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Some Press around Savile-BBC-WPR Complex 2014

Year 2014 (IV. Quarter)

26 Dec. 2014Portugal Resident, Damning new Madeleine documentary promised for 2015: “A damning new “evidence-based” documentary is being prepared for screening in 2015 and promises to tell the “Untold Story of Madeleine McCann” - alleging that no abduction took place at all. Orchestrated by independent journalist and social activist Sonia Poulton, the project got underway following the death of 63-year-old grandmother Brenda Leyland - the so-called internet “troll” “outed” over tweets that questioned the official version of events “as put forward by mainstream media….”

23 Dec. 2014Express, Police urged to reinvestigate murder of whistleblowers in VIP paedophile case: “Labour MP John Mann fears the deaths of the two council workers could be linked to a Westminster-based paedophile gang involving highly-influential politicians. One of the men, social services manager Bulic Forsythe, was killed three days after telling a colleague he planned to “spill the beans” about the abuse scandal. …. “Bulic Forsythe had significant information in relation to child abuse,” Mr Mann said. “He went to the police at the time and got nowhere. What I want to see is both those suspicious deaths reinvestigated.” An assassin burst into Mr Forsythe's home in Clapham, south London, in February 1993 and smashed his skull with a heavy weapon. The killer set the flat alight before escaping. BBC Crimewatch reported how a neighbour spotted “three official looking men” carrying files from the address the day before the murder. In the months before, Mr Forysthe told colleagues at Lambeth Council he was about to expose child sex abuse on council premises. … It [his dossier] implicated senior Lambeth officers as well as politicians and police.…Mr Mann, MP for Bassetlaw, has told police how he believes there were five paedophile gangs operating at the heart of Westminster. He has handed detectives a dossier of 22 politicians including 13 former ministers. The list includes 14 Tories, five from Labour and three from other parties. Three of them were “highly influential.” “What the police are doing now is what should have taken place a long time ago,” said Mr Mann…..Inquiries are continuing to identify the victims. No-one has yet come forward to corroborate Nick’s testimony. Meanwhile, a campaigning MP claimed the Government’s plans for a inquiry into historic sex abuse are now in a mess.” Simon Danczuk spoke out after Home Secretary Theresa May hinted the panel of experts recruited to carry out the inquiry could soon be disbanded and replaced. The inquiry, already hit by the resignations of two chairwomen, appears to have stalled and no new head has been appointed. Mr Dnaczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, told Radio 4”s Today: “There is very little faith in Government in terms of delivering this. If Government are set on doing this then it can be achieved. But you can’t help thinking that they are not intent on getting this right. There is a catalogue of mistakes that have been made, some of them fairly basic, and you can’t blame the survivors of child abuse for wondering, because of the allegations of high-profile figures involved in the abuse, you can’t help thinking that some of this is quite deliberate mistakes. They don’t want to get to the truth, that would be the allegation.”…”

23 Dec. 2014RT UK, ‘Reopen investigation into Westminster pedophile whistleblower deaths’ – MP: “A Labour MP has demanded the government reopen an investigation into the suspicious deaths of two whistleblowers he believes were in possession of significant evidence relating to historic child sex abuse, which infiltrated the heart of Westminster. John Mann, a Labour MP for Bassetlaw, has urged Home Secretary Theresa May to address state secrecy shrouding these allegations. Mann believes the Official Secrets Act is obstructing ex-Special Branch police officials from stepping forward with vital information relating to sordid allegations regarding a child sex abuse ring affiliated with powerful Westminster elite figures throughout the 1970s and 1980s. “There are former police officers, especially Special Branch officers, some of whom have contacted me, who do have significant information, and, if the Official Secrets Act restrictions are lifted on them, [they] will be far more willing to come forward and divulge that information,” he said. … Mann previously handed an extensive dossier to Scotland Yard containing allegations regarding 22 separate MPs and ex-MPs, some of whom are still active in government. Commenting on its contents, the Labour MP emphasized 13 ex-ministers were on a list handed to the team that investigated alleged child abuse in children’s homes in Lambeth, South London. With regards the whistleblowers’ unexplained deaths, Mann said the men in question are thought to have been planning to hand over important information about child abuse to the Metropolitan Police. …One of the whistleblowers, Bulic Forsythe, worked as a council official. His body was discovered in a burnt out apartment in 1993. Prior to his death, Forsythe had pledged to expose a pedophile ring allegedly linked to a Labour politician who later became a minister in the Blair administration. He allegedly informed a witness he thought vulnerable children were being assaulted by an organized pedophile gang at a children’s care home, said to have been frequented by the Labour politician. Days later, however, the 42-year-old was violently beaten to death and his flat subsequently set ablaze. The other whistleblower was a caretaker from Lambeth, who perished as a result of a suspected arson attack several years before this. Mann said on Monday the caretaker “was providing information and tapes relating to sex abuse and sex parties” prior to his death. “What I want to see is both those suspicious deaths reinvestigated because what links them together were people who in essence were blowing the whistle on child abuse,” the Labour MP told Sky News. The two men’s deaths were “undoubtedly linked to child abuse and potentially linked into the wider scandal,” he added. ….”

22 Dec. 2014Mirror, Westminster paedophile ring: Was second man killed over child abuse cover-up?: “Two men may have been murdered as part of an establishment cover-up into child sex abuse allegations, an MP sensationally claimed today. A council official and a caretaker may have been killed to stop them exposing a Westminster paedophile ring, Labour’s John Mann said. The shocking allegation comes as abuse survivors expect Home Secretary Theresa May to axe a panel of experts investigating claims of historical sex attacks by powerful figures….”

21 Dec. 2014Daily Mail, Scotland Yard is probing five VIP paedophile rings after Labour MP hands in dossier naming six serving politicians and Lords: “Police are investigating claims that at least five paedophile rings operating at the heart of Westminster were covered up. Labour MP John Mann has submitted an explosive dossier to police naming 22 politicians – including three serving MPs and three serving members of the House of Lords – linked to historical child abuse. …The latest claims come after Mr Mann revealed in the Mail last week that he was aware of five investigations dropped by Scotland Yard into alleged VIP child abuse which took place over the last three decades. Last night the Bassetlaw MP said: ‘There are at least five paedophile rings which involved MPs. Each of them involved at least one MP, some involved more, and these were groups of people who knew about the activities of one another. ‘In some cases I believe they committed abuse together.’ He told the Daily Telegraph: ‘Three of these figures were highly influential.’ The document submitted to police by Mr Mann also includes the names of 13 ex-ministers, including at least two who are claimed to have gone to ‘abuse parties’ held at Dolphin Square, the luxury riverside estate in Pimlico which has been home to dozens of MPs….”

20 Dec. 2014ExaroNews, Police to ask “Nick” to try to identify victims from missing boys

20 Dec. 2014The Guardian, Former newspaper boss tells police of VIP paedophile cover-up claim: “A former local newspaper executive who claims that he was issued with an official warning in the early 1980s against reporting on an allegedly powerful paedophile ring has been interviewed by police. In a sign of growing concern that there has been a cover-up of the involvement of politicians in the sexual abuse of children, Hilton Tims, 81, was approached by officers and asked to tell all that he knows about the affair. Last month the Observer reported Tims’s claim that his newspaper, the Surrey Comet, had been issued with a D-notice – an official warning not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when he sought around 1984 to report on a police investigation into Elm Guest House, in Barnes, south-west London, where a group of notorious paedophiles was said to have been operating. Officials running the D-notice system, who work closely with MI5 and MI6 and the Ministry of Defence, said they did not believe that such a notice would have been issued, but admitted that some records relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s have been destroyed. Following the revelations, it has emerged that Tims, who was news editor of the Surrey Comet between 1980 and 1988, was interviewed by an officer working for Operation Fernbridge, the criminal investigation examining claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by prominent men, including senior MPs, top police officers and people with links to the royal household. Tims said: “They wanted to have my story from my own lips.” He told officers that the D-notice was issued when he asked one of his reporters to look into a police investigation into a paedophile ring based at Elm Guest House which the paper understood had been “getting boys from a care home”. Tims said the paper subsequently dropped its inquiries into the story. The development follows Scotland Yard’s decision last week to publicly describe claims that a Conservative MP strangled a boy of 12 as both “credible and true”. Officers, who have appealed for witnesses to come forward, are investigating the claims of an alleged victim, known as Nick, who says he was molested from the age of seven to 16, between 1975 and 1984. He claims to have seen a Conservative MP kill a boy at an orgy in a London townhouse in around 1980, and to have witnessed a Conservative cabinet minister watch two men kill another boy in a sexual assault a year later. Peter McKelvie, a former child protection manager whose allegations about a paedophile ring brought the issue to the attention of Tom Watson MP and the police in 2012, said it was clear that there had been a cover-up. He said: “The good and honest police officers on the ground always wanted to take their criminal investigations into this as far as they could go. It was higher up the hierarchy where things went awry. It is encouraging that the police are now pursuing this. The evidence has always been there and now it is finally being examined.”…”

18 Dec. 2014Justice denied Blog, Ben Fellows thrown into Wormwood scrubs for daring to name Ken Clarke as an abuser: “…We may not be able to stop these powerful individuals but we can certainly make the waters harder from them to operate in. If our politicians are our representatives then what are we saying about ourselves, if paedophile rings are allowed to continue within politics? I have remained silent over the past six months even under pressure from the security agencies who target my articles online and attempt to cause confusion in the minds of the general public. No more. I am not afraid unlike those children who will be abused this weekend somewhere in the UK by these powerful individuals. Until these powerful individuals such as Cabinet Minister Kenneth Clarke MP and Prime Minister David Cameron answer to the public I will remain in exile abroad in search of a country who believes in Freedom of speech, democracy and the rule of law for everyone. I am not depressed or suicidal and if I die in an accident it will be state sponsored murder. Ben Fellows

15 Dec. 2014ExaroNews, Operation Midland investigates Tory MP over boy's murder

14 Dec. 2014Sunday Express, McRae was killed because he was closing in on paedophiles says friend: “Donald Blair spoke out publicly for the first time following claims the lawyer was killed to prevent him from identifying high-profile sex offenders north and south of the Border. Our sensational story revealed possible links between the Nationalist firebrand and the Westminster child abuse network that is said to have existed in the early 1980s. Last night Mr Blair, 67, revealed more evidence to support the theory that McRae knew of the disgraceful crimes being committed by some of Britain’s most powerful figures. He said: “Willie told me perhaps two or three years before his death that he had come across information on this paedophile ring in the Scottish judiciary. Those were his worlds. He was appalled by it. He was aware of sexual abuse going on – there is no doubt about that….”…“

13 Dec. 2014The Mirror, VIP paedophile networks 'shut down police investigations which got too close', retired officers claim: “High-level probes into VIP ­paedophile networks were shut down as police closed in on a number of powerful ­figures, former officers claim. In an extraordinary development, detectives have turned whistleblower to expose how undercover operations were suddenly “canned”. Almost 30 officers have been venting their anger online – heaping ­pressure on the probe by Scotland Yard and the Government into widespread claims of historic sexual abuse. One former officer called Jim wrote: “This is about kids being raped by those in power that included politicians of all sorts. It goes to the very heart of our establishment.”…”

06 Dec. 2014Daily Record, When senior judge says he's worried about police corruption, then everyone should worry

30 Nov. 2014Express, SNP activist 'killed over child sex files': “A FIREBRAND SNP activist who died in mysterious circumstances was to expose a paedophile ring that would have brought down the Government, it was claimed last night. Willie McRae was said to have discovered child abuse by cabinet ministers and other leading members of the establishment on both sides of the Border. Shortly before his death he was seen photocopying a dossier of names in case something should happen to him….McRae never went public with his allegations as he was found shot dead in his car off a remote road in Wester Ross on April 6, 1985. Some maintain he was murdered by the security services over his opposition to plans to dump nuclear waste in Scotland, while others have said he was silenced by drug smugglers. Significantly, however, his death also fits the timeline of recent claims about Westminster perverts and a massive police cover-up of child abuse and murder in the early 1980s. His death also came just months after the late Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens handed his own infamous paedophile dossier to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan – only for it to be lost or destroyed by Home Office officials. Fionna Borders, whose late husband James was a barrister involved in a number of child abuse cases, said she was convinced that McRae was on the verge of “shaking the establishment” to the core when he lost his life….”

29 Nov. 2014Mirror, VIP paedophile ring 'abused teenage boy INSIDE Buckingham Palace and Balmoral Castle'

28 Nov. 2014Independent, Westminster sex abuse scandal: Ex-Cabinet minister 'was photographed in the sauna with a naked boy at Elm Guest House'

24 Nov. 2014Surrey Comet, Former Surrey Comet news editor gagged over reporting of alleged paedophile ring: “A former Surrey Comet news editor was gagged by the Government over the reporting of an alleged Westminster paedophile ring operating out of Elm Guest House in Barnes. Hilton Tims, 82, the paper’s news editor between 1980 and 1988, revealed at the weekend he had been handed a D-notice preventing the reporting of sex allegations in 1984. Elm Guest House, in Rocks Lane, is at the centre of the Metropolitan Police’s Operation Fernbridge, which is investigating claims of sexual abuse and grooming of children by Government ministers, MPs and senior police officers in the late 1970s and early 80s. Mr Tims, the husband of Surrey Comet features editor June Sampson, told the Observer newspaper the Comet had been censored after receiving a tip-off about alleged sexual abuse at the guest house. Mr Tims told the Comet today: “I referred it to David Wilson, who was the editor at the time. All I know is that we were making some enquiries because we had a tip off and as soon as they got wind – there were too many top ministers involved so they shut us up. I was not even sure what a D-notice was in those days but we had to drop it altogether. If they slapped you with a D-notice – it came from the Government, you could not pursue that line of enquiry at all. It was the only time in Mr Tims’ career that he received a D-notice.”

23 Nov. 2014Mirror, Retired Scotland Yard detectives back up claims that paedo MPs murdered boys at sex orgies: “Paedophile politicians at Westminster murdered young boys at sex orgies, say two former Scotland Yard detectives, writes Mark Conrad and Keir Mudie in the Sunday People. The retired officers who first investigated the allegations more than 30 years ago have provided explosive testimony to the Yard’s new probe. The pair have made written statements to the Met Police about the VIP network which they claim was known as The Untouchables because they were too powerful to bring to justice. It is believed the ex-cops – one of them Special Branch – told the current inquiry that they were ­ordered NOT to investigate the group….The former Special Branch ­officer told police: “There was a significant paedophile group in Parliament who were untouchable to the police.”…The two policemen have alleged to detectives from Operation Fairbank – set up to investigate historical child abuse – about the existence of the sinister group. They said their efforts to expose an evil network at the heart of the Establishment were thwarted. The two officers have also ­provided information about the identities of VIP members of the paedophile ring…Further testimony from the two ­officers also links Jimmy Savile to the Westminster paedophile ring. The BBC star presenter was ­unmasked as a serial child-sex pervert after hundreds of victims came forward following his death at the age of 84 in 2011. But this is the first time testimony has surfaced linking Savile to Establishment paedophiles. Last week retired magistrate Vishambar Mehrotra came forward with his own fears about a Westminster paedophile ring. Mr Mehrotra’s eight-year-old son Vishal disappeared in 1981. The boy’s partial remains were found in woodland in West Sussex the ­following year…The allegation is that the boy was one of three killed by the network of MP and VIP paedophiles…Nick passed to Exaro and the Met the names of 12 people in the “Westminster paedophile network” who sexually abused him. They include three former Conservative MPs, one who was a minister, and an ex-Labour MP. Sir Peter Hayman, former ­deputy director of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6, is among the 12, ­although Nick initially thought that he was an MP because he mixed with politicians at Westminster’s Dolphin Square luxury apartment block and other locations. Nick does not know the names of other guests…”

23 Nov. 2014The London Evening Standard, Theresa May warns of worse to come after VIP sex abuse allegations: “…The allegations of child sex abuse at public institutions that have emerged so far are just the “tip of the iceberg”, Theresa May has warned….Among the latest allegations are that police may have helped cover up the murder of an eight-year-old boy by a Westminster paedophile ring….”

20 Nov. 2014Huffington Post, Westminster Paedophile Ring Murder Could Have Been 'Covered Up', Detective Who Worked On Case Claims: “A father's claims his young son may have been murdered at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring could be correct and possibly even “covered up” by police, according to a detective who worked on the original case. Jackie Malton told the Daily Telegraph the case of eight-year-old Vishal Mehrotra's death 33 years ago was never solved even though officers were “highly passionate” about it, while she had a feeling of “misuse of power” during her time at Scotland Yard….Vishal may have been abducted and taken to the Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London, in 1981, but police took it no further. The guest house is at the centre of a new Scotland Yard inquiry announced last week and triggered when an alleged victim came forward claiming to have witnessed three little boys being killed, including one allegedly strangled by a Tory MP during a sex game“I do remember that the officers were highly passionate about the Mehrotra case, but for some reason we never managed to get anywhere.” While she said she had no evidence officers in the case were leant on, she said the influence of politicians was felt in the force during that period. “There was also a strong sense of the power of Parliament and of politicians. It was very much a case of 'Do as you are told',” she said…The skull and several rib bones of Vishal were discovered in 1982 by pigeon shooters in remote marshland at Durford Abbey Farm, at Rogate, close to the Hampshire-West Sussex border. Vishal, from Putney, south-west London, vanished while shopping with his nanny and sister on July 29 1981 - the same day Lady Diana Spencer and the Prince of Wales were married. In June 1982, four months after Vishal's remains were found, police raided the Elm Guest House and it was widely reported at the time that the raids were linked to the boy's disappearance. …After the shocking revelations emerged last week, Labour MP Tom Watson, who has campaigned for investigations in to the alleged paedophile ring, said in a statement: “The allegations of cruelty, torture and murder are truly shocking and go far beyond the case I raised with the Prime Minister two years ago….We are at the point where the government should consider a national police inquiry made up of specialists from around the country. It is unfair to ask the police in London alone to investigate alleged crimes that took place in many regions of the UK. I am writing to the PM to make this request.”

source: Mirror 15 Nov. 2014Mirror, 'I watched Tory MP MURDER a boy during depraved Westminster VIP paedophile party': ”…And the Sunday People can reveal that detectives are investigating THREE murders allegedly linked to a network of VIP perverts….Nick claims the first death was of a boy aged ten or 11 who was ­deliberately run down by a car. Another chilling allegation is that he was in the same room in the 1980s when a 12-year-old boy was strangled by a Tory MP. Nick said: “I watched while that happened. I am not sure how I got out of that. Whether I will ever know why I survived, I am not sure.” Eighteen months later, he claims a third boy was killed by two unknown men in front of another MP. Nick told of his terror as he and the strangling victim were driven to an orgy…“

15 Nov. 2014Mirror, MP who exposed suspected Westminster paedophile ring feared he was on a “hit list”: “An MP feared he was on a ‘hit list’ after drawing up a dossier that threatened to expose a suspected Westminster paedophile ring, a close friend has claimed Tory Geoffrey Dickens was so afraid he hid copies of his damning files – naming eight public figures suspected of child abuse – in a “safe place”. The MP also told Geoff Hope he had a secret alliance with former Labour minister Barbara Castle, who had her own dossier naming 16 MPs and Lords. Both politicians’ claims are at the heart of a public inquiry and police investigation into allegations of child sex abuse at Westminster in 70s and 80s. The late Mr Dickens handed the then Home Secretary Leon Brittan his dossier in 1983. It has since gone missing….”

15 Nov. 2014Exaro News, Operation Midland investigates- Tory MP over boy's murder

15 Nov. 2014Daily Star, Murder hunt linked to VIP child sex-ring. Guest house boss was 'silenced': “POLICE investigating allegations of an historic paedophile ring involving politicians have launched a murder probe. Detectives from Operation Fairbank are focusing on the death of a London guest house manager. Sixteen boys from a nearby council home were allegedly trafficked to the guest house in Barnes – said to have hosted VIP sex parties in the 1980s – and abused. Last year police seized a list of alleged visitors including top politicians, members of the royal household and a world-renowned pop star. The list emerged at meetings in 1988 between child protection officials and Carole Kasir, who ran the guest house. She died, aged 47, two years later from a suspected overdose. Sources close to the victims have suggested she was “silenced”. The home was supposedly visited by, among others, obese Liberal MP Cyril Smith, who was outed as a paedophile following his death four years ago aged 82. Last night a Met Police spokesman said “recent inquiries have revealed further information regarding a possible homicide”.”

14 Nov. 2014Mirror, Westminster paedophile ring 'child murder' allegation is investigated by Scotland Yard detectives: “The latest allegation comes from a witness who claims he and others were abused by a VIP paedophile ring including a former Cabinet minister, political, military and secret services figures…He told the BBC: “They had no hesitation. They had no fear of being caught, it didn’t cross their mind. They could do anything they wanted, I was told that.”…”

14 Nov. 2014BBC, Medomsley abuse: Durham Police interview former wardens: “Former wardens at a youth detention centre have been interviewed by police investigating claims a paedophile ring operated there. Allegations of abuse at Medomsley Detention Centre near Consett are being investigated by Durham Police. More than 900 former inmates have come forward to say they were sexually or physically abused in the 1970s and 80s.”

09 Nov. 2014Daily Mail, Ex-MI6 chief Peter Hayman named as VIP who sexually abused boys at Dolphin Square apartment complex near Parliament: ”'I learned his name over a number of sessions,' he said, adding he was often raped at 'abuse parties' where two senior Conservative MPs sexually assaulted him. The men, who are alleged to include a former Cabinet minister, cannot be named for legal reasons….Sir Thomas Hetherington, the then director of public prosecutions, did not agree to to Hayman being prosecuted and Nick claims this was part of an attempt to protect a ring of high-placed paedophiles….“

08 Nov. 2014Mirror, 'MI6 chief and shamed diplomat raped me' claims alleged victim of VIP paedophile abuse ring: “A victim of a VIP paedophile abuse ring has identified a shamed top diplomat and MI6 chief as one of his attackers, reports the Sunday People. The man, now in his 40s, picked out a photo of Sir Peter Hayman – a former deputy director of the secret service….”

01 Nov. 2014Exaro News, Met starts investigation into child sex abuse at Dolphin Square

01 Nov. 2014Express, Diana inquiry officer accused of misconduct: ”…A Chief Police Officers Staff Association spokesman said: “We await specific details of the alleged breaches of the police code of conduct.”Mr Gargan rose through the ranks after joining Leicestershire Police in 1988.He was awarded the Queen’s Police Medal in the 2012 New Year’s Honours List.In 1997, he was based in the British Embassy in Paris and helped investigate the death of Princess Diana…“

01 Nov. 2014Sceptical Thoughts Blog, Child abuse inquiry - Meeting with survivors groups

31 Oct. 2014Daily Mail, Are the vile paedophile allegations against Leon Brittan a sinister MI5 smear plot?: ”…Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s press secretary, Bernard Ingham, had been asked if No 10 believed there was ‘substance’ to the rumours that one of the government’s most senior ministers was a predatory paedophile. Not surprisingly, Ingham had hit the roof. Not only were the child sex allegations untrue, he stormed, but ‘anyone publishing a word of them would receive a libel writ on the instant’….Private Eye claimed that staff at the spy agency MI5 had targeted Brittan because they were upset about reports that he was planning a ‘big shake-up’ of their operations following failures in the lead-up to the fatal shooting of WPC Yvonne Fletcher outside the Libyan Embassy in central London. There was also poisonous prejudice against Brittan because he was Jewish, the magazine suggested. Rogue officials, therefore, had decided to work up a paedophile scandal in an attempt to force Brittan from office….First, Labour MP Jim Hood, in the same way that Harry Cohen did 30 years ago, used Commons privilege to try to link 75-year old Brittan, now a peer, to allegations of child abuse. During a completely unrelated parliamentary debate about the miners’ strike in the 1980s, he suddenly alleged that Brittan was suspected of ‘improper conduct with children’. He claimed that during the early 1980s: ‘Miners were saying in the dock, in all the magistrates’ courts throughout the strike, that they objected to the instructions coming from the Home Secretary when there were reports of child abuse linked with that same Home Secretary.’…“

29 Oct. 2014Sceptical Thoughts Blog, Child abuse inquiry - The powers of the inquiry

19 Oct. 2014Mirror, British spies recruited paedo IRA chief: Spooks used pictures of Joe Cahill to 'turn him': “The British authorities covered up a case of child sex abuse by a senior figure of the IRA in order to use the damning evidence to turn him into a double agent, military intelligence sources have said….Chairwoman Fiona Woolf is expected to examine abuse by MPs, in care homes and schools, and is now facing calls to expand her investigation to cover the role of the intelligence services. Labour MP Tom Watson said: “There have been rumours that the intelligence services had knowledge of child abuse for a number of years. That is why it’s essential that the inquiry is given full access to intelligence service files on this subject.” Labour MP Simon Danczuk, who exposed the truth about paedophile Liberal MP Cyril Smith, said: “The exploitation of children by the secret services and members of the establishment comes as no surprise. We are discovering a history of poor children being treated like disposable goods by people in high places and no one batted an eyelid.”…”

16 Oct. 2014telegraph, Senior Sun journalists accused of 'corruption on a grand scale' as trial begins: ”…Senior Sun journalists masterminded “corruption on a grand scale” regularly buying information from public officials about the likes of Prince Harry, murdered schoolgirl Milly Dowler and some of the country’s most notorious prisoners, a court has heard….“

08 Oct. 2014The Guardian, Senior Lib Dem ‘ordered destruction of document on Cyril Smith abuse claims’: “A senior Liberal Democrat has been accused of ordering a personal assistant to destroy a document containing allegations of abuse and mismanagement against the late paedophile MP Cyril Smith. Liz Lynne, who is standing to become the party’s president, is alleged to have told her constituency aide to get rid of a document detailing a cover-up at the Knowl View children’s home in Rochdale, which closed in the mid-1990s. A manager at the home has also accused her of avoiding a meeting to discuss claims that Smith knew about the child abuse taking place at the home and had taken control of it.”

07 Oct. 2014Breitbart London, Police to investigate allegations of Labour-LibDem Rochdale deal on paedophiles and sex pests: “Fresh allegations have emerged regarding sexual impropriety, child abuse, and a co-ordinated cover-up by Labour and Liberal Democrat Party officials in the Greater Manchester Area, Breitbart London can exclusively report. Following on from the expose that 1400 young, white girls had been abused at the hands of Pakistani gangs in Rotherham, Breitbart London can report new allegations that have come to light about other instances of public sector and government officials colluding to keep information out of the public domain…”

06 Oct. 2014Mirror, Katie Hopkins in Madeleine McCann Twitter storm after asking 'how many must die' before parents accept their 'negligence'

03 Oct. 2014Daily Mail, Child sex claims, a police 'cover-up' and troubling questions for a Labour peer: This special report reveals the full extent of the deeply disturbing allegations against ex-MP Greville Janner: “Lord Janner is a life peer after representing Leicester as an MP for 30 years -Had his home searched last year as part of high-profile paedophile probe - His office was also searched into historic abuse claims linked to care homes - Now alleged that inquiry into the former MP was blocked by senior officers - It has been reported that the Labour peer is suffering from severe dementia …”

Year 2014 (III. Quarter)

07 Sep. 2014Daily Mail, Revealed: New boss of investigation into VIP child abuse claims is linked to Leon Brittan: The Mail On Sunday exposes family friendship of SECOND inquiry chief with the ex-MP accused of abuse file cover-up

06 Sep. 2014Barristerblog, Theresa May’s Politically Driven Inquiry Into Child Sexual Abuse Is Heading For Disaster

23 Aug. 2014Herald of Scotland, Notorious paedophile headed Scottish care home inquiry: “CHILD protection experts and abuse survivors are demanding an inquiry into why one of Britain's most notorious paedophiles was put in charge of an investigation into a crimes against children at a Glasgow boys' home. The Sunday Herald has learned that Peter Righton - one of Britain's leading care workers, and a man who lived a double life as a paedophile - headed an investigation into allegations of cruelty at the Larchgrove assessment centre for boys in Glasgow in the 1970s…Claims have been made that Righton was connected to Cyril Smith, the late Liberal MP now exposed as a paedophile. Smith is known to have visited the Elm Guest House in London. Following claims that politicians and others abused boys in care at the Elm Guest House, the Met launched Operation Fernbridge. The late Sir Nicholas Fairbairn, a Conservative MP and solicitor-general for Scotland, has also been linked to the Elm Guest House….However, he [Righton] is also now seen as one of the most determined and well-connected paedophile offenders in British criminal history…Peter McKelvie, a former head of child protection in England who helped convict Righton, told the Sunday Herald: “It is for me a no-brainer that Righton's 1973 Larchgrove inquiry has to be declared null and void for many reasons and a new inquiry needs to be requested which should take an in-depth look at who recommended Righton and appointed him. A new investigation must be sought and former residents of Larchgrove pre-1973 be encouraged to come forward….There has been too much cover-up and protection of those in high places,” Doherty said…“We [Incas] have been calling for a public inquiry, similar to the one now going on in Northern Ireland, for the last 15 years. The Scottish Government is doing nothing to help us.” The Larchgrove inquiry was conducted by Ronald Bennett QC, Sheriff of Berwickshire, and Righton. They were appointed by Glasgow council to investigate allegations made by a former supervisor, Francis Corrigan, at the carehome. Their report stated: “We do not find that the staff at Larchgrove pursued a course of systematic violence or harshness towards the boys in their charge.”…The decision not to go for criminal proceedings in the Larchgrove case was taken in a statement issued on March 21, 1973 by Stanley Bowen, Crown Agent for Scotland, with the authority of Norman Wylie QC, the Lord Advocate - who was also a Conservative MP in Edinburgh… ”

21 Aug. 2014Mirror, Cliff Richard turns down major civic honour after becoming embroiled in child sex scandal: “Bachelor Boy singer Richard, 73, who denies historic allegations of sex abuse, has turned down the keys to the city of Albufeira in Portugal…”

19 Aug. 2014The Guardian, Cliff Richard case: BBC and police face parliamentary inquiry into coverage

16 Aug. 2014Irish Independent, More people contact police after Cliff Richard's home is searched in abuse probe: ”…Richard (73 ) remains at his summer home in Portugal, where he is yet to contact the police. South Yorkshire Police said its officers were still “seeking to speak to” him….“ (see also article on 2nd Febr. 2014)

08 Aug. 2014Daily Mail, Police to probe why arrest of Labour MP Lord Janner over child abuse accusations 20 years ago was ‘blocked’: “Police were blocked from arresting a high-profile Labour MP suspected of child abuse more than 20 years ago, it was claimed yesterday. Greville Janner, now Lord Janner, was interviewed by appointment as part of a major inquiry into attacks on boys at Leicestershire care homes in 1991. The prominent politician and campaigner, who represented Leicester West, was accompanied by his solicitor and did not face charges. Detectives had taken legal advice from a senior lawyer on the rare and potentially controversial move of arresting the serving politician. This would have given them the power to search his home and offices, as well as taking his fingerprints and other evidence. But sources close to the case told The Times that at the last minute the planned arrest was blocked. It is not known by whom. Arrangements were made instead for Lord Janner to attend a police station by appointment with his solicitor, Sir David Napley…. …They suspect he used his hobby as a magician – he is a member of the magic circle – to get close to his victims and gain their trust. One man said he was seven-years-old when the politician visited his care home and left him ‘scarred for life’ by sexually assaulting him. But in an unusual move, police have not interviewed Lord Janner under caution or arrested him over the damaging allegations….In 1991, the MP received all-party support when he told the House of Commons that there was ‘not a shred of truth’ in the allegations made against him. Lord Janner has not registered his attendance at the House of Lords since police raided his £600,000 North London apartment last December. ….Lord Janner, who represented Leicester North West and then Leicester West for 27 years, was made a life peer on his retirement from Parliament in 1997. …He is associated with a number of Jewish organisations, having served as president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews from 1978 to 1984. He chairs the Holocaust Educational Trust and is vice-president of the World Jewish Congress. …A Leicestershire police spokesman said it is ‘investigating several complaints in relation to Operation Enamel — it is an inquiry into allegations of criminal conduct and all appropriate lines of inquiry will be progressed.’ Asked if the decision not to arrest Lord Janner was part of the new investigation, the spokesman said: ‘This is an operational matter, no further details will be disclosed.’

07 Aug. 2014North York Enquirer, The Savile Puzzle; ”…Until Davies’ new book, it was believed that Savile’s primary Police contacts were with West Yorkshire Police Officers through his now notorious Friday Morning Club. However, it has now become clear that he cultivated contacts with the Police at every opportunity and had these social contacts in multiple Forces…“corruption on a scale which beggars description.”Royal Protection is the responsibility of the Metropolitan Police. The Diplomatic Protection Group was formed in the 1970s to protect Diplomats, Diplomatic Premises, Royalty and Royal Palaces. It was renamed the Royalty and Diplomatic Protection Group in 1982. With Savile’s access to the Royal Family, it is inconceivable that some form of enquiry would have been made into his background. According to the Daily Mirror, the Queen’s former Press Secretary will reveal in a book how officials became suspicious of Savile’s behaviour, after he rubbed his lips up the arms of female staff when he visited St James’s Palace. Nevertheless, although he was known to the Metropolitan Police Clubs and Vice Squad, he was never exposed. The existence of a relationship or contact with any unit of the Metropolitan Police does not appear anywhere in any of the thousands of words written about Savile. Nor is there any mention of it in Operation Yewtree, although it appears clear that there was one…MI5 does not have powers of arrest or to execute a search warrant, so the Operations Branch of Special Branch as well as developing intelligence and conducting its own investigations, acted as the executive arm of MI5, making the arrests and conducting searches as directed by MI5….Hence, most of its Special Branch operational requirements for arrests and searches were provided by Metropolitan Police Special Branch Officers. Although the documents were seized by Metropolitan Police Special Branch Officers, operating in Bury – which is out of the Metropolitan Police area – this was obviously on the orders of MI5 and would have been cleared with the Chief Constable of the GMP beforehand. Although the official statement by the GMP on Cyril Smith here, makes no mention of MI5 or Special Branch involvement, or the personal intervention of the Chief Constable…Savile’s close connections and direct access to senior politicians would have made him a person of interest to MI5. It is inconceivable that MI5 would not have vetted him. Yet again, no information was released by MI5, or anyone else in our Security and Protection community. Yet the protection of Smith and probably Savile by MI5 has dropped into the Operation Yewtree black hole. When a journalist got close to Smith he was threatened with arrest by the Metropolitan Police on the orders of MI5. This policy of using police powers to supress evidence of abuse by high profile figures still continues to this day…We will never get to the bottom of the reasons for the failure to arrest Savile, Jaconelli and Smith unless there is an independent impartial investigation, conducted by a body other than the Police.“

03 Aug. 2014Irish News, Independent, Kincora sex abuse 'must be included in UK probe': ”David Cameron has been urged to include sex abuse at a Belfast boy's home in a government investigation after a former British army intelligence officer claimed he was ordered to stop probing the allegations by a senior MI5 officer. The North's first minister has described the allegations surrounding a paedophile and spy ring at Kincora Boys' Home in the 1970s as a “national scandal” that must be fully investigated. Peter Robinson has revealed that he has written to the British prime minister urging him to include the Kincora scandal in an 
ongoing Westminster probe into allegations that prominent figures in Britain, including MPs, abused children at care homes and brought them to London to abuse them. On Friday, former army intelligence officer Brian Gemmell claimed he presented a report on abuse claims at the east Belfast home in 1975 after recruiting intelligence sources from within it, but was ordered by a senior MI5 officer to halt his investigation and drop his Kincora agents. In 1981, three members of the Kincora staff were each jailed for periods of between four and five years for abusing 11 boys in the home. One abuser, William McGrath, a prominent Orangeman, is suspected of being an MI5 agent who entrapped paedophile unionist politicians in activities with boys at the home. It has also been claimed by a former resident at the home that boys were brought from the home to England where further sexual abuse was 
carried out. Gemmell's allegation supports earlier claims by a former British army press officer, Colin Wallace, that the military knew in 1973 
that boys were being abused at the boys' home, which is now closed.“

30 July 2014The New York Times, Britains Crime of Complicity: “…The tradition of the British establishments looking after its own is only now understood to its full and chilling extend…”

27 July 2014Express, Police probing killing of SNP activist have interfered with my statement: “Former Strathclyde PC Donald Morrison, who believes the firebrand lawyer [McRae] was murdered by British intelligence in 1985, gave a 12-page witness statement to detectives three years ago. But despite what he regards as “vital new” information being given to the former Northern Constabulary, no further action was taken by the Crown Office…. ”

26 July 2014Mirror, Margaret Thatcher’s Cabinet bigwigs named in Leon Brittan paedo files: “The file is said to have named Sir Keith Joseph and Sir Rhodes Boyson amid warnings of an active child abuse network in Westminster…”

22 July 2014Belfast Telegraph, Victims reassured Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry won't be axed after cash threat 'nightmare': “Margaret McGuckin and a delegation from Survivors and Victims of Institutional Abuse (Savia) met with politicians yesterday over threats the inquiry could be suspended because politicians cannot agree to budget cuts….The inquiry, led by Sir Anthony Hart, has a remit to investigate physical, emotional and sexual childhood abuse, and childhood neglect which occurred in residential institutions in Northern Ireland over a 73-year period up to 1995. It is currently examining the abuse suffered by children at the Kincora Boys' Home but calls have been made for it be part of the current UK-wide abuse inquiry…”

20 July 2014Daily Mail, Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando 'tried to get bosses to investigate alleged paeodphile ring inside the BBC but no one wanted to know': “Murdered Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando tried to get BBC bosses to investigate an alleged paedophile ring in the corporation, it has today been claimed. A former friend and retired BBC worker has claimed that the television host was told that 'big name stars' and BBC staff were involved in abuse. But when she tried to get her superiors to investigate, and handed a file to senior management, no action was taken, the source claims. The former staff member, who asked to remain anonymous, told the Daily Star Sunday that she raised the claims with management in the mid 1990s. The source said that the names were 'surprisingly big'……”

20 July 2014The Coleman Experience, Jill Dando and the VIP paedophile ring

16 July 2014BBC, Kincora: Claims against intelligence services 'need to be' examined: “Allegations that abuse at Kincora Boys' Home was linked to British intelligence services “need to be investigated”, a former PSNI assistant chief constable has said. Alan McQuillan said he had no proof of security service involvement, but that the claims were “potentially credible”…. Speaking on Radio Ulster's Nolan Show on Wednesday, Alan McQuillan said, considering the context around the time that the abuse was alleged to have occurred, he believed it was “potentially credible” that intelligence services may have been involved. He said: “The allegation is there and it needs to be investigated. I do not know if it did happen, but I have to say, due to everything that was going on at the time, it could have happened. Effectively when Kincora was at its peak we had undeclared martial law here, the police service had collapsed, the army were in charge of security. There were all sorts of very strange things and some very strange people operating in Belfast and other parts of Northern Ireland, as part of the security operations. There are issues around the circumstances in which the police investigation in the mid-70s was closed down. All of that needs to be opened up and examined.” ….Last week, Amnesty's NI director, Patrick Corrigan said there were fears that there were “many more victims and abusers” at Kincora, during the period between 1960 and 1980. He said: “Allegations have persisted that paedophilia at Kincora was linked to British intelligence services, with claims that visitors to the home included members of the military, politicians and civil servants, and that police investigations into abuse at Kincora were blocked by the Ministry of Defence and MI5.”…Alan McQuillan said getting Kincora included as part of the Westminster inquiry to examine the allegations surrounding the home was vital. …“But unless you get the active co-operation of the British governments and relevant agencies, then any investigation or public inquiry will get you nowhere. You need that level of co-operation and assistance.”…”

14 July 2014New Statesman, The Westminster child abuse inquiry Corruption at the heart of the state: (By Laurie Penny) “Will the child victims of powerful abusers ever get justice or just another cover-up?… It is already beyond question that powerful politicians such as the late Cyril Smith MP and well connected celebrities such as Rolf Harris and Jimmy Savile who was close to the royal family and to Margaret Thatcher, lunching with the then prime minister at Chequers were allowed to abuse young people with impunity for decades….”

13 July 2014Mirror, Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers': “Whistleblower and former Conservative party activist Anthony Gilberthorpe says he provided child prostitutes for a sex and drugs party with top politicians…”

source: Clarence Mitchell Twitter account, entry(s) of 14-Jul-2014 (C.Mitchell) and same picture 16-May-2014 (G.Cox) and Picture Mirror 13-Jul-2014 13 July 2014The Mirror, Tory child abuse whistleblower: 'Margaret Thatcher knew all about underage sex ring among ministers': “Margaret Thatcher was warned that senior ministers were involved in a child sex ring, a former Tory activist claims. Anthony Gilberthorpe says he sent her a 40-page dossier in 1989 accusing Cabinet members of abusing underage boys at drug-fuelled conference parties. Mr Gilberthorpe, who claims he was ordered to recruit boys for the ministers, says he posted the “graphic” allegations to Mrs Thatcher after befriending her. …“I had met Mrs Thatcher on several occasions and even presented her with a birthday cake in 1983. I believed she had to know.”“I underlined the names of Keith Joseph, Rhodes Boyson and one MP still serving today. I also said I had seen Michael Havers at a party in Blackpool held at the hotel pool in 1983.” At the time Sir Keith Joseph was the Education Secretary and hailed as the “founding father of Thatcherism”. He died in 1994 aged 76. Sir Rhodes Boyson held several ministerial posts in his career. An advocate of corporal punishment in schools, he died in 2012 at 87. Mr Gilberthorpe says he received no response from No10 – but was called to a meeting at a House of Lords tearoom with William Hague, who had replaced ex-Home Secretary Leon Brittan as MP for Richmond in North Yorks. Mr Gilberthorpe, now 52, said: “I have no idea why William Hague was chosen to deal with my allegations.” …Meanwhile speculation is growing over claims Mrs Thatcher must have been aware of rumours about ministers and under-age boys. Her former Parliamentary Private Secretary Sir Peter Morrison has already been named in connection with a probe into the Bryn Estyn children’s home in Wrexham where Jimmy Savile allegedly molested boys. Mrs Thatcher lobbied for Savile to be given a knighthood and he visited her at Chequers on at least 11 occasions. The late MP Geoffrey Dickens also passed a list of names of prominent government figures involved in child sex abuse to Mrs Thatcher’s Home Secretary Leon Brittan. The list was “lost” by the Home Office….In another ­development yesterday a former social ­services official said his warnings about the threat of a Westminster-based paedophile network were ignored because “there were too many of them there”. David Tombs said he alerted the government after the arrest of ­paedophile Peter Righton in 1992. …The retired judge leading the Westminster abuse probe has revealed she was appointed to run a previous sex abuse inquiry by her late brother, Lord Havers, when he was Lord Chancellor. Baroness Butler-Sloss has been under scrutiny over her suitability to investigate claims of a child-sex ring at Westminster because of a potential conflict of interest over her Establishment connections. Yesterday, it was claimed she had kept allegations about a bishop out of a report on a paedophile scandal because she “cared about the church”. Now, she faces fresh criticism over her admission of the key role of Lord Havers in the Cleveland child sex abuse inquiry in 1987 which she led. Asked who instigated the Cleveland inquiry in 2003 Lady Butler-Sloss replied: “I think it was my brother actually as Lord Chancellor.”

12 July 2014Mirror, Victims of alleged child abuse 'raped by MPs in exclusive flats near House of Commons':“The pair claim they were 11 and 13 when they were first taken to “parties” at Dolphin Square, short walk from the Commons and home for up to 59 MPs at a time….Dolphin Square has long been a place of intrigue. Previous residents include MI5 chiefs , Soviet spy John Vassall and Nazi traitor William Joyce, known as Lord Haw-Haw.”

12 July 2014ExaroNews Dolphin-square MPs threw parties for sexual abuse of children; →ExaroNews MP5, Celebrites and Spies share dark secrets of Dolphin Square

11 July 2014Daily Mail, Child abusers in the Home Office: Amid the growing furore over a cover-up of a paedophile ring at the heart of Westminster, an expose of the true extent of the scandal: “…Steven Smith was chairman of Paedophile Information Exchange - Ran PIE from desk in Home Office and stored child porn in cabinets - Barry Cutler, Secretary of PIE, also worked at Home Office in security - … Steven Smith: ‘PIE did actually have an office in Westminster, and it was only a smirk away from the desk of the Home Secretary.’ … Whistleblower Tim Hulbert: ‘From a political point of view, my evidence is incredibly embarrassing and dangerous, and I believe the Home Office is now interested only in burying this once and for all’…”

09 July 2014Express, 114 child sex files linked to MPs have ‘vanished’: “A TOTAL of 114 files linked to allegations of paedophile activity in Westminster may have been destroyed, MPs were told yesterday. Mark Sedwill, chief mandarin at the Home Office, said he was “concerned” that the documents had vanished with no records of what had been destroyed or lost. Mr Sedwill told the Home Affairs Select Committee: “I am concerned about all the material we cannot find.” He announced that Richard Whittam QC will be leading a fresh inquiry into the Home Office’s handling of information it received during the 1980s and 1990s – including a dossier from the late MP Geoffrey Dickens. The move came after Home Secretary Theresa May announced that Baroness Butler-Sloss, a former High ­Court judge, is to lead a wider independent inquiry into how claims of child abuse were dealt with by public institutions, political parties, the church and the BBC. The baroness, who initially chaired the inquest into the deaths of Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed, said she was “honoured” to lead the inquiry….”

09 July 2014Sunday Post, Lost child abuse dossier – what should happen next?: “Historic sex abuse claims dominated the headlines last week as Rolf Harris was jailed and the Home Office faced calls to explain why a 1980s dossier about alleged paedophiles at Westminster was “destroyed” by officials. The document was handed to then Home Secretary Leon Brittan by Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens. It is believed Lord Brittan passed concerns in it to the relevant authorities, but the file itself “was not retained”…..”

09 July 2014The Coleman Experience, Barry George, Jill Dando, Jimmy Savile, BBC paedophiles, Cliff Richard, Alan Farthing, Nick Ross and Britain’s dirty secrets

08 July 2014The Morning Star, Poisonous Plutocrats: Philanthropists Can’t Be Trusted : “Savile’s many connections and his many charitable acts — the weekly parties he gave for male police officers, journalists and broadcasting managers, along with the paedophile parties he arranged for the rich and powerful, meant that people turned a blind eye….Prince Charles - Poor old Charlie, waiting in the wings for his dear old mum to die and leave him her rather powerful job and exceedingly well-stuffed purse. It is a hard life making a living from selling over-priced biscuits and owning most of Cornwall. Despite the best efforts of the secret services, we have learned that Charlie has tried to influence both government and opposition with his rather strange ideas on education, architecture, alternative medicine and God knows what else. Who knows what other curious views are still squirrelled away in secret files? We do know that information about Charles and other royals was censored from police documents about Savile. Charlie and Savile were great mates and the prince wrote to Savile after one party thanking Jim and asking him to “give my love to your ladies in Scotland.” Pictures taken at the event show scantily dressed waitresses, but I have no doubt they were simply underprivileged young people who Jim had fixed it to benefit from the Prince’s Trust.”

08 July 2014The Week, Westminster paedophile ring claims: 20 top figures involved: “…Police were said to be investigating more than ten current and former politicians over alleged child abuse, but Peter McKelvie told BBC Newsnight: “I would say we are looking at upwards of 20 and a much larger number of people who have known about it and done nothing about it.”Lord Tebbit, a colleague of Brittan's in Thatcher's Cabinet, has admitted there “may well have been” a big political cover-up at the time. He told the BBC's Andrew Marr Show the instinct of people at the time was to protect “the system” and not to delve too deeply into uncomfortable allegations…One former detective told the MP he had been forced to sign a gagging order about his role investigating alleged paedophiles in the government, and was frightened of the legal consequences of speaking out…Danczuk is also campaigning for an “amnesty” for police officers and social workers to ensure that they can come forward freely with information without penalty for breaching any secrecy contracts.”

08 July 2014SCG News, The U.K. Political Pedophile Ring Scandal is Just The Tip of the Iceberg - The Full Story is Much More Disturbing : “…You think this high powered pedophilia network only operated in the U.K.? I've got news for you, the United States government has been covering up their own pedophile network for decades. As in the U.K. case, the evidence surfaced years ago but nothing was ever done….”

07 July 2014WashingtonPost, A ‘big political cover-up’ of 1980s pedophile-ring in U.K. Parliament?

07 July 2014Mirror, Government launches two inquiries into Westminster child sex scandal… neither led by judge: “David Cameron today pledged any investigation into claims of child sex abuse in British institutions would leave no stone unturned in its hunt for the truth. But the PM then sent his Home ­Secretary Theresa May into the Commons to declare the inquiry will not be led by a judge who has the power to summon witnesses and seize papers…Her announcement came as former Tory Cabinet minister Lord Brittan confirmed he had been quizzed by police over claims he raped a 19-year-old student at his London flat in 1967….”

06 July 2014Independent, Home Office ‘child abuse cover-up’: Michael Gove rules out public inquiry into claims of paedophile politicians at Westminster : “The Education Secretary has insisted that there should not be a public inquiry into a possible cover-up of paedophile politicians in Westminster, after it emerged that more than 100 Home Office files related to historic allegations of child abuse have gone “missing”….”

06 July 2014Express, MP pressured not to 'out' Parliamentarians as suspected paedophiles: “CAMPAIGNING MP Simon Danczuk was pressured not to “out” Parliamentarians as suspected paedophiles last week, it was claimed, and was warned that naming one particular former MP could kill him…The Rochdale MP told the committee of a powerful paedophile network that had protected his predecessor Cyril Smith. He had expected to be asked who was involved in the child sex ring but the question never came….An insider said: “It’s clear that real pressure was applied to make sure this politician was not identified during the hearing.”…“

05 July 2014The Telegraph, 'Paedophilia is natural and normal for males' How some university academics make the case for paedophiles at summer conferences

04 July 2014The Telegraph, 'More than 10' politicians on list held by police investigating Westminster 'paedophile ring': “More than 10 current and former politicians are on a list of alleged child abusers held by police investigating claims of a Westminster paedophile ring. MPs or peers from all three main political parties are on the list, which includes former ministers and household names. Several, including Cyril Smith and Sir Peter Morrison, are no longer alive, but others are still active in Parliament. The existence of the list was disclosed by Peter McKelvie, the whistleblower whose claims prompted Operation Fernbridge, the Scotland Yard investigation into allegations of a paedophile network with links to Downing Street…”

03 July 2014The Guardian, Rolf Harris, Savile and Clifford all pulled the wool over my eyes: “Recently I've been wondering if there is any celebrity I've interviewed who is not being investigated by Operation Yewtree. You name them, I've done them. Max Clifford? Tick. Jimmy Savile? Tick. Rolf Harris? Tick. As an interviewer, it's only natural to wonder how badly you've misjudged these characters. Should I have known? Were there clues? Perhaps it's time for a career change.”


02 July 2014ExaroNews, Five more conservative MPs join cross party call for CSA inquiry


01 July 2014ExaroNews, Simon Danczuk asks DPP to review claim over elm guest house

Year 2014 (II. Quarter)

30 June 2014ExaroNews, No MP should name paedophile ex-minister yet

29 June 2014The Independent, How establishment turned blind eye to protect Savile: “His victims complained to staff, yet this rapacious ghoul was given his own set of hospital keys…”

29 June 2014Express, MI5 spies know what happened to Maddie McCann, claims Portuguese detective: “The disgraced detective made the bombshell claim in a Portuguese television documentary that openly mocked Scotland Yard’s new investigation. When asked if people will ever learn what really happened, Mr Amaral responded: “Yes, we will, when MI5 opens the case files, we will find out. Don’t forget that the British secret services followed the case right from the beginning. I don’t know if that information will be made available but if it’s like the United States, it takes years to have access to confidential information.”…After criticising British police he was kicked off the case four months later…In his latest interview he claims that after two British police dogs were used to searched the McCann’s apartment at the Ocean Club, his team had to take the British person responsible for the operation to Faro Airport. Amaral, now retired and working as a crime writer, went on: “He’s at the airport waiting for a plane to return to England and he receives a phone call. Then he explains to our colleague that a member of MI5 was at the airport, waiting to talk with him about the result of the investigation. Someone has the information, so make the information available.”…The latest Scotland Yard squad is apparently working on the theory that Madeleine was abducted by burglars who were also involved in drug trafficking. Mr Amaral said the same theory was put forward by a Yard detective seconded to his team seven years ago. “It was discussed and completely set aside because it made no sense,” he said. “Nobody has proved the house was broken into, that there was a theft, there are no traces of a break-in. No money, cameras or anything else was taken.” He said he expects the latest Yard inquiry to wind down soon, without a breakthrough, adding: “They are getting to the point of saying that she is dead. They will reach the point of saying that the cadaver can’t be found and the case can’t be solved.” Mr Amaral will face Madeleine’s parents Kate and Gerry McCann, from Rothley, Leicestershire, at a civil court in Lisbon on July 8. The couple, who cling to the hope their daughter might be alive, are suing him for £1million for libel over his claim that Madeleine died in the apartment, made in his book The Truth Of The Lie.”

29 June 2014The Independent, Jimmy Savile admitted getting knighthood was 'a relief because it got me off the hook'”…Right. So being awarded a knighthood was a joy and an honour. More interestingly, he says it was also a relief. For the past several years, tabloid journalists have been saying that he must have a serious skeleton in his cupboard, otherwise he would have got a knighthood by now. “Ooh ay, I had a lively couple of years, with the tabloids sniffing about, asking round the corner shops – everything – thinking there must be something the authorities knew that they didn’t. Whereas in actual fact I’ve got to be the most boring geezer in the world because I ain’t got no past. And so, if nothing else, it was a gi-normous relief when I got the knighthood, because it got me off the hook.”…“

27 June 2014The Guardian, Jimmy Savile: detailed investigation reveals reign of abuse across NHS: “The minister in charge when Jimmy Savile was appointed to work at Broadmoor psychiatric hospital said she was “shocked, surprised, startled, disgusted”, as details of his catalogue of abuse within the NHS was exposed. Edwina Currie said: “I wish we had never seen hide nor hair from him”, 26 years after she rubber-stamped his appointment by a civil servant to a taskforce aimed at improving the high security hospital's governance. Her remarks came on the day that NHS investigations confirmed that Savile – already exposed for abusing children when he worked at the BBC – was an “opportunistic sexual predator” at a string of hospitals around the country….Investigators found that at Leeds General Infirmary, where Savile worked as a volunteer porter, there were at least 60 victims, from five to 75 in age. Mainly teenagers at the time, they included men, women, boys and girls. Thirty-three were patients, and 19 of these were children. …Abuses took place on wards, in lifts, in corridors, in offices, in his mother's house and in the campervan he parked in the hospital car park. The most recent was in 2009, when Savile was 82, two years before his death.”

26 June 2014The DuckShot, Leon Brittan Videoed at Peado Orgy: ”…The Sunday Mirror reported that an ex-cabinet minister has been caught on video at a depraved orgy at the Elm Guest House, London. It involved under-age children. He was, and possibly still is, a member of a paedophile ring who not only organised sex parties with boys from children’s homes, but also made a snuff videos. In one video a little boy was gang raped and tortured until he died….“

22 June 2014Belfast Telegraph, 'Maddie McCann police took our baby because we gave her Calpol' - Belfast couple's Portugal holiday hell: “A Belfast couple whose daughter was seized by cops in Portugal because they gave her Calpol have opened up about their holiday hell after being told by police: “We don’t want another Madeleine McCann.” …”

22 June 2014The Independent, MP will name politician 'involved in child abuse': “The MP whose book made sexual abuse allegations against the late Liberal politician Sir Cyril Smith is planning to use parliamentary privilege to make similar claims against a second, living, parliamentarian, next week. Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, has told The Independent on Sunday that “if asked any question, I will feel obliged to answer that question” when he gives evidence to the Home Affairs Select Committee on 1 July… ”

22 May 2014ExaroNews, Rapist Ex-Cabinet Minister named in Tom Watson's DPP letter

21 May 2014Mirror, Was Bulic Forsythe killed to protect paedophile ring 'linked to future minister in Tony Blair’s government?': “Cold case detectives are probing the murder of a council official who vowed to expose a paedophile ring allegedly linked to a future minister in Tony Blair’s government….The daughter of Bulic Forsythe believes her father may have been killed because he uncovered a children’s home vice ring involving powerful figures. …Documents reveal detective Clive Driscoll advised the investigation should be reopened when he found potential links to his 1998 children’s homes probe in Lambeth, South London. But Mr Driscoll was removed from the case for naming the Blair minister as a suspect and Bulic’s murder file has not been touched for 14 years…It implicated senior Lambeth officers as well as police and local politicians.….Paedophiles abused children in Lambeth’s homes for decades. A former social services manager told Mr Driscoll in 1998 that she saw the future Blair minister making evening visits to the Angell Road children’s home in Brixton in the early 80s…”

03 May 2014Real Whitby, JACONELLI: Investigation extended to include the NHS:” Following confirmation that the man who openly ran Britain’s most successful paedophile-ring for over fifty years – Alderman, County Councillor, Scarborough Councillor and Mayor Peter Jaconelli is to be stripped of the honours awarded to him. I am writing to update our readers on the latest developments into Jaconelli and his associate Jimmy Savile, who offended together openly in Scarborough and Whitby with the full knowledge of North Yorkshire Police. They are quite incredible…Savile acted as procurer for Jaconelli. He brought vulnerable patients – who I understand were on sedatives – from Rampton to meet Jaconelli and another member of the ring….Following the BBC “Inside Out” documentary about Real Whitby, which revealed that Scarborough Mayor Peter Jaconelli was a paedophile who had been protected by North Yorkshire Police for years, Chief Constable Jones and Police & Crime Commissioner Julia Mulligan were finally forced to admit that the allegations made by Real Whitby and numerous local witnesses were accurateCommissioner Mulligan is a senior Conservative politician. She is aware that there is an ongoing IPCC investigation into corruption in North Yorkshire Police in connection with Mayor, Alderman, Councillor Peter Jaconelli (Conservative). She is also aware that there is another ongoing investigation, OPERATION HIBISCUS, into allegations of sexual offences against Mayor, Alderman, Councillor Peter Jaconelli (Conservative), who was unquestionably the most influential Conservative politician in Scarborough since the Second World War. Yet she has publicly described witnesses that came forward with evidence for the Police and who have assisted the Police investigation into her former colleague Conservative Mayor Peter Jaconelli as “disgraceful”…. “

01 May 2014Real Whitby, SAVILE/JACONELLI: Yewtree/Hibiscus Scarborough Paedophile-Ring Time-Line:”….MP Simon Danczuk, who did such a good job in unmasking Savile-associate and paedophile Sir Cyril Smith MP, has now indicated that he may use parliamentary privilege to unmask a former MP who is much more important than Sir Cyril Smith. We believe this man is known to Real Whitby. We are watching developments with interest…“

01 May 2014The Mirror, Tony Blair demands investigation into claims one of his ministers sexually abused children: ”…Mr Blair’s spokesman said: “Mr Blair has absolutely no ­recollection of this ever being brought to his attention. Of course if there is evidence of any wrongdoing that should be handed to the relevant ­authorities for full investigation.” On Monday, the Mirror exposed how a former social services boss told police of the minister’s alleged evening visits to a children’s home run by convicted paedophile Michael John Carroll during the early 1980s. Official documents seen during our investigation revealed former residents claimed a group of men attacked ­children in a private flat in the Angell Road home in Brixton, South London. Two ex-Lambeth social services employees involved in the case suspected a cover-up because detective Clive ­Driscoll was removed from the case and given other duties. Carroll was arrested in the summer of 1998 and later jailed for 10 years over a string of child sex attacks dating back three decades. …“

28 Apr. 2014JillHavern, Tony Bennet: Bernie Ecclestone's £1 billion tax evasion - and the Madeleine McCann case: “Today's story is how Bernie Ecclestone has avoided criminal proceedings and a possible £1 billion tax liability by doing a deal with the Inland Revenue for a pathetic £10 million: →BBC News. No doubt very much involved in these long drawn-out investigations was the current Director of Criminal Investigations at the Inland Revenue, one Roy Clark. He had previously and very controversially been appointed as the Director of Investigations for a 5-year-term on the setting up of the toothless Independent Police Complaints Commission on 1 April 2004. He had been the Deputy Director of the highly controversial Met's Ghost Squad in the 1990s; it was riddled with corruption. By the time that Jill Dando was murdered, 15 years ago today, Roy Clark had got himself quietly but rapidly appointed to the dizzy heights of Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Met - just two steps away from the then Commissioner, the ineffective Paul Condon. In November 1999, 7 months after Dando's killing, with the police not getting anywhere, Clark removed the existing S.I.O. and I.O. and put Brian Moore and Hamish Campbell in charge as S.I.O. and I.O. respectively. It was in May 2011 that Hamish Campbell was made the S.I.O. of Operation Grange - with Redwood as the I.O., beneath him. Why did Roy Clark make Brian Moore the S.I.O. in the Dando case? Could it have been because back in 1989, Moore was a central character at the corruption-infested Stoke Newington Police Station, where Ira Thomas was fitted up for the non-fatal shooting of Freddy Brett? - by specks of firearms residue being put in a coat pocket - the very same technique that appears to have been used to wrongly put Barry Bulsara in prison for 7 years for allegedly killing Jill Dando? A murder, incidentally, regularly covered by one Clarence Mitchell, then of the BBC, who regularly told BBC viewers that this was 'probably the work of a Serbian hit-man'. Hamish Campbell may also have been made the I.O. on the Dando investigation because of his work on the unprovoked assault by a riot police officer on John Wilson in Trafalgar Square in 1996, which left him brain-damaged. Despite CCTV footage clearly showing a stocky riot officer bashing Wilson over the head with a baton, then standing over his apparently lifeless, bleeding body (he had suffered two fractures of the skull) before smartly running off, Campbell, with all the resources of the Met at his disposal, couldn't identify the officer. One Ian Horrocks was Hamish Campbell's assistant on this inquiry. Horrocks was later to write two substandard, indeed, woeful, reports on the Madeleine McCann case for Rupert Murdoch's the Sun in July 2012 and again on 14 October 2013, timed to coincide with the BBC CrimeWatch 'McCann Special'. Strange sequence of links in this chain… ”

27 Apr. 2014The Mirror, Minister in Tony Blair’s government among group of men suspected of abusing children at home run by paedophile:“A probe was halted soon after an ex-social services boss told police of his alleged evening visits in the early 1980s…One of Tony Blair’s ministers was among a group of men suspected of sexually abusing children at a home run by a convicted paedophile. But the probe was halted soon after an ex-social services boss told police of his alleged evening visits in the early 1980s. …One, a former manager who alerted police in 1998, said: “One wonders why Scotland Yard would be so desperate to stop it being investigated. I believe it was stopped because somebody in power was trying to prevent any further investigation into the politician.” And Dr Nigel Goldie, a council boss in charge of child protection in 1998, said: “There were some allegations that ­children were being abused by one or two prominent persons. There were a lot of very senior people trying to put a lid on it. There was ­something very unfortunate about the way the whole thing was dealt with”…

21 Apr. 2014Daily Mail, Another paedophile politician could be unmasked by MP who exposed Cyril Smith's sex ring:“…Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, where one of his predecessors was Smith, said he may unmask someone 'much more important' who allegedly abused boys at the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes, South-West London, which was used as a venue for a paedophile ring of VIPs. 'I have been contacted by people making serious allegations.' The MP says he could use parliamentary privilege - which would give him legal immunity - to name the former influential MP. He added: 'It would be best for him to come forward of his own volition, but I would consider using privilege to name the parliamentarian.'…Three reports were issued detailing serious sexual abuse at Knowl View, yet no one was ever held to account. It was not until 1994 that the matter was raised again when the reports were discovered by the school's head of care, Martin Digan. Mr Warnock's inquiry will cover the years 1985 to 1995 and will focus on whether there was a cover-up.”

19 Apr. 2014Daily Mail, Was this woman murdered to cover up Cyril Smith's sex ring? After a week of devastating revelations, this may be the most devastating question yet - Carole Kasir ran a gay-friendly guesthouse in London during the 1970s and 1980s - VIP clients of the facility included Cyril Smith as well as MI5 officers and spy Anthony Blunt - Child welfare campaigners believed that children were abused in the guesthouse - Kasir kept logbooks and photographs of her VIP clients - Her body was found by several vials of insulin and an inquest determined suicide - But a new book claims that she may have been murdered to protect Cyril Smith - Over the past week, the Mail has serialised Labour MP Simon Danczuk’s chilling new book about the late Liberal politician Sir Cyril Smith. The book revealed Smith’s genuinely horrifying, decades-long reign of terror and sexual abuse involving scores of young, vulnerable boys — as well as the Establishment cover-up that kept his crimes hidden, which included the police, politicians and even MI5…Among the names are a number of senior MPs, a high-ranking policeman, a leading tycoon, figures from the National Front and Sinn Fein, an official of the Royal Household, an MI5 officer, two pop stars and the traitorous Soviet spy Anthony Blunt…What other public figures allegedly appeared in these photographs? We understand that detectives from Operation Fernbridge, which has been investigating allegations of child sex abuse, some of which are linked to Elm Guest House, ‘strongly believe’ that another politician — who subsequently rose to become a Cabinet minister — had abused an underage boy at Rock’s Lane…In May 1983, the Kasirs were convicted of keeping a disorderly house and having obscene videos, and were each fined and given suspended jail sentences. Interestingly, no charges relating to alleged paedophile offences were brought. Some believe that the raid was launched to protect the powerful rather than the innocent boys who were allegedly abused at the house. Chris Fay, a social worker who headed a child welfare charity, later claimed that the officers leading the raid were Special Branch — which worked alongside MI5 — rather than local officers.

12 Apr. 2014The Independent, Exclusive: Inquiry into Tory conference ‘gay-sex party paid on expenses’

12 Apr. 2014The Guardian, New sex abuse claims linked to Cyril Smith school in Rochdale: “…“These complaints relate to at least 11 potential suspects, but as not all victims knew the full names of their abusers we cannot as yet confirm the exact number of different suspects. Also, we are working to establish if any of the potential suspects are now deceased….”

11 Apr. 2014Daily Mail, Knighted by Steel and eulogised by Clegg: Cyril Smith and the indelible shame of the Liberal Party: “Seventy years ago, Sir Winston Churchill complained of ‘the persistent freemasonry of the House of Commons’ — a cynical readiness among MPs to protect their own. The Cyril Smith cover-up shows this freemasonry is still very much in evidence…To ensure history doesn’t repeat itself, it’s vital we take away the responsibility to root out abusers like Smith from a political establishment fraught with freemasonry. We have to ensure the police can pursue prosecutions free from political influence….”

11 Apr. 2014Daily Mail, Monstrous cover-up: How the Liberal party, police and MI5 concealed MP Cyril Smith's industrial-scale child abuse: “The shocking scale of the Establishment cover-up of former Liberal MP Cyril Smith’s sickening sex abuse of boys is revealed today. For four decades, the depraved 29st politician was free to prey on vulnerable children as young as eight. Police received at least 144 complaints by victims of the predatory paedophile yet the authorities blocked any prosecution – allowing Smith brazenly to continue his abuse. The Liberal Party even put his name forward for a knighthood in 1988 in spite of the rumours of his sordid activities swirling around Westminster…….A number of police officers have told me that Cyril was just the tip of the iceberg and, unfortunately, I expect more stories of his abuse to emerge. I think in time we’ll hear that there were more abusers in Parliament, more terrible cover-ups. And it won’t be just one political party that’s guilty of harbouring abusers.”

10 Apr. 2014 Kent Online, Teacher Stephen Horn who taught at Littlebourne Primary School has sentence cut for indecent images by Lord Justice Fulford: ”…Former Littlebourne Primary School teacher Stephen Horn, 34, was locked up for 18 months for downloading images of sadistic attacks on children. But High Court judge Lord Justice Fulford – reportedly a key backer of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) – has now played a part in cutting the term to 10 months….“.

07 Apr. 2014Justice Denied, Links: Jill Dando, Madeline McCann, Operation Yewtree, Operation Fernbridge and spy in a bag murder:”…EX Detective Chief Superintendent Hamish Campbell from the disgraced Metropolitan Police, was 'a safe pair of hands' placed in charge of the disastrous investigation into the murder of Jill Dando…Was Hamish Campbell reprimanded for his stupidity in getting the wrong man ? Not at all. Hamish Campbell has risen through police ranks. Hamish Campbell was placed in charge of the 'review' of the Madeline Mc Cann disaster. Despite his monumental cock-ups Hamish Campbell was also placed in charge of Operation Yewtree which is allegedly investigating child-abuse allegations relating to none other than Jimmy Savile, the BBC and beyond. He was also once in charge of Operation Fernbridge….“

04 Apr. 2014Daily Mail, The bombshell court document that claims Prince Andrew knew about billionaire friend's abuse of under-age girls: ”…Sixty-one-year-old Epstein achieved infamy in 2008 when he was jailed for soliciting under-age girls for prostitution. His downfall scandalised America due to both the high-profile circles in which he had moved, and the audacity of his crimes. The billionaire had counted numerous celebrities, politicians and socialites as friends, including President Bill Clinton, businessman Donald Trump and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Perhaps most controversially, he was also on chummy terms with two senior figures in British royal circles: the Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. ….In the past, whenever the Epstein case has been reported, it has been claimed there is no suggestion that Andrew was ever aware that the tycoon paid under-age girls for sex. But in Exhibit D, Roberts alleges otherwise. Asked whether the Prince would have ‘relevant information’ about ‘Jeffrey’s taking advantage of under-age girls’, she replies: ‘Yes, he would know a lot of the truth.’….“

03 Apr. 2014The Daily Beast, British Prime Minister’s Child Porn Adviser Arrested Over Child Porn: ”…On Tuesday, Cameron defended his decision to delay an announcement about Rock’s arrest and the other allegation of inappropriate behavior. “Obviously when I heard these allegations I was profoundly shocked and I remain profoundly shocked today,” Cameron said….Rock had been involved in the formulation of policy, enshrined in November, in which Google and Microsoft agreed to introduce changes that would prevent searches for child abuse imagery delivering results that could lead to such material. One “well-placed source” told the Daily Mail that Rock had also been the subject of a sexual harassment complaint from a civil servant working in Downing Street, which is understood to have been passed to Ed Llewellyn, Cameron’s chief of staff. Rock, who was born Patrick Robert John Rock de Besombes to a family of European aristocrats, failed three times to become a Conservative MP. He has been an advisor to the Conservative party for 30 years and has been close to Cameron since the 1990s when both were special advisers to Michael Howard, a past British Home Secretary. …“

Year 2014 (I. Quarter)

31 Mar. 2014Daily Mail, 'Gun which fired shot killing Jill Dando was used in Liverpool gangland shooting years later' mystery former police officer claims

29 Mar. 2014ExaroNews, Customs seized video of child sex abuse and ex-cabinet minister

26 Mar. 2014The Independent, Exclusive: Secret SECOND Metropolitan Police corruption probe revealed, “Hitherto undisclosed Operation Zloty found ‘dozens’ of Met detectives in pay of organised crime. Investigation could fill gaps left by mass shredding of evidence from Operation Othona. The Metropolitan Police corruption scandal has deepened after The Independent uncovered the existence of a previously secret investigation into criminal officers that went much further than the files destroyed by Scotland Yard. …Earlier this week, the Met Commissioner Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe admitted corrupt police officers may escape justice due to the controversial destruction of Operation Othona, which included intelligence on detectives trafficking drugs, fabricating evidence and selling sensitive police information to organised crime syndicates“The analysis of intelligence available indicates that a persistent network continues to thrive within the MPS, particularly the north-east London area. These subjects have been undermining the MPS with virtual immunity for the last 10 years and were identified during the course of two previous Directorate of Professional Standards intelligence-gathering operations, ‘Othona’ and ‘Centaur’.”

26 Mar. 2014The Independent, Something rotten in the Metropolitan Police: Corrupt officers may escape justice, thanks to mass shredding of evidence: ”…With his force facing allegations of a cover-up since a damning →review into the Lawrence murder was published earlier this month, Sir Bernard also revealed the force was attempting to open a new investigation into the notorious unsolved murder of →Daniel Morgan, a →private investigator who is said to have been killed just as he was about to blow the whistle on police corruption back in 1987….“.

23 Mar. 2014New Zealand Herold, BBC probe into Savile 'won't find the truth': “A child protection expert has warned that the BBC's multi-million pound inquiry into the Jimmy Savile scandal is 'too narrow' to uncover the truth about the DJ. Mark Williams-Thomas gave several hours of evidence to the Dame Janet Smith Review last week and is the first of its more than 140 witnesses to speak publicly about the experience. He said Dame Janet 'will never get to the bottom of what is really known' about Savile because her inquiry's remit does not extend far enough. The former Surrey Police officer added: 'I have enormous respect for Dame Janet Smith. However, it's quite clear there is a lot of information out there her inquiry is not aware of.' He said he believes the former Appeal Court judge, who cannot compel anyone to appear because of her inquiry's non-statutory nature, may be 'frustrated' by this and urged for an 'overarching' inquiry. He added: 'There's a significant amount of information that is slipping through the gap.' The Smith Review, due to report this summer, was set up by the BBC to examine its culture and practices when Savile was there.”

22 March 2014 Blog →The Coleman Experience, Greville Janner, Tony Blair, Madeleine McCann, Margaret Hodge and the VIP child-abuse connection: “In December 2013, the Independent reported on the police search of Greville Janner’s home: ”Police investigating allegations of historic child abuse linked to children’s homes in Leicestershire have searched the home of the Labour peer Greville Janner. Lord Janner’s legal team confirmed on Friday that he was assisting police with their inquiries after officers reportedly spent several days searching his home in Golders Green, north London. The 85-year-old, who served as an MP in Leicester for 27 years, has not been arrested and police did not indicate what was taken away from the flat. The father-of-three was accused of child abuse in a court case in 1991 but was not prosecuted and was given all-party support in the House of Commons when he described his ordeal and said there was “not a shred of truth” in the claims against him.””

20 March 2014The Mirror, David Cameron vows to speak to Portuguese government if British cops are hampered with their Madeleine McCann inquiry: ”David Cameron today said he would be willing to speak to the Portuguese government if British cops were hampered with their investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann…Speaking today, the Prime Minister's official spokesman said Mr Cameron would be prepared to “make further representations” to the government in Portugal if it would help Scotland Yard's inquiry…Investigations are rightly for police authorities but If there is more that the Government can do to help facilitate, we would certainly consider that and look to do as much as we could to help.“

11 March 2014Daily Mail, Paedophile Jonathan King claims Jimmy Savile was INNOCENT and his victims were his 'accusers': ”….He claimed Savile's hundreds of victims should be referred to as 'accusers', due to the fact Savile never appeared in court. Addressing his own crimes, the 69-year-old, said he has been provoked by the recent aquittal of celebrities including Coronation Street actors Michael Le Vell and Bill Roache. He said juries in those cases did not believe the crimes had taken place, and were 'at worst fiction, at best exaggeration'. King claims the jury in his case should have come to the same conclusion. He adds: 'The crimes never happened. At least miscarriages of justice in cases of murder have bodies to show that crimes did take place. If I’d been tried now, instead of 14 years ago, when the ages of consent had only just been equalised thanks to the EU and to the fury of homophobes, I would certainly have been found innocent.'

05 Mar 2014The Mirror, David Cameron faces call to explain why Patrick Rock child porn inquiry went to 'Britain’s FBI', ”…The secretive →National Crime Agency (NCA) is probing No10 adviser Patrick Rock on child porn claims. But it answers only to the Home Secretary….The agency faced accusations of being a “secret police” but the PM said officials had handled the issue in “the correct way”. Former Child Exploitation and Online Protection boss Jim Gamble said last night the probe highlights the difficulties with the NCA’s structure. He said: “There is no independent elected body responsible for the oversight of the organisation and the director general is directly accountable to the Home Secretary. This is unlike the Commissioner of the Met and all other chief constables who answer to individuals who are elected to scrutinise them.” Labour MP John Mann seized on his remarks, saying: “It is unprecedented that it is the National Crime Agency which is dealing with this. We need to know who decided this why they thought this should be handled by the NCA rather than the publicly accountable Metropolitan Police.”

03 Mar 2014Patrick Rock - Top aide to David Cameron arrested

03 Mar 2014BBC: Public 'backs' CPS stance on historical sex abuse

02 Mar 2014Express, Paedophile MPs are mocking British law: ”…In October 2012, MP Tom Watson stood up in the Commons and addressed the Prime Minister. He told David Cameron that he had become aware of rumours of paedophile rings which “encircled parliament” and had done so for decades and he then asked for this to be investigated….The Prime Minister agreed and Operation Fairbank (later evolving into Operation Fernbridge) was duly launched. Since Mr Watson’s pronouncement, we have witnessed the arrest of a Catholic priest, two unnamed workers associated with a children’s care home and a sorry display of Seventies light entertainers and present-day soap stars who have been ­paraded before the public and the courts to answer varying charges of abuse from paedophilia to groping…However what we have failed to see, and they have been glaring by omission, are any arrests pertaining to parliamentary paedophiles….“

28 Feb. 2014Telegraph, Patricia Hewitt called for age of consent to be lowered to ten

26 Feb. 2014ExaroNews, Police poised to level charges in paedophile-ring linked to MP's. ”…[Tom] Watson alleged in Parliament that a network run by Peter Righton, the notorious paedophil, reached into the top levels of British politics….One Investigation by the Met's paedophile unit focussed on claims that Politicians and others abused boys in care at Elm Guest House in Barnes, south-west London and other locations three decades ago…“

25 Feb. 2014/2001 A clairvoyant comedy curiosity, see video →Brass Eye Episode 07 - Paedogeddon! originating from 2001. The comedy show is based on the artists feeling of the UK society to be to much sensitive on paedophile tendencies in Britian. In a “clairvoyant” manner there appears a paedophile DJ (eleven years before the scandal came up) and in an exibition there even appears a Maddie-look-alike poster six year before the event. The catchword “Paedogeddon” was picked up recently by →The Mirror, 25 Feb. 2014, “There is a paedophile elephant in the corner of Labour’s living room…In case you haven’t noticed, we’re in the middle of Paedogeddon….”.

24 Feb. 2014The Coleman experience: Jill Dando, Serbian Assassins, Red Herrings, BBC Paedos, Jimmy Savile, Uri Geller and the Madeline McCann Connection

23 Feb. 2014Daily Mail, Harman wasn't so quiet on Savile scandal: Deputy Labour leader toured TV and radio stations: “Harriet Harman may be reluctant to speak out now, but when the Jimmy Savile scandal exploded in 2012, she loudly demanded a judge-led inquiry. She toured television and radio stations proclaiming ‘we need to get to the truth’ for the sake of child abuse victims. She flatly rejected any notion that attitudes had changed or that it was a ‘different world’ years ago, insisting even in ‘historic’ cases, there were lessons to be learnt….”

18 Feb 2014The Coleman experience: The National Archives Fire, Jimmy Savile, Mi5, Margaret Thatcher, Prince Philip, Madeline McCann and Britain’s Dirty Secrets: “On February 15th, 2014, a mysterious fire broke out in the grounds of the National Archives in Kew. According to the Mail: ”Around 20 firefighters were today battling to stop a fire from setting light to thousands of historic documents after a blaze broke out close to the National Archives. The fire started close to the centre in Richmond-upon-Thames, south west London, which houses records of national importance covering more than 1,000 years of history. London Fire Brigade said two disused water towers which were in the process of being decommissioned caught fire in Kew, not far from the National Archives, at around 12.30pm.” The whole area was evicted and the National Archives buildings were closed to the public. This evacuation would have provided a perfect opportunity for any of filthy Britain’s agencies to enter and dispose of the many incriminating files that are housed there. You see the British Establishment is absolutely panic-stricken that their dirty secrets are being exposed on a daily basis…. ”

14 Feb 2014BBC, Scarborough Mayor Jaconelli abuse claims investigated by police: “Allegations that a former mayor of Scarborough sexually abused children are to be examined by police. North Yorkshire Police says it wants to speak to at least five people who say they were assaulted or propositioned as children by Peter Jaconelli. The allegations were made during a BBC Inside Out investigation into online claims he was a paedophile. The force has asked alleged victims to come forward in order for it to “properly consider” their claims. Real Whitby, an online blog site, claims Mr Jaconelli - who died in 1999 - was well known to the police as a paedophile but was protected because of his status as a wealthy businessman and respected political figure….”

13 Feb 2014The Telegraph: The CPS’s dilemma: There are questions over the way the Crown Prosecution Service has pursued historic cases of sex abuse against celebrities.

02 Feb 2014Daily Mail, Beloved pop star 'abused 10-year-old boy': Alleged victim and witness have spoken to Savile police officers: “One of the world’s most famous pop stars is being investigated by police over claims that he sexually abused a ten-year-old boy…” (see: Cliff Richards, III. Quarter 2014)

25 Jan 2014AangirfanBlog, DUTROUX, SAVILE, CHENEY, MADELEINE McCANN…: ”…The Dutroux affair was about a child abuse network that provided children to top people in Belgium and beyond - people linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, Bilderberg and Mossad. There is a belief that most of the organisers and top people got away with it…Dutroux alleged from the beginning that he was not acting alone, saying that Nihoul was the actual 'brains' of the operation. The authorities were determined not to believe him….Marc Dutroux's lawyer, Xavier Magnee, has said that Dutroux was part of a criminal network supplying the sex trade. …Magnee pointed out the failure of the police to process all the forensic samples discovered in a basement cellar in which Dutroux kept four of his captives. Magnee said that some 6,000 hair samples found in the basement cellar where some of the victims were held had led to the discovery of 25 “unknown” DNA profiles. “There were people in that cellar that are not now accused,” said Magnee…David James Smith, in The Sunday Times (UK), 16 December 2007, (Kate and Gerry McCann: Beyond the smears) wrote about the Madeleine McCann case: “I heard that a PJ officer had been surprised to find a member of MI5 at a UK meeting about the case, and this made him suspicious that shadowy forces could be at work. The Sol journalist Felicia Cabrita mentioned the 'mysterious Clarence' – Clarence Mitchell, the former government PR officer turned McCann spokesman – and I was told there was suspicion too about another government official, Sheree Dodd, who had acted as a PR officer for the McCanns briefly in the early days”…The discovery of computer discs at Dutroux's house, in 1996, “unraveled an international pedophile ring involving Belgium, the Netherlands, Portugal, the U.S., Great Britain, Japan and the United Nations and its agencies.”“In the interim, Dutroux led police to the burial site of four young girls, all of whom had been ritually murdered by his pedophile colleagues. Within a short time, over 30 people had been arrested, including a number of high-level politicians, judges, and senior police commanders… Dutroux… was closely tied to a senior Portuguese diplomat, Jorge Ritto…Ritto has been implicated and jailed as a major figure in Portugal's Casa Pia pedophilia scandal. Another leading figure dredged up in the widening circle of the Dutroux pedophilia operation, Jean Michel Nihoul, managed the group's finances out of posh offices on the Avenue de Louise in the heart of the Brussels business district. He managed a string of Dutroux's properties which functioned as pedophilia clubs in various countries, including a sumptuous and secluded villa in the Caribbean at which leading U.S. political figures, governors and members of Congress could satisfy their pedophile perversions safe from media sleuths.”…“

13 Jan 2014The Independent, Revealed: How gangs used the Freemasons to corrupt police.

11 Jan 2014ExaroNews, Met's VIP-paedophiles probe turns into murder investigation.

11 Jan 2014ExaroNews 07.Dec.2013 with update 11.Jan.2014, Met's paedophile unit seizes video of ex-minister at sex party: “The Security Service, MI5, and Scotland Yard's Special Branch are understood to be taking a close interest in the investigations by the Met's paedophile unit. The witness claims that MI5 officers sat in on a formal interview with him conducted by police. He says that police told him this after the interview. He also claims that the Met's Special Branch, which often works in effect as MI5's police arm, is keeping close watch on developments. Exaro has established that one section of the Met has been tapping the witness's telephone. It is also understood that a Special Branch officer has been posing as a journalist in an attempt to contact several witnesses in Operations Fernbridge and Fairbank. One officer falsely claimed to the key witness to be a reporter from the Sunday People. The developments have raised alarm because of the intelligence services’ track-record to help cover up evidence of child sex abuse by senior politicians and other prominent people, such as Sir Cyril Smith, the former Liberal MP who was exposed as a paedophile following his death in 2010.”

10 Jan 2014The Independent, Exclusive: Scotland Yard’s rotten core: Police failed to address Met's ‘endemic corruption’, “Organised criminals were able to infiltrate Scotland Yard “at will” by bribing corrupt officers, according to an explosive report leaked to The Independent. The Metropolitan Police file, written in 2002, found Britain’s biggest force suffered “endemic corruption” at the time….Operation Tiberius concluded that syndicates such as the notorious Adams family and the gang led by David Hunt had bribed scores of former and then-serving detectives to access confidential databases; obtain live intelligence on criminal investigations; provide specialist knowledge of surveillance, technical deployment and undercover techniques to help evade prosecution; and even take part in criminal acts such as mass drug importation and money laundering….Tiberius also found a secret informant – codenamed “Lee Paul” – providing intelligence on the Adams family and the corrupt police in its pay to his handler at the Met, who appears to have been a man of integrity. However, Paul’s highly sensitive role was later uncovered by other officers and his activities became more widely known, causing uproar among the corrupt elements inside the Yard….A former senior officer, who recently retired from Scotland Yard, told The Independent: “Nothing has changed. The Met is still every bit as corrupt as it was back then.”…”

09 Jan 2014The Independent, Case studies: Operation Tiberius uncovers corruption in the Met.