Just five hours in May

What really happened to Madeleine Beth McCann?

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Possible Reconstruction of the event from evidences released by the PJ

Disclaimer: With up to a verdict in the matter against anyone, in a state of law the presumption of innocence is in the foreground. This applies not only for the McCann's but to all those people accused during the still ongoing investigations.

The following reconstruction is thus not more or less than a just possible(!) scenario constructed from the evidences found out by the official PJ files released on the 4.th August 2008. What in the end is the truth, or what will be considered to be the truth, can only be judged by an appropriate court. The following text is thus neither a judgement nor a conviction of anybody involved. It is a reconstruction based solely on already filed evidences fitted together in seemingly logical order. Due to lack of any confession, and this always means lack of some crucial knowledge, like in every trial based on evidence alone also other seemingly logical fittings of evidences may be made in objection. Which then have to be decided on by law and logic and finally judged by a court.

An alternativ reconstruction (death on 2 May?) may be found at →Blog Unter-den-teppich-gekehrt.

For the refutation of the following PJ-based reconstruction see Abduction theory and the Reconstruction of the Abduction theory.

See also forensic articles Where is Maddie? and possible Cause of Death.

How could it have been from the evidences documented in the official PJ-Files?

The McCann's are two respected doctors in 2007. Gerry is a cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital in Leicester and Kate is a General Practitioner (GP) in Melton. Kate originally has however studied gynecology and then learned the profession of an anesthesiologist. She changed to GP after the events in Portugal, as a GP job allowed more time flexibility, as she said. They travel with a group of good friends (later called the Tapas Tapas 7 or 9 with the McCann's), which were all doctors or life partners in similar positions. They had been together already at some nice holidays in the past. Gerry and Kate are both highly trained amateur athletes, Gerry also does sports medicine. As a pair of physician they achieve a really good income at that time and have built for themselves and their three children a lovely detached house in Rothley that is at this time but still far from being paid off (see: →In May 2008: mortgage still GBP 323493 ).

At the end of April they start a one-week holiday to Portugal.

The flight back is scheduled on 5th of May. They choosed a hotel that offers both excellent opportunities to supply all children as well as ample sports facilities. It is the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz. There they get to split apartments, all of which are quite close to each other, where the apartment 5A of the McCann’s is the corner apartment on the Northeastern end of the main block .

The hotel has professionally run crèches for all ages. For Maddie the Mini Club is the choice. There she is regularly supervised by the morning until late afternoon by English-speaking nannies, so that parents can spend a relaxing sports holiday despite the usual children's worries.

Tapas Bar In the evening the adult friends will go regularly to the Tapas bar to and after then will like to have some drinks and fun and talk. Although leaving kids of age two or three may not be everyones thing, for hard working and stressed doctors this may be no big objection as long when it's working. But especially Maddie has often made problems because they did not want to sleep or waked up sometimes. It is attested (witness: Pamela Fenn) that they at least spend hours at night on 1st of May screaming for her parents, who were probably still out to celebrate in the Tapas Bar.

The 3rd of May -17:30 until 22:30- Five hours in question

The 3rd of May was but the last day to celebrate. Because at 5th every of the Tapas 9 would have to be up very early in the morning to get to the airport. The last evening of 4th of May thus definitely falls out for the farewell celebration among close friends.

The day 3rd of May seemingly proceeds as usual. The McCann’s do sports and leisure while Maddie is supplied in the crèche up to 17:30. This is testified by the crèche records and at 17:30 Maddie is picked up from the mini-club and then put to the apartment. There now is Kate, who will prepare the three todlers for the night and also Gerry, who is getting ready for the daily men’s tennis hour from 18:00 to 19:00 clock.

A not so good idea?

Kate's profession at that time was to regularly enable people of all ages to deep sleep professionally monitored. She had done this a thousand times and it had always worked without problems. She and her husband know that she can do it.

The trained anesthetist Kate will now probably get on an almost foolish idea. In order for the closing ceremony to really work out in peace and →without children worry, they possibly administered the kids a sedative. Which sedative one only can guess, whether it was something very special from their doctors fundus or just a diazepam commonly used for such purposes (Valium). Normally, this stuff is actually free of side effects, usually it harms no one, anyone can sleep well and calm afterwards. Of course, the dosage has to be right, what for a trained anesthetist but now should pose no problem really. It is also true that giving Valium to infants is not unusual. Just read the following short section from the supplement of Valium: „The recommended dose of diazepam for adults ranges from 2 mg to 10 mg, taken 2 to 4 times daily. For children older than 6 months, the initial dose usually ranges from 1 mg to 2.5 mg, taken 3 or 4 times daily. “

It happenes what has never happened since

When Kate so actually administered something like Valium, then this is perhaps from experienced parents point of view in this case something of a selfish action. But it is by no means crazy or far-fetched, it is itself possible even for babies. For skilled and experienced physicians, it is certainly not so an outlandish idea but is well within the normal scope of their competence, and was at least medically readily justifiable. So why not in this exceptional case of the last evening ceremony? Allegic Shock, source: wikipedia But what even many doctors do not realize is that, for example Diazepam can cause side effects thoroughly. They are indeed called very rare and uncommon, but when they occur then they are really hard : “ … Also, sleep disturbances, especially difficulty falling asleep respond well to benzodiazepine tranquilizers, without being equal to sleeping pills must grip . About the most common side effects have been reported in detail . They are more annoying than painful or even dangerous in general . … The unwanted side effects of benzodiazepines are [but] still a psychopharmacological almost unique phenomenon beyond: For one of a seemingly incomprehensible diversity, how it can be seemingly hardly attributed to a single class of substances , largely unknown to the other, so glossed over - and not only in the general public, but also a long time in medical circles . The most common side effects that may occur from the benzodiazepine type already after a short time by taking tranquilizers and sleeping pills are: drop in blood pressure , difficulty breathing , dry mouth , muscle weakness ….. [ Especially ] when dosed benzodiazepines intravenously too fast or too high, it may in extreme cases to serious cardiovascular episodes , in particular a threatening drop in blood pressure . ” . Valium is available in various dosage forms , as tablets , juice or ampoules for injection.

In the very rare case, it can lead to dreaded allergic shock (anaphylaxis): „Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction of rapid onset affecting many body systems. There have been cases of death occurring within minutes. The risk is greatest in young people and females. Death from anaphylaxis is most commonly triggered by medications. In a person who died from anaphylaxis, autopsy may show an “empty heart” attributed to reduced venous return from vasodilation and redistribution of intravascular volume from the central to the peripheral compartment.“. Incidentally, it does not even have been Valium, even the commonly used paracetamol for children (English: Calpol, med group of NSAIDs) may have such consequence„Any medication may potentially trigger anaphylaxis. The most common are β-lactam antibiotics (such as penicillin) followed by aspirin and NSAIDs “. The whole syndrome is, incidentally, almost as rare as the dreaded sexual murder of children, namely in the UK around 20 times a year: „Currently, anaphylaxis leads to 500–1,000 deaths per year (2.4 per million) in the United States, 20 deaths per year in the United Kingdom (0.33 per million), and 15 deaths per year in Australia (0.64 per million)“.

Shortly after 17:30

Well anyway, without thinking evil , it is possible that Maddie and the twins got something shortly after 17:30 to drink where Kate under mixed and allowed a normal dose of e.g. Valium. And also quite possible is that Gerry knew this as well and just deemed it justifiable. The normal action then would be that the children in the course of the evening would fall into a restful sleep. At least to the appointed meeting time in about three hours they would really be tired and calmly.

So far so good . They are so to make up about 17:40 and Kate and Gerry are starting to refresh. Maybe Kate is in the bathroom and Gerry is collecting his tennis stuff and puts on his tennis clothes. When they come back to the children some few minutes later, then there is the shock: While the twins are still playing Maddie lies on the floor besides the sofa in the living room. Gerry, who is indeed described by his friend David in the later interrogation as unusually cool and sometimes stoic, an ability that sets him apart for his special profession of heart specialists and surgeon in particular, of course now tries a resuscitation immediately. In the event of an “empty heart” syndrome but all the body fluids of the victim are shocked and moved to the outer periphery. When he now presses her small chest for cardiac massage vigorously, the repressed body fluids , blood and much lymph, squirt out from Maddie's body orifices. This then will result in the numerous spots that the PJ months later will still find at the living room walls assigned to Maddie. But now Maddie is dead, and the heart specialist Gerry also knows immediately that there is to make at the best of intentions nothing more. The far less cool described mother Kate is likely to be at this point in a completely paralyzed consternation.

At about 18:00

It is now about 18:00, so what can Gerry and Kate do now? Although Gerry is known that he can keep a cool head even in the most difficult situations, but in this terrible situation, there is still a psychological short-circuit with him. He could now inform as usual in such cases, emergency physician and friends, and let the whole thing go through the usual procedures. Which means of course police interrogations, and an possible indictment for manslaughter on the foot. From today afar to the event, it but would have been the better solution. For there was still a realistic chance legally to come up with a black eye. Because their actions may have been morally questionable, medically speaking but not really. As the extremely rare side effect one could not have expected. It's quite possible that court would have acquitted them and they had been allowed to retain their jobs.

But now both feel as guilty as one can only feel just guilty. By this Gerry and Kate equally now will have shot through their heads, the conceivable extreme case as to be a very natural consequence: One would attach them to a process for drug abuse and negligent homicide. With the result that they would both lose their license to practice as doctors, and thus their well-paid work. Worse still, even the house they would lose, because that was far paid off. Also for their the social position it would be devastating, the descent from the upper class into precarity was laid down. And the same was then automatically also for the innocent twins, they would lose their home, their education and future. Whether one would get the hard way back from the bottom to the top, then being both in their forties? Rather very unlikely one can guess.

A possibly role in the plot for members of the Tapas Group?

Instead of anyway pointless spawning an emergency doctor and the police, Gerry now decides therefore to call in his best advisor in addition, namely David Payne, the senior consultant who wanted to meet at the tennis court. Now or later, he will lay the dead body of Maddie into the wardrobe, where months later, the british sniffer dogs will still smell the cadaver odour. This should already have been necessary to prevent Kate from the sight of the corpse. Then on the tennis court he met David. He informed him and send him to Kate. Gerry followed him a few minutes later.

source PJ files

Just why David? Now, with him Gerry obviously had a more intimate relationship of friendship, as will be seen from the testimony of the Gaspar’s: the “Majorca-Event” or the “Payne-Allegation”. This statement was made a little later on 16 May at the Leicestershire police on record. Mrs. Gaspar had been in a previous holiday in Majorca with the doctors and friends circle around and she had made an observation that she thought may be considered relevant. Because it was at that time sought for the unknown kidnapper or killer. Mrs. Gaspar: „…One night, when we were on holiday, the adults, in other words, the couples that I mentioned were on a patio outside the house where we were staying. We had been eating and drinking. I was sitting between Dave and Gerry whom I believe were both talking about Madeleine. I don't remember the conversation in its entirety, but it seemed they were discussing a possible scenario. I remember Dave telling Gerry something like ?she?, referring to Madeleine, ?would do this?. When he mentioned ?this?, Dave was sucking on one of his fingers, pushing it in and out of his mouth, whilst with the other hand he circled his nipple, with a circulating movement over his clothes. This was done in a provocative manner there being an explicit insinuation in relation to what he was saying and doing. I remember that I was shocked at this, and looked at Gerry, and also at Dave, to see their reactions. I looked around (page 4) to see ?did anyone else hear this, or was it just me?. There was a nervous silence noted in the conversations of all the others and immediately afterwards everyone began talking again. I never spoke to anyone about this, but I always felt that it was something very strange and that it wasn't something that should be done or said.“.

Well, the immense suspicion was here that David and Gerry would do something sexual with small children. But also one may guess that Mrs. Gaspar, like also Jane Tanner with her unconfirmed observation of an alleged suspect, had only a reminder interpreted emotionally false in the face of the special shock and search for the alleged abductor. Either way definitely attests this statement, that both had a particularly intimate relationship of friendship. And later on that was still like that. For while all other Tapas members broke contact with the McCann's, they will later be visited only by the Payne's and, well, Mrs. Tanner (Flash Magazine, 30/04/2009): „….Maddie's mother does not leave the house and the father grows ever more distant from his wife. Two years after the child's disappearance, Madeleine's grandmother Susan tells Flash! she “lost both her daughter and granddaughter that wretched night.” …Nowadays the McCanns are not a part of the area's social scene, unlike before. “They are insular.” According to the source the residents are tired of the media, that's why they distance themselves. At most the house is visited by close family and three others “of the group of nine friends (seven friends) who were with them in the Algarve when Maddie disappeared, that is David and Fiona Payne and Jane Tanner, as they are connected with them.”“

Time about 18:30 to 19:00

source: PJ files

In the period about 18:30 to 19:00 then likely Gerry, Kate and possibly David will have decided to cover up the accidential killing of Maddie. Eventually they hatched the thing with the kidnapping, but if David was involved he surely not wanted to lend a hand. But all of the Tapas group are doctors and understood the needs which the McCann's had now. At least he then may have promised them to cover them in the matter by considering he volunteering would be “stupid” as far as the PJ would ask him. One may see this e.g. in his statement to the disputed exact timings in the said half an hour: “Err after we had the meal we got some ice cream and then err we decided that we were gonna go up and play tennis so I left err with err Russell, we left the, err the girls at the restaurant and we went up to the, err back up to the Ocean Club. Err I, as I say I'm not sure you know what happened to Matt and Russell at that particular moment but I remember then you know I went over to see err Gerry at the err you know tennis courts, just to see you know what was happening, and err decided that we'd, you know I'd come, come back to play tennis and err Gerry had asked me just to pop in and check everything was alright err with Kate or you know again I can't remember the exact reason whether he was just making sure it was alright that he could stay there and you know more time but you know he'd asked me to pop in. So I walked back err from the tennis courts, err back to err you know Kate and Gerry's apartment and the time you know looking at, you know we've looked obviously at photographs since then and you know the time that we've got that I was you know going to Kate's about six thirty, err and I went into their apartment through the patio doors. The three children were all you know dressed you know in their pyjamas, you know they looked immaculate, you know they were just like angels, they all looked so happy and well looked after and content and I said to Kate, you know it's a bit early for the you know, for the three of them to be going to bed, she said ah they've had such a great time, they're really tired and you know err so I say, you know I can't remember exactly what, what you know the night attire, what the children were wearing but white was the predominant err colour, but you know just to reinforce they were just so happy, you know seeing you know obviously Gerry wasn't there but they were just all, just so at peace and you know they looked like a family who'd had such a fantastic time and err yeah then I left there, went and got my stuff, went back to the tennis courts and then err there was me, Matt and Russell and I think Gerry played a little, for a little while but he decided that he'd, he'd played enough tennis for that day and err was going back and so it left with me, Russell and err Matt and err Dan who was the, the you know the tennis coach from Mark Warner.“. Well understood everything? Err, err, you know.

Around up to 19:00 clock and beyond

So David wents back to the tennis court where he then meets with the two remaining men of the Tapas group: Matthew Oldfield and Russell O'Brien. Does he now consecrate them into the matter? Probably yes, as the load could not have been able to sit on David alone. What can now do the three friends? All are part of the upscale medical circle and are old friends. One can understand the terrible situation they are now plugged in by the McCann's. They may have decided however, just too good will, to only passively participate in the hold of solidarity with their friend and colleague being just silent, say nothing, and the McCann's then can do their thing?

What should already happen to them? When things go well, then just there will be an unknown abductor which then will never be found. If it goes wrong it will not be their problem, but the problem of the McCann's. Or should now but one of them rebel and say ”no I will not do it, I call the police!”? No, all are shocked and confused, and they keep quite intelligible solidarity with Kate and Gerry. The life partner of Russell O'Brien is Jane Tanner and the wife of David is Fiona Payne, who has worked for a long time together with Kate. With on travel then is also Fiona's mother, Diane Webster and remains Matthew Oldfield and his wife Rachel. Who of them was inaugurated at whatever time must be left open here.

The budget for the McCann's in hindsight effect seems to have been that now the group was gradually, over hours and days, more and more drawn into the thing. At the latest with the coordinated timeline they but were not directly involved in the killing, but indeed involved in the cover-up. It does not wonder then that none of the friends today want to know much about the matter, not even more of the McCann's. Because they now could also been brought to court for aiding and with the foreseeable consequences for the careers of those involved. In November 2007, the Tapas group held the secret "Rothley Meeting" in which apparently once again the behaviour of the group, e.g. regarding the timeline, was matched. Then after the formerly solid relations the former tapas group scattered.

About 20:45 Tapas-Bar

At about 20:45 then starts the daily meeting at the tapas bar, where one has to assume that at least a substantial part of the group is inaugurated. Of course, keeping the voltage does not last forever, and unusually early, namely, according to the independent witnesses, the group scattered much sooner as the days before: Perhaps already at 21:20, or at the latest, about 21:40. Kate would now have to do before her alert cause actually for some disorder and violence on the street-side windows and door as well as in the children's bedroom. But to be that cool it is not easy. She just leaves the window open a little bit in the childrens bedroom.

Gerry but now needs to bring the corpse once unseen out of the house, where the eventually uninitiated of the group should not see this and of course also he has to avoid other witnesses. Eventually he or his wife thus deposited the body for a short term into one of the flowerbeds surrounding the apartement just to pick her up when nowbody is watching.

From our backward vision of today one might spontaneously say “but that's far too risky?”. Only then we make the mistake that so often happens in historical observations. In a retrogressive view cause and effect always reverse their order. What seems illogical from rear view is seen out of time then perfectly logical, while things that seem logical from today's perspective are really not, such like about “this would have been impossible but to plan?!” In present reality such are but completely irrelevant considerations.

Of course neither Gerry nor any accomplice would have known what would happen after then exactly. But Gerry just then had no other option but to try at least. And being just cool, what could have happened already then? In the worst case he would have been covered up immediately, and well, this wouldn’t have been much worse than it had been already three hours ago since. What else could happen to him? If he could disappear unseen with the corpse out of the resort, into the westernmost less frequented and wilder area, and he would been captured with the corpse in his hands? Well then he could have told them, that he just found Maddie at just this moment and the unknown offender must still be running somewhere around in the area.

At about 22:00 - The Smith's Sighting

On the search for a potential suitable hiding place, around 22:00 he meets on potential witnesses, namely the Smith family. At that time he may think not much of it, and Gerry could at least hope that this sighting will remain in the dark at least for a long time until it comes to notion. But now he has to hide the body just somewhere in the wild land or on the rocky beach or in some whatever deposit of the terrain. Initially it is not so much important that the body will never be recovered. It is quite sufficient if it is not found at least for some hours or better days. The longer the time the better of course, as with time whatever traces will decay. If necessary they can later patiently transfer the body into a more secure storage, and the traces of the event then will be more difficult to interpret for any investigator and more miraculous to be arranged in logical order to find out the true offender too.

The timing of the process is also not a big problem. The distance even to the beach in the west is not much from the apartment, just about 500 meters walking distance. The meeting with the Smiths occurred at just 375 m (400 yards) walking distance. Gerry and Kate are both very well trained joggers and such distances are thus indeed not a problem of time. In good pace he will do the 375 meters in about 2 minutes. Back, without a body he also can run the distance completely unsuspicious, as if anybody noticing it, it will be just done in favour for searching for Maddie. 500 meters then takes him just about one and half minute to come back to the pool side or the apartment.

Not much later than 22:15

When he returns, perhaps by latest about 22:15, he now can release all his anger and sorrow like Kate has already made it at the time. He is then described by the witnesses in a desperate condition, as no one would have the otherwise top-cool Gerry ever dared. Both raced right out in anger, sadness and despair. This will later be explained by the fact that they had “felt” directly that Maddie had been abducted by a pedophile and possibly killed. But it has to be seen especially in relation to that Gerry always is described by his friends as extraordinary calm and reasonable, sometimes stoic, and usually would never get frantic. From this time on both parents indeed showed little or no effort for a search of Maddie, which in any case would have been the first choice for any innocent parents, hoping their daughter did just walk away and would be found soon or even come back on her own feet. If they but knew that she was dead this witnessed unusual behaviour is easy to understand.

Calling Police around 22:40

About 22:40 Police was called. The first recorded call to the criminal investigation is vouched for 22:50. Little later, about 23:00 to 23:15 clock they arrive at the apartment and begin their work. Then, indeed, the PJ made some heavy mistakes which will be later of importance. This stems from completely underestimating the situation in their future dimension. In most similar cases it is indeed only a temporary disappearance of a child and shortly later the fears of caring parents dissolve into thin air. Here, however, this would not be the case, as the PJ had to learn painfully later. So they didn’t take photos of everything and everyone at once and also didn’t evacuate the apartement from the first minutes on for forensics to be done. Though looking for signs of the alleged break in, the didn’t make all the so important forensics like searching for DNA and Cadaver odour which would be made then months later. Lost time on false traces where physical and biological evidence can decay a lot.


After Gerry then calmed down again, in his right mind it was probably clear that only now the real work on the concealment was necessary. After the meeting with the Irish family Smith, a fact that to his luck would be known not until three weeks later, had him now but left to prepare acute worries. The conditional two-fold was:

First, the drafting of a coordinated timeline of the group, where it mattered for him to push the time of the alarm as far as possible in the future, so that he could have a reasonably trustworthy alibi for the time at 22:00. When drafting so he and those who were already inaugurated at the time, will have urged the dependent witnesses (Tapas 7) to agree on the time of 22:00 for the alarm raised by Kate. The exact time probably indeed was not so much clear to some of the group due to the general shock and despair. The tuned timeline was at once revised again, with the Tanner - observation now coming in, while the alleged kids patrols at 9:30 p.m. to 9:50 p.m. were thrown off , apparently because it would make the alleged kidnapping window much too small. In the rush of creating the written timelines, at the arriving of police both opposing timelines were handed over to the PJ by a “catastrophic” error done by Russel O’Brian. First agreeing with the 22:00 clock alarm, only a week later Gerry McCann then increased but his memory of the alarm further to at least 22:13. Again, two weeks later the crucial Smith sighting was brought to the attention of the PJ.

Second, it was probably clear to him that the local police authorities have indeed learned their job and would be aware of the statistical fact that in 99% of killed childs the parents or other to the victim closely related people are invoved. It was therefore necessary to define the police as long and hard as possible on the track of the unknown “Third man”. An usual excuse which is also known to investigaters to appear very often. For this to avoid building up high pressure on police was a crucial nessesity most likely done by unleashing the British tabloid possibly. Even in the course of the night he therefore played out his relations with the press and politicians in Britain and especially Scotland. With really good success. Even before the first interrogation were set the next day, a large press inquiry drummed onto the PJ and also the British consul came into the PJ bureau already at 10:00 in the morning and made powerful steam in the booth. And that got worse with each day passing, which brought up to four months profit at the end until the PJ had the roast finally found. But the McCann's stress until to the present day in the converse argument that the PJ supposedly had investigated totally incapable from the beginning and cannot be trusted anyway.

Death on 2nd or 3rd May?

There are rumors that the death of Madeleine →occured earlier than 3rd of May.

source: PJ Files What speaks for an earlier death 2nd May?

  1. There would have been much more time for planning the cover up.
  2. The time for cadaver odour to occure would have been much more (about 24 hours)
  3. There are rumors about two nannies linked to the McCann's, Catriona Baker and Charlotte Pennington. At least one of those where in Rothley, England at the The Rothley Meeting in November 2007. This then could be explained more easily as those nannies then should also have had crucial knowledge about the happenings on 3rd May.
  4. The time for “cooling down”, especially for Kate, would have been much more.
  5. The time to advise the helping friends for their roles in the cover up would have been much more.
  6. The Quiz-Evidence, see Some oddities regarding Version 2 (Sample 8). The Quiz evidence may be interpreted as a hint towards death on 2nd, which would then have been more close to the seemingly divorce stress of the couple, but is not much compelling in contradicting the 3rd May.

What speaks against the 2nd of May?

  1. The cover up would involve more (possibly) witnesses eventually contradicting it.
  2. David Paynes witness statement about his half hour visit to Kate from about 18:30 to 19:00, which then should have been not so much controversial and contradicting with the statements of Gerry and Kate.
  3. Why then also were the Tapas Friends Interviews so much contradicting?
  4. The two contradicting written timelines of the Tapas Group, obviously discussed and fitted only shortly before the arrival of the PJ at 23:15 on the 3rd May.
  5. The behaviour of Kate, especially in relation to the two deep sleeping not awakening twins (she always looked at their health, possibly they were sedated like Maddie also) on 3rd.
  6. The pattern of bodyfluids at the wall. They appear as an “explosion” coming from down to top in a very wide angle, like expressed from the mouth through pressurizing the breast by doctors hands. If coming from a drop down from the sofa (max. 70cm) and crashing with the head on to the ground, the pattern should be very flat and wouldn't reach to the middle or top of the walls. Although a drop from the small sofa height could occure in severe injuries and death, it should not give reasons to such large injuries needed to express such an extended pattern.
  7. On 3rd May at 12.31 Kate McCann →received a call (or SMS) from her mother’s mobile and responded an hour later. As it is known she called her mother later in the evening same day, after the alleged abduction, crying: “Mum, She's gone, Mum, She's gone.” This but would have made no sense. If the late call would have been made to cover up earlier information on Madeleine's death, she would have spoken about the alleged abduction here like “Mum, they've taken her…”.

Falling height 0.7m source PJ Files What speaks for death 3rd May? Of course the visa versa, here e.g.:

  1. The so much contradicting statements of the Tapas Group, especially David Payne, which means it was not a very good planning at all.
  2. The pattern of the boby fluids at the wall which shows signes of an allergic “empty heart” syndrome.
  3. The behaviour of Kate, especially in relation to the two deep sleeping not awakening twins, meaning that the seadtion and thus death of Maddie occured on 3rd May.
  4. The two contradicting timelines given both in a hurry to the PJ.

What speaks against the 3rd of May?

  1. Cadaver Odour needs about 3 hours to evolve enough for cadaver dogs. The maximium time here was about 4 hours (17:45 to 21:45). As the Odour could be smelled by the cadaver dogs three months later still, this could be a somehow too small time (which but can only be estimated by some difficult forensic test series).
  2. Especially her loved toy smelled intensly. As Cuddle Cat was washed by Kate 5 days after the event, the reason for this could have been not simply vandalizing evidence. After 24 hours it would have had such a strong odour that it was also uncomfortable for people and thus had to be washed either.
  3. The fact that one of the nannies was close to the Rothley Meeting, this implies that she will have had knowledge of the cover up.

The very details but will never been cleared without any confession made by any witness who knows.

Now this is the presumptive(!) drainage from the perspective of PJ files

What then finally should be judged by a fair court. But astonishingly it never came up to it since 2007. Instead British police until now is looking for anything in support of the abduction version. However, this faces a lot oddities, see e.g.: Possible Reconstruction of an Abduction of Maddie

According uld have been erroneous, despite a week of consideration, even by hto the presumption of innocence but we have to assume that other versions, like the Abduction Hypothesis [see: (facts); (reconstruction) ] are still possible.