Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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  1. The first suspect in the Case was the one from the Tanner-Sighting.
  2. The second suspect is the one from the Smith's Sighting. He is the main suspect of Operation Grange (SY).
  3. The third suspect was Robert Murat. He was cleared to be innocent by PJ.
  4. The fourth suspects were the Parents , Gerry and Kate. The issue is hold on ice.
  5. There were several intermediate suspects since from alleged suspicion. See e.g. the Rasta-Man or D. Flack.
  6. The actual suspects can be found at Operation Grange. See also Article: Suspect Number One E-fits Public Reaction.
  7. The “Mystery Couple”. See The Burke-Sighting.
  8. Still on display at Madeleine-Fund Webpage the →“Victoria-Beckham-Lookalike” and →“Pimple-Man”.

See also on some special suspects at McCannfiles

The numbers of →alleged sightings of Madeleine (lists only for 2007) and of alleged suspects until today is somehow innumerable. See also article on scapegoating.