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What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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The Royal Family

Regarding the "Maddie-Case" directly

Date: 26 May 2007

see Sky News →Royal couples hopes for Madeleine:

Extract: “Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, say they are following the case of missing Madeleine McCannclosely and with deep concern“. They said they ”fervently hoped“ she would be reunited with her family. The couple's remarks were made in a statement from Clarence House and are the latest in a series of high profile messages of support for the family. It was revealed earlier that Prime Minister-in-waiting Gordon Brown had spoken personally to Madeleine's father Gerry to pledge his support in the family's efforts to find her. Entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, footballer Wayne Rooney and Harry Potter creator JK Rowling, have all offered financial rewards a multi-million pound reward for her safe return. Footballers including David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo, John Terry and Andriy Shevchenko have recorded appeals for information about the whereabouts of the four-year-old. Former England rugby captain Martin Johnston launched Madeleine's Fund. At the first Test match against the West Indies at Lord's, England cricket captain Andrew Strauss and his team all wear yellow ribbons in support of efforts to find Madeleine. On Madeleine's fourth birthday on May 12, Gordon Brown issued a tribute to the McCann family, saying: “Every parent will be thinking about what they can do to help the parents and will be sympathising with them in this hour of need.” Northern Ireland First Minister Ian Paisley has also called for the agony experienced by the McCanns, who have family connections to west Donegal in Ireland, to be brought to an end. …”

Date: 27 May 2007

Article (originally from the →Herald Sun), taken from →Truth for Madeleine:

“PRINCE Charles and his wife Camilla have expressed their concern for Madeleine McCann, the British girl kidnapped in Portugal. The Clarence House statement said: “The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall have been following the case of Madeleine McCann closely and with deep concern for the parents and fervently hope that Madeleine will be safely returned to her family as soon as possible. Their Royal Highnesses’ thoughts and prayers will remain with Mr and Doctor McCann at this very difficult time.” It is 23 days since Madeleine was snatched from her bed at the Ocean Club Mark Warner resort in the Algarve town of Praia da Luz. Her parents Gerry and Kate McCann have renewed their pleas for help after details about a man seen carrying what was thought to be a child on the night Madeleine went missing were released. Mr McCann said: “Any information, no matter how unimportant you think it could be, might be vital in helping the Portuguese and British police find our daughter. Was this man seen anywhere else in or near the town with a child, or what appeared to be a child? Which direction was he heading in? Did he have a vehicle?”. After making their plea, the couple spent the afternoon with their two-year-old twins, Sean and Amelie, and took them swimming. They are determined to make life as normal for the children as they wait for any news of their elder sister.”

Date: 01 Oct.2007 Prince Charles entered again. A press release claimed:

“AN anonymous tip-off to the Prince of Wales has sent UK police on an urgent hunt for a new suspect in the Madeleine McCann case. The email – sent via Prince Charles’ website – claimed a disgruntled former employee of the Portuguese resort where the toddler went missing, could be behind her disappearance. It claimed Madeleine was abducted from the Praia da Luz apartment in revenge against the complex’s owners. It is understood police have confirmed the woman named in the email did work at the resort when Madeleine was last seen 150 days ago. Royal aides have passed the email on to Scotland Yard, which is now trying to trace the author. A police source told London newspaper The News of the World: “There have been hundreds of Madeleine theories, sightings and tips sent into UK cops from members of the public. But this one is different. “It’s incredibly detailed and so far, from the inquiries being made in Portugal, it appears to be based on factual events.” Police believe that the tipster entrusted the information to Prince Charles because he and wife Camilla came out in support of Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry.”

Date: 02 Oct.2007 From →article “PJ accuse English police of favouring the McCann couple” Diário de Notícias:

Extract: ““The British police have only been working on the issues that the McCann couple wants, and which are convenient to them.” It was with an explosive and rebellious tone that the coordinator of the investigation into the Madeleine case, Gonçalo Amaral, commented in brief statements to DN the news that was published yesterday in several English newspapers. This news was about an anonymous email that was sent to Prince Charles' official site, which accuses an ex-employee of the Ocean Club of kidnapping the four-year-old girl, as an act of revenge against the resort's administration, after having been dismissed. “That situation is completely set aside, and it has no credibility whatsoever for Portuguese police”, the leader of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of Portimao told DN, considering that his English colleagues “have been investigating leads and information that were created and worked by the McCanns, forgetting that the couple are suspected of the death of their daughter Madeleine. That story of a kidnapping for revenge is another fact that was worked by the McCanns”, Gonçalo Amaral accused, stressing that the Ocean Club “is located in Praia da Luz and not in London, which means that everything that concerns the resort and its employees (present or former) was already, or is being, investigated by the Policia Judiciaria. It's not an email, even less an anonymous one, which is easy to track, that is going to distract our investigation line, he said.”

see also →Prince Charles, The Barclay Brothers and Madeleine McCann

Prince Charles

  • Daily Mail, Prince Charles' 'anger' as former press secretary to the Queen releases book revealing secrets about the breakdown of his marriage to Diana (03. Aug. 2014);
  • Mirror, Jimmy Savile's suspicious behaviour at the Palace set to be revealed in explosive new book(03. Aug. 2014)
  • KDrama News, Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce: Charles Would Rather Have Cami Killed Than Pay $350 M Divorce Settlement; Queen Agrees, No Money For Leaving Windsor (07. Aug. 2014)

Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce: Duchess Of Cornwall Says Prince Charles Would Rather Have Her Killed Than Pay Divorce Settlement; Queen Agrees, No Money For Ending Failed Marriage Prince Charles And Camilla Divorce: As rumors mount of Prince William taking the throne of England, side-stepping Prince Charles, the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Bowles Parker is apparently 'mad' at the Queen, and preparing for a divorce after nine years of marriage. Camilla shared with Kate Middleton that she has proof that Prince Charles was responsible the Parisian car crash ending the life of Princess Diana and her Egyptian boyfriend Dodi Fayed. Apparently, Lady Di wrote a letter to her personal butler ten years before her death that she has evidence that Charles is planning to kill her in a crash - the same proof that Camilla now has. Now, Camilla Parker is afraid that she is on a hit list just like Diana. On the other hand, some reports say that if the Queen wanted Camilla killed, it could have been arranged years ago. Nonetheless, Camilla has requested $350 million for a divorce settlement to which both Charles and his mother have said an emphatic 'No.' But Camilla seems to be too much trouble for the British monarchy after her bout with alcohol, and Prince Charles appears to be in the center of controversy. She knows too many Royal secrets and 'inconvenient truths' about the royal family. The Globe reported that Camilla is trying to stir up strife in Kate Middleton's marriage after suggesting that Prince William will divorce Kate as well. William reportedly asked his father Prince Charles to keep Camilla away from Kate. The press reports that Kate and William are two people that Camilla hates the most. Emerging reports also say that evidence of the affair between Charles and Camilla during the Prince's marriage to Diana are now in the open. Diana was reportedly told to stay away from Dodi Fayed, to avoid an embarrassment for the monarchy.

  • Mirror, Retired Bishop friend of Prince Charles to be charged with child sex abuse (27 Mar. 2014) “A retired bishop who is a close friend of Prince Charles will be prosecuted for child abuse, it was revealed yesterday.

The Right Reverend Bishop Peter Ball, 82, will become the most senior Church of England figure to be hauled into court on a child sex charge. …Jaswant Narwal, of the Crown Prosecution Service, said yesterday: “It is alleged he sexually abused a number of young males between 1977 and 1992. …In 1993, after Charles invited him to live in a Duchy of Cornwall property, Ball said: “The prince is a loyal friend.”

Source Mirror Ex-cop claims a ROYAL was in paedophile ring

Prince Andrew, Duke of York

  • Telegraph, Fresh questions for Prince Andrew over friendship with paedophile Jeffrey Epstein

The Duke of York’s personal friendship with the convicted paedophile →Jeffrey Epstein has come under fresh scrutiny after a witness described how the two men were in contact every week….Epstein, who stayed at Sandringham and attended the Queen’s birthday party in 2000, became the subject of an undercover FBI investigation in 2005 after the stepmother of a 14-year-old girl told police she was paid £125 to give him an “erotic massage”. The inquiry identified at least 20 girls who made sexual allegations against Epstein….

  • New York Times:, Prince Andrew and Others Named in Sex Lawsuit: “TAMPA, Fla. — Buckingham Palace on Friday denied allegations by a woman who said in Florida court documents that she was forced as a minor to have sex with Britain's Prince Andrew and other high-profile figures linked to a wealthy U.S. businessman. The woman, referred to as “Jane Doe #3” in legal papers filed this week in the U.S. Southern District of Florida, said financier Jeffrey Epstein made her have sex with the Duke of York in London, New York and on a private Caribbean island, as part of an orgy with numerous other under-aged girls,” according to the filings. “Epstein instructed Jane Doe #3 that she was to give the Prince whatever he demanded and required Jane Doe #3 to report back to him on the details of the sexual abuse,” the documents said…”
  • HangTheBankers, Prince Andrew: latest royal pedophile exposed
  • Telegraph, Did Prince Andrew avoid a £6 million tax bill when he sold Sunninghill to his Kazakh friends?
  • Daily Mail, Prince Andrew 'lobbied the US government to go easy on Jeffrey Epstein': Palace denies claims royal tried to use his influence to help billionaire paedophile during 2008 police probe: “A Buckingham Palace spokesman has denied claims Prince Andrew lobbied the US government against the prosecution of his long-term friend Jeffrey Epstein - the US billionaire paedophile. The allegation comes as court papers emerged which also sensationally claim the royal abused an underage girl at an orgy where she was being used as a 'sex slave'. Epstein was one of the best-connected men in America until he was jailed for 13 months in 2008 for soliciting girls for underage prostitution. The prince stayed friends with him despite his conviction and they were seen together in 2011 after Epstein’s release from jail. Documents claim the prince tried to use his influence to help Epstein during the police probe and demands the American government be ordered by the court to hand over correspondence. The women’s lawyers say it will show Prince Andrew and Harvard Law School expert Alan Dershowitz lobbied against Epstein being prosecuted….The Duke of York holidayed and had daily massages at the £4million Florida mansion where Epstein abused teenage girls, legal papers claimed in 2011. Andrew is said to have enjoyed regular rub-downs at the whitewashed Palm Beach residence where winged gargoyles flanked the gate and masseuses worked for £60 an hour. Photographs of naked women adorned the walls. In return, Epstein seemed to enjoy extraordinary access to the heart of the Royal Family, courtesy of Andrew, and has been a guest of the Queen at Balmoral, Windsor Castle and Sandringham…..”
  • Daily Mail, Maxwell's daughter the 'high-class madame': Court papers say she 'facilitated Prince Andrew's acts of sexual abuse'
  • Daily Mail, Andrew and the under-age 'sex slave': Duke denies claim in court papers that teen was picked to sleep with him by Robert Maxwell's daughter
  • Daily Mail, 'I will not be bullied into silence': Woman who claims Prince Andrew abused her while she was billionaire's 'underage sex slave' says she is being 'unjustly victimised'
  • Express, Prince Andrew denies 'underage sex slave' allegations made in US lawsuit: “…The woman’s lawyers allege that Epstein also trafficked the woman to “many other powerful men, including numerous prominent American politicians, powerful business executives, foreign presidents, a well-known prime minister, and other world leaders”. The allegations have not been tested in a court of law and could be struck out if the motion is unsuccessful.”
  • Express, Billionaire paedophile Jeffrey Epstein was among the best connected men in America: “Besides the Duke of York, he counted the former US president Bill Clinton and flamboyant American property ­magnate Donald Trump among his powerful friends. At the height of his wealth he donated millions of dollars to political campaigns and travelled in his own ­Boeing 727 which he loaned to Mr Clinton. The billionaire owned property around the globe including a 45,000 sq ft ­mansion in Manhattan and a 900-acre Caribbean island as well as homes in London and New Mexico.”
  • Express, Colourful past of prince dubbed Randy Andy: “THE Duke of York is no stranger to the headlines, with nicknames like “Airmiles Andy” because of his love of luxury travel or “Randy Andy” after his string of glamorous girlfriends….Andrew, the Queen’s third child, was appointed Britain’s Special Representative for International Trade and Investment in 2001 after retiring from the Royal Navy. He travelled around the world promoting business interests. In 2011 he stepped down from his role as the roving business ambassador amid questions about his judgment in apparently staying close to the convicted paedophile Epstein. It was the final straw after his suitability for the role had been questioned for 10 years…”
  • The Guardian, Daily Mail is right to pursue Prince Andrew over his finances: “…But the paper also opened a second front on Saturday with a truly gob-smacking story. It revealed that Andrew and his former wife, Sarah Ferguson, have together acquired a Swiss ski chalet for £13m. They are reported to have done so with a joint mortgage. But how did a pair of non-earners do that?…How does he manage to live so high on the hog? How can a man with “a modest naval pension” and an annual stipend from his mother, the Queen, afford a £13m property? How does he pay for his regular private jet flights? These are relevant questions to investigate and the Mail appears to be making the running. It should not do so alone. The royal family is still guarding secrets that we, the people, should know about. The Guardian has relentlessly campaigned over nine years to see Prince Charles’s “spider letters” with precious little support from the rest of Fleet Street. Now all editors, on behalf of the citizens who read their newspapers, should be standing shoulder-to-shoulder to ensure that light is cast on royal finances….”
  • Daily Mail, Prince Andrew's guards 'turned a blind eye': Yard officers watched as Duke partied with young girls, says Epstein's butler: “Prince Andrew's bodyguards were accused yesterday of turning a blind eye during his visits to a paedophile friend's 'house of sin'. Protection officers accompanied the royal to Jeffrey Epstein's Florida mansion where he allegedly partied with naked young women. Juan Alessi, who was Epstein's butler for 11 years, said: 'Andrew was with security. He had his two bodyguards from Scotland Yard. I can remember their names. The bodyguards were off duty and they slept in one of the guest bedrooms.' Hundreds of under-age girls are said to have been abused at Epstein's mansion and one woman says she was forced by the shamed financier to have sex with Andrew when she was 17, which is below the age of consent in Florida….'They can sometimes forget they are working for the police, not the royal household. Challenging a royal about their conduct, or the people they are mixing with, can result in a loss of trust and their removal from a very lucrative job.'…Security sources suggest that Andrew's gallivanting around the world with Epstein, 61, cost taxpayers well over half a million pounds of public money. The duke allegedly spent several weeks at Epstein's Florida mansion and also visited his sumptuous property in New York and shared holidays with him in Thailand, New Mexico and the Caribbean. Sources confirmed the total bill in the decade up to 2011 is conservatively estimated to be £500,000. The figure is made up of business class air fares, hotel bills, salaries and overtime. Epstein has branded all his accusers liars and gold diggers. Scotland Yard declined to comment when asked whether royalty protection officers had raised concerns about Prince Andrew's conduct with Epstein or about his visits to the paedophile's Palm Beach mansion. It said: 'We do not discuss matters of security and protection.' Mr Prentice insisted it was not true that the generous pay protection officers receive would make them reluctant to jeopardise their position by challenging the behaviour of a royal or reporting it to a senior officer. 'That's high risk. When the truth comes out – and it always comes out - their days are numbered,' he said.”
  • The Independent, Prince Andrew sex allegations: Jeffrey Epstein 'the most dangerous sexual predator America has ever seen', lawyer's letter claims: “…The Times reported that a letter released by the court last year showed Brad Edwards, Ms Roberts’s lawyer, telling the US attorney’s office that Epstein “may be the most dangerous sexual predator that the country has ever seen”. Dated July 2008, the letter continued: “The evidence suggests that for at least four years he was sexually abusing as many as three to four girls a day. He is a sexual addict that focused all his free time on sexually abusing children, and he uses his extraordinary wealth and power to lure in poor, underprivileged little girls and then also uses his wealth to shield himself from prosecution and liability.” Earlier this week it was reported that prosecutors believed that Epstein “pressurised witnesses” to hide the truth about claims that he procured underage girls for sex, according to The Telegraph. Lawyers for Virginia Roberts - who claims that Jeffrey Epstein ordered her to have sex with Prince Andrew - have said that evidence against the billionaire was covered up after lobbying by his “political and social” connections….”
  • Daily Mail, Prince Andrew's billionaire paedophile friend given permission to land private jet at RAF base for visit Sandringham: “Prince Andrew's convicted paedophile friend Jeffrey Epstein was given permission to land his private jet at an RAF base to visit the Duke at Sandringham. The flight log of Epstein's Gulfstream revealed it touched down at RAF Marham on December 7, 2000, before he was hosted by the Andrew at the Queen's Norfolk residence….'Given the nature of the allegations against him I think it's fair to ask if the visit to Sandringham, for example, was all above board. There is a legitimate need for some kind of investigation if only to clear him of wrongdoing.' The flight log for Epstein's Gulfstream also recorded an April 1998 flight to Nassau in the Bahamas where Epstein met Sarah Ferguson and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie, then aged nine and eight. The Duchess of York's name appears again on notes seized at Epstein's house, which showed that on January 25, 2005, she called his Florida home just before midnight. The revelations follow the news that the Queen has summoned the Duke of York to Buckingham Palace for a meeting because of her own mounting concerns over the allegations….”
  • Mirror, Prince Andrew allegations: Flight logs back 'sex slave' abuse claims against royal heir
  • Mirror, Andrew the Vice Admiral: Prince gets a promotion from his mum the Queen

see also: →Mystery over Jeffrey Epstein’s meeting with a Labour minister (2011) “A senior Minister in Gordon Brown’s Government arranged a meeting with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein while he was being held under house arrest at the end of an 18-month jail term….”

Extract from →Daily mail, Prince Andrew 'lobbied the US government to go easy on Jeffrey Epstein': Palace denies claims royal tried to use his influence to help billionaire paedophile during 2008 police probe:

DID 'JANE DOE #3' ALSO SLEEP WITH A PRIME MINISTER? (By Christian Gysin for the Daily Mail ) As well as explosive allegations about Prince Andrew, ‘Jane Doe #3’ told the court she was ‘trafficked for sexual purposes’ to a string of other powerful men – including ‘a well-known Prime Minister’. No clue was given to the identity, but the court documents say Epstein’s ‘lending’ of young girls to prominent international figures – foreign presidents and US politicians and businessmen among them – was to ‘ingratiate’ himself and ‘so that he could potentially blackmail them’. From his 97-page ‘black book’ of phone numbers and email addresses, it is clear Epstein had an impressive array of contacts. When its contents were disclosed three years ago, the book was shown to include contact details for former US President Bill Clinton, ex-secretary of state Henry Kissinger, and Barbara Walters, then one of America’s most influential broadcasters. Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s details are there, along with entrepreneur Donald Trump, members of the Kennedy family and former prime minister Tony Blair. There is also an entry for Mr Blair’s former spin doctor Alastair Campbell – but with a Downing Street number, not his personal mobile phone. Formula One’s Bernie Ecclestone, Eddie Irvine, Jacques Villeneuve and Flavio Briatore are listed – by numbers relating to their ‘boat/plane’. It has previously been reported that at varying times President Clinton, Prince Andrew, former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak, New Mexico’s ex-governor Bill Richardson and the former US treasury secretary Larry Summers had all been passengers on Epstein’s fleet of private jets. However, there is no suggestion from Jane Doe #3 that she was involved with any of the people named above….

See also →Daily Mail on the intimate connection Andrew→Epstein→Richard Branson/Naomi Campell→Madeleine's Fund. See more names involved at →aangirfan blog.

See also recent article (13 Feb. 2015) →The Daily Beast, The Dead Model and the Dirty Billionaire: “Pedro Gaspar was a fixture in New York’s nightclub scene, where the models are ever younger and drugs are rampant. Why did his sudden death—above a modeling agency [MC2] tied to Jeffrey Epstein—go unnoticed?…MC2 has been back in the news lately thanks to court filings against billionaire and convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. An alleged victim of Epstein’s has claimed that he pimped out underage girls to wealthy and powerful friends like Prince Andrew. She also claimed that Epstein got many of his girls from MC2 co-founder Jean-Luc Brunel, who “would bring young girls (ranging to ages as young as 12) to the United States for sexual purposes and farm them out to his friends, especially Epstein.” … MC2 was co-founded in 2005 by Brunel, a playboy who tried a run in fashion in the 1970s but found his niche acquiring barely legal girls to join his modeling roster. Brunel claims to have jumpstarted the careers of marquee names like Christy Turlington, Rebecca Romijn, and Jerry Hall. Two sources familiar with Epstein’s finances tell The Daily Beast they believe Epstein dropped as much as $2 million into MC2 to get it started. (Brunel has denied that Epstein funded the agency.) “Jeff put his money up for this guy to get Jeffrey these young girls. That’s a front for Jeffrey’s securing more and more young girls,” one longtime Epstein confidant said. According to a complaint filed in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, Epstein used the agency to lure underage prey…”

The Duke of Kent

Source Freemasonry today - The Duke of  Kent with  Deputy Grand Master Jonathan Spence ; Pro Grand Master Peter Lowndes and Assistant See also the →Duke of Kent at article The "Scottish-Connection".

“On 16 December 1963, the Duke was initiated into Royal Alpha Lodge No. 16 and into Freemasonry. He is the 10th Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England, the governing body of Freemasonry in England and Wales. He has served in that office since 1967, thus being the longest serving Grand Master. In December 2013, he celebrated 50 years as a Freemason.”

The Sandringham Case - Killing of Alisa Dmitrijeva

source: Telegraph web

Murder mystery at Sandringham: Woman's body found dead yards from royals' Boxing Day shoot 'could have been there for four months'.

A murder investigation was under way yesterday after the body of a young woman was found on the Queen’s estate at Sandringham. The remains were discovered in a copse close to where senior members of the Royal Family had gathered to enjoy their Boxing Day shoot. A dog walker stumbled across the body at 4pm on New Year’s Day. Detectives said it had been lying on the Norfolk estate for up to four months. They confirmed the woman was ‘probably the victim of a murder’ but would not reveal how she might have been killed or if she was clothed. ….The Queen spent the festive period at Sandringham and is still in residence. She is thought to have been briefed by police about the investigation. ….The Royal Family are thought to have been shooting in a field of sugar beet next to the copse last week. Prince Philip, 90, normally leads shooting parties on the estate and has previously been seen with his gun in the field next to the wooded area. ….A villager said: ‘Prince Philip loves shooting in the field because it is a brilliant spot to bag birds. ‘The beaters walk through the woods to scare the birds so they fly towards the guns. The copse is quite wide so often a lot of pheasants gather there so it means there is no shortage of birds flying out. It is incredible to think that the Royals were just yards away from where this poor woman lay dead.’ ….Last night Norfolk Police said the young victim had been lying on the Sandringham estate for between one and four months. A spokesman said: ‘The pathologist believes it is highly unlikely the death was through natural causes'. …He said: ‘The body has been in situ for some time. The body is female and the circumstances indicate that she is probably the victim of a murder.' ….Mr Fry said that one of the missing persons cases being looked at would be that of Latvian-born teenager Alisa Dmitrijeva, who disappeared shortly after midnight in King’s Lynn on August 31. The 17-year-old from Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, was reported missing by a relative in September….