouse Report etc).

As freemasonry is in the historical context a strict secret brotherhood, it is not easy to get proven, or even sustainable, information about the inner and especially the Upper Circles of those brotherhoods. So Members lists are not given to the public and thus the only information about memberships are through some leaked lists and through some official public appearance of members.

It is but very keen, that there will have to been asked a lot of aggravating questions in the UK public judiciary and democratic system about this obvious connections and abuse of power. It may also be clear, that bringing the McCann's to trial (which is clearly demanded, but whatever outcome is on duty of the judges and not of the public), can never be in the main interests of those people heavy involved in the gridlock of the Madeleine-McCann-Case.

In this circumstances, from a general investigators viewpoint, there has also a still large and very painful question to be answered:

How could Gerry McCann manage to get this extraordinary strong support by the UK establishment and freemasonry?

This question cannot been answered that easy as it sounds. Of course it is the very strong obligation of all freemasons to help and support each of their brothers in all kinds of problems (with the formal exemption of murder and traitor to the state). But in reality this support will have definit certain limits, limits regarding money and personal exposition of upper class members in the public as well.

For example Gordon Brown, who was at the time the coming Premier, took very much party for the McCann's, at a time were nothing was clear about any of the facts. This is very unusual for Politicians in such situations, as the danger for their careers are tremendous if they go wrong with it. But here also the PM's Tony Blair and today David Cameron took part into this very unusual personal political involvement in a private case. The same unusual standards apply for the other high society members in this case.

So we come to the intriguing questions:

VII – if Gerry McCann is a usual freemason of a low degree, the support would have been very limited. So the question arises: Is he eventually a higher degree freemason in the upper management of UK freemasonry? If he is, then the highly risky personal support by a upper class freemason like Politician e.g. Gordon Brown would be explainable, as then he just will have to take his fundamental obligations for one of his masters.

VIII – If he is but only of low degree, the explanation must be more sinister. From many evidences available in the public, there is a strong connection between Freemasonry and Child abuse, even to paedophil rings in the UK. So the question arises, especially in view of the Payne-Allegation: Does Gerry McCann have intimate informations about upper class people freemasons involved in such crimes, such that he can force this unprecedented high support for an average freemasons couple which owed at the time nothing more than its Doctorates and half a million of mortgage debts?

It must clearly be said that all of this questions cannot be answered today reliable due to the lack of qualified informations leaking out.

But it is almost much more than just rumors, it seemingly for sure holds part of a real hard core of the still covered truth. Besides the question if, when and how, the case could be put to an appropiate court in the coming future, the question if the background of the case's aftermath can ever been brought into light may be of at least the same interest to the (not only the UK) public. This issue will of course be in a very close connection to the question if and how the case can be solved, and the McCann's, can be or can not been, prosecuted.