Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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McCanns Extended Family

Gerry McCann's side:

  • Johnny McCann - father
  • Eileen (Ellen) McCann - mother
  • John McCann - medical representative with AstraZeneca - brother
  • Diane McCann - sister-in-law, married to John McCann
  • Tony Rickwood - husband of Philomena
  • Patricia (Trish) Cameron (nee: McCann) - sister - see her →statement at LP in 2008
  • Alexander James (Sandy) Cameron - brother-in-law, married to Trish Cameron (rumoured to now be divorced). see his →statement at LP in 2008
  • Jacqueline McCann - sister

Kate Healy's side:

  • Susan (Sue) Healy (nee: Kennedy) - mother
  • Brian Healy - father
  • Brian Kennedy, uncle (brother of Sue Healy) → not to be confused with Latham Brian Kennedy
  • Janet Kennedy, aunt (married to Brian Kennedy)
  • Sheila Cowell (nee Healy?), aunt, sister of Brian Healy
  • Anne-Marie Wright, cousin of Kate, daughter of Sheila Cowell
  • Michael Wright, husband of Anne-Marie Wright (see some informations at →[1];[2];[3];[4];[5];[6])
  • Simon Cowell, cousin, son of Sheila Cowell
  • Miriam Cowell, married to Simon Cowell
  • Norah Paul (nee Healy), aunt, sister of Brian Healy
  • James Kennedy (needs checking, went out with Hailey Plummer, the UK babysitter)